World of Tanks | Anatomy of Great Games | SEA Server Game | Game Play Tutorial Breakdown

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Source: Sir Havoc

World of Tanks | Anatomy of Great Games | SEA Server Game | Game Play Tutorial Breakdown
Welcome to the continuation of this great new series where we dissect great games played by consistently great players, and look at how we can use their experience and knowledge to help us improve at an accelerated rate!!!
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UP FOR CLAN WARS? You Must Have Tier 10 Tanks


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  1. this is Korean server, the words are Korean.

  2. As others have said, it is, in fact, Korean, not Chinese. Another
    interesting note is that South Korea gets their own server, meaning this is
    not SEA server. phenomenal game though.
    p.s. his name is “soon-doo-boo-ji-gae” a Korean tofu soup dish my
    grandmother always cooked for me.

  3. uh actually, it’s Korean, not Chinese…

  4. uh actually, it’s Korean, not Chinese…

  5. epic game

  6. Gods Pillar (RICH KING)

    its korean, QB showed this guy he has like 11k battles in his ELC. sooooo
    epic but nice tutorial breakdown :D

  7. this is probly the same guy who has 15k games in his Amx elc alone.

  8. I’d love to play and learn with you but my max tier tank is only tier 6.
    Can you join a clan at this level, and if yes, can I join yours. ?

  9. ไพศาล ครุวรรณพัฒน์

    This hack tool is crazy
    its on google here =>

    created by russian hackers…….. World of Tanks | Anatomy of Great Games
    | SEA Server Game | Game Play Tutorial Breakdown

  10. I have seen some players with high WN8 and MoEs that baffle me because
    there play style doesn’t seem to match their stats. But there is no doubt
    at all about this guys credentials.

    I understand the principles he demonstrates so well in this clip, but my
    ability to apply them drops off in the heat of battle. Knowing and doing
    are two different things and is what separates the outstanding players
    average players like me.

    This is a great series Havoc and I am learning so much from the games
    shown. So far, each player has had their different style but the one common
    theme is that use of relocation.

    I now find myself relocating (even when I probably don’t need to) just so I
    can reinforce the habit until it becomes second nature. However, this can
    lead to some poor team play on my behalf, particularly when I am in a TD at
    the back and my team mates think I am providing them support, when I have
    in fact relocated. So I have got to learn to pick the right moments. But at
    least I am learning.

    Thanks for the series and please keep it up.

  11. why so many dang elc games recently its a shit tank
    sucks to play and play against the gun handling is absolutly torture

    the only thing good about it is speed and good camo

    but without a fully rotating turret

    or a gigantic crew with alot of skills

    i dont see how anyone can do good in this tank without so many other games
    of torture this has to be the most unfun tank until you get that lucky game

  12. EVERYONE leaves out the SEA server…. 🙁
    To be honest, this looks more like the Korea server maybe…

  13. That doesn’t look like Asia server (what was previously called SEA server).
    The Asia server has player names in English alphabet.

    The text appears to be Korean as there are loops in some of the characters
    and not Chinese as you guess. Also there are IGR (In Game Rental) tanks
    listed in the teams e.g. Tiger II IGR, The Asia server does not have IGRs,
    however the Korean server does have IGR tanks.

    Although there is a PAPA clan on the Asia server it only has one player in
    it. While PAPA is one of the top clans on the Korean server.

    So this replay appears to be from the Korean server not the SEA server.

  14. Havoc It’s actually Korean and through google translate it came out as
    “Tofu Stew”

  15. The commentary really helps make things sink in. I catch myself thinking
    about many of the lessons I learn form video’s like this while in game.
    Slowly becoming a better (though still not good) player. Thanks!

  16. you’ve just got to keep this series going Pete! I have seen a few of our
    guy’s have some great games in the elc but this one would be hard to beat
    at any level. Keep up the good work buddy, already looking forward to the
    next one

  17. AMX ELC Bis, Best tank in the game 2 mark of excelence and 200 battles I
    love it! (especaly trolling Kv-2s!) And yeah a great video as always Sir

  18. Great video man, keep up the good work.

  19. lets call him chang, lol

  20. I would’ve thought that G5 bush too small, but it was really effective.
    Impressive play! (krampus_ct)

  21. Hi Sir havoc, I’ve just found out your channel today and it’s brilliant.
    Thanks for all the lessons.
    I’m wondering what is the mod you use in your Wot, if you don’t mind to

    All the best,

  22. Great video Mr havoc

  23. I loved the saying in the video of “bush warfare” have to start using that
    more in videos and for light tanks it must be their life blood.

  24. world of tanks korean server i think…

  25. It is Korean so very likely South Korea server’s unicum player with
    E-sports genes.

  26. how can I join your clan havoc

  27. it’s not Chinese btw it’s Korean or Japanese

  28. first :)

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