World of Tanks – Anfield and The Boost Brigade (vetro/brett)

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Source: Anfield

Skin mod:


  1. first (fight me)

  2. Jeremy Schuller (GamingsFinest)

    What mod my dear friend?

  3. nice vid and your 50b looks awsome

  4. Do you have to have at least 100 battles in a tank to 3-mark it? Obviously
    you need high enough damage too but yeah

  5. Dat 50B winter camo Kreygasm

  6. complain about arty, but yet you play autoloading tanks. worse than playing

  7. anfield you should consider playing esports again :D

  8. I see a lot of your decisions are similar to mine when it comes to gameplay
    and positioning. one of these days I’d like ask if I could join you in a
    session and see what I’m missing. I fear it is just my hardware and 60-70
    ping so I might have capped at 1800-2300 recent wn8 [1320 current].
    anyhoo… I like these longer sessions to watch in between coffees and
    battles. Take er easy. Philspamoni NA

  9. Anfeels why do you load APCR clip as your first?

  10. hi Anfield YNWA :).what is the name of your skin mod?

  11. what is that 50b camo?

  12. are you using milkym4n’s stb1 skin?

  13. To counter the amount of arty, you should have platooned with someone with
    the MT/LT kill arty missions, then you’d never see any arty.

  14. i’m new to the game 6k battles and 4700 wn8 barely yellow..what is your
    recommendation for easy play good rewarding lines Anfield?

  15. Alexander Agustine

    Thanks Anfield, always enjoy watching your games. A question to you and the
    community in general, what do you use to switch to sniper mod. I tried to
    set up the RMB but my autoaim and freezing the gun gets messed up. I use
    the scroll button but it does not seem to be fast enough ?

  16. I cant seem to find Anfields latest addon / mod for WOT 9.17. Is there one?

  17. answer your messages !!!!!

  18. its good when u upload the twitch livestreams on youtube bc the quality is
    so much better

  19. How do I install these skin mods?

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