World of Tanks – Anfield vs QuickyBaby

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Source: Anfield

Not QuickBait ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Discord – https://discord./aY8UEma


  1. Lol you got me

  2. HOME BOY knows who you are now!!!

  3. lul… Wished we saw u had faced off each other.. that would have been awesome

  4. Hahahaha I *KNEW* it was going to be bait. Oh well, thumbs anyway, good meme. xD

  5. 15 : 2 gg

  6. How to get views in one easy step 😀

    WZ looks so fast, whats the power ratio on this thing ?

  7. Anfield >>>> QB confirmed by this match

  8. Anfield versus QuickE50

  9. I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long!

    EDIT : freaking bamboozle (nice meme though, take my like)

  10. 10 QB fans so far dislike.

    The 8 year olds were crying into their milk 🙁

  11. Wasn’t even quickybaby Idoit

  12. That click bait man … feelsbadman

  13. QB: “E-50 is weak”
    E-50: “No, QB is weak”

  14. You got me =D

  15. awkward you say? spamming gold, ah okay fair enough. lol

  16. You guys see? QB would never bait us


  17. #tankbetter

  18. why do u say grand battles a waste of time?

  19. yooooo someone got a clip of qbs face

  20. well played sir, well played…

  21. I was waiting for you two to go 1v1 or something at the end but nope…

  22. clickbait lvl over 9000

  23. he needs to change his youtube to QuickFingers

  24. Anfield the quality of ur videos is shit u stupid gold spammer….

  25. Pretty sure I subscribed to this channel for this moment. I was not disappointed.

  26. Which tank is QB in? I can’t see I’m watching on a mobile device. (Jebaited)

  27. Nice clickbait 🙂

  28. Whats that little symbol next to his name?

  29. Well done. As a fan of both you and QB a fight would have been fun for the rarity value. But there’s so much randomness in WoT that perhaps it’s better it didn’t happen.

    I would have rooted for him in this case but that’s because I love the M48, especially with the new turret model. I don’t know how they did it, but the only other time I considered something that big and fat to be so sexy and beautiful was when… Well no, let’s not go there, there may still be a warrant out.

    Thanks for the chuckle on this Monday morning and all the best.

  30. Quickie Baby probably did not use his cheat mods in this game.

  31. I got baited lol

  32. lol it worked as well

  33. Well, you got me to click! 🙂

  34. you muppet so much potential such a fiz loz

  35. I still don’t know why Anfield dislikes Quickybaby so much. Anybody want to fill me in?

  36. Lol… Was baited… Shitty video 😀

  37. 4:00 yh well worked on me

  38. It is the King QB.

  39. have a like for bait

  40. quickybaby didnt even know it was u xD

  41. Worked like a charm!!! Who wouldn’t want to see Anfield vs Quickbaby?!?!

  42. Damm you…..Sir.

  43. He doesn’t know who you are.. Can’t be that awkward bitch 😉 feeling like you have something to prove because it’s quickybaby ?

  44. Oh, I thought you knew each other. /sad

  45. What headphones are you using?

  46. both of you are causing a headache with your funny voice

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