World of Tanks | Anatomy of Great Games | The Best T-10 Game Played By Mortal Hands |Tutorial Guide

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Check out this T-10 Tier 9 on showing us just do it!!!

maybe you can return the favor…

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  1. Good game, but the enemy team just made it easy for them… they completely
    got themselves locked down in the middle and if some of the “green team”
    went over bridge, this would be over far sooner… You just can’t win the
    game when u tuck urself in 3 squares of the map, unless the attackers just
    go full yolo mode… You just get out-traded anytime you poke out from the
    cover, as we could see here.

  2. Pompous_Magnus always had this bad attitude. Typical Bulbasaur, thinking
    he’s superior blaming gold while he’s himself gold spamming.

  3. Hey I know pompous Magnus from NA he is a huge Dj Khaled fan

  4. Here is mine
    it is hella close

  5. On he one side people like the T30 can get you killed.
    On the other side – they don´t farm the damage, so you can get it :P

  6. thanks for another great video! I’m an improving (bad) player and I can
    occasionally get close to 4k damage in my t10. its an awesome tank and can
    be very forgiving.

  7. …..a young Thomson’s Gazelle leaping through the prairie…..LMAO!!!
    That was BRILLIANT! verbage…God save the Queens English! We Yanks could
    learn a thing or two about flowery language without appearing POMPOUS!

  8. Bahamut666 DragonLord

    I don’t know what you expected from a Bulba member. Sure many in Bulba are
    good at the game but most of them I have seen in game are just as full of
    themselves and typical Pompous A$$es. He routinely makes comments like that
    in the games I have been in with him.

  9. I have to agree on the T30. The T30 has great frontal turret armor and
    great gun depression. On a hill like that, he should had been popping up
    and wrecking the enemy from that position. The only threat to him there are
    the ones high on the hill shooting down into the very top of his turret.
    Maybe he is not very familiar with the American TD and heavy tank line?

  10. Bulldog had every right to shoot gold and used the best ammo for the
    situation. I think it did take away from the game play, and kind of showed
    what kind of person pompas is

  11. Calling him on his chat isnt being mean…he was yelling at someone
    shooting gold and he was shooting gold haha….good game though

  12. I wouldnt expect any less salt from a BULBA clanner. They’re all
    holier-than-thou shits.

  13. That being said, good points made by Sir Havoc about the gameplay. All

  14. A well played T10 game at best…Are you just trying to stroke that ego
    until his head explodes? lol

  15. A very good game!
    Though he could of course have been nicer,but I’m happy you highlighted his
    negative comment and that you’re always so pleasant towards everyone!

  16. Hey Sir Havok, I sent you another replay in a LeFH arty where I have
    extreme RNG for your next replay montage!

  17. you almost make the game sound like anyone give a shit about team work xD

  18. The Pilot Penguin

    hey can you do epic game play of the m103 so i can see how to play it like
    a pro. i think i have too much faith in my turret armor. i can think like a
    good player but when it’s time to do it i just get caught out of it. i get
    tracked in the open or i panic rush into the open and get mauled i need to
    keep my cool. i have a gmae on wot replays of my tiger 1v2 and i win but i
    made so many bad decisions

  19. Ricardo Hernandez Alvarez

    those ammo rack blow ups just make you leave the game for the rest of the
    day at least. I got ammo racked in my T-44 (great tank by the way) when i
    was on full health…

  20. its a T9 game, dear :D

  21. That T-30 maybe doesn’t understand how to play that tank yet, I always and
    always have played my T-30 as a heavy assault tank and have 3 MOE to prove
    it..absolutely a wonderful tank..too bad the T-10 player chose to be a bad
    sport about winning..and cudos to you SirHavok for trying to change the WoT
    community for the better.

  22. I think those 2 medium tanks were mesmerized by the first class poking that
    was going on infront of them.

  23. Can’t really like the guy after that comment. He seems to be a good player
    and should know better, though some of the biggest jerks in this game are
    the ones with high win rates and wn8.

  24. Awesome game, though not with the most awesome player altitude.
    I think the Mutz and the other meds should have tried to break through the
    bridge and pressure the enemy a bit more.

  25. How old do you have to be to be able to join your clan (sorry for my bad

  26. 😀 thx for trying to improve the quality of wot player :3

  27. Nice game! Odd though that someone with 1/3 of the ammo loadout as premium
    gets salty when other player use it.
    “Prem ammo is for when I need it scrubs!! fuck off!” :)

  28. Nice vid, do u know where can i download youR mod pack? Thanks

  29. Jeroen De Vleesschauwer

    T30… lol. i got oneshotted by one while driving my bulldog… 950 dmg.
    high roll much

  30. Tober “Toblerone” Tobias

    You guys got a clan on SEA yet? Im in aus and looking to join soon as you

  31. get fuked gold fag….hmmm.

  32. need a joke…. T-54 is shit !

  33. First!

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