World of Tanks – Anfield vs Orzy Kappa

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  1. T H I S I S A J O K E

    for those of you who have a hard time Kappa

  2. you got me twice

  3. I lile how Anfield desperately tried to get orzys attention but still didn’t get it 😀

  4. Perfect Anfield! People need to learn to understand this type of humor. 😛

  5. “Anfield Vs Orzy Kappa” … I think, man what a click bait shit title. *clicks anyway*




  8. Anfield 1
    Orzy 0
    Checkmate atheists

  9. Putting TD’s in the thumbnail?

  10. This would have been more fun to watch if you’d actually left your base >;(

  11. I knew from the first moment that I clicked that it would have been a bamboozle! Anyway, nice meme once again

  12. The gold noob at his best…

  13. Boobs or QB? Well I don’t care about QB so

  14. To be honest HESH by itself isnt actually a bad mechanic in the game. As its implemented on the Charioteer and Centurion 7/1, as a premium round with less penetration but more damage, that can be defeated by spaced armor and tracks its not bad. Even as is implemented on the Conqueror, FV215b and Centurion Action X where its just higher penetration HE its not terrible.

    The problem arises when the gun does 1k alpha with AP and then gets a HESH round that not only does more damage by still has a decent amount of penetration for tier 10.

  15. It's not what you think

    Oh nice, more AMX FIVE ZERO B gameplay you cunt.

  16. Esas batallas no valen ni quicky baby ni orzy sabian que tu los estabas grabando, deberian de hacer un 1vr 1 y asi si ambos estan de acuerdo pues es valido. A mi parecer todos tenemos.buenas o malas batallas depende d3l equipo ademas tu llevas el autoloader te acercas y retrosedes o sea nunca vas a estar en primera linea etv

  17. Anfield is basically a budget baby, a poorman´s QB

  18. Marshall Allshouse

    I am actually working on a college project that covers the internet and people’s attention span.
    To sum it up, the large majority of people succumb to clickbait due to a very short attention span.
    When clickbait is done well, it gives people the curiosity, and they click on it to fulfill it.
    Im just surprised it works for WoT content too!

  19. Tig ole bitties.

  20. I don't care that you broke your elbow

    lol orzy obviously rape you any day fam

  21. I don't care that you broke your elbow

    kinda annoyed with orzanels YT, only uploads pubg now :/ gotta go on his twitch just to watch some WoT

  22. wow clickbait title unsubbed on twitch

  23. dirty clickbait unsubed!

  24. The_Wrath_of_Neeson

    Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice…
    Shame on Quickybaby.

  25. Anyone knows when this happend on Orzanels stream?

  26. Well played Anfield , well played XD


  28. “Prefer QB or titties”. Is that a real question? LOL

  29. I had the honor to play with Jingles once, 2 years ago, when he was still playing, but I was in his team not against him. But yeah you should make a series of Anfield VS anyone we know who does streaming of WoT. When you played against QuickyBaby, it was great cuz that’s how I found out that you do streaming as well :)..So keep up the good work dude!!!

  30. Nice fake trolling of the Jingels content also.
    Everybody knows that the mayority of his viewers isn’t there because of the wot content, if it was for the Wot content, every streamer of wot would be far more succesful, but nice try Anfield 🙂

  31. Nice. Great sense of humor.

  32. Wow Charioteer has HESH too. Unsubbed.

  33. A bit of common sense and humour and you realise it’s a click bait the moment you see the video title (and it’s length in that first “unicum hat him…” vid ftm).
    It’s funny how average players and QBs fan boys seem to completely fail in understanding that he isn’t any special actually.

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