World of Tanks – Announcement Trailer | PS4

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World of Tanks is coming to PlayStation 4! Visit more information.

Command history’s most powerful tanks and experience the intensity of tank combat on like never before. Charge into the fray and engage in epic 15-v-15 tank battles. Hundreds of stunningly realistic mid-20th century armored fighting vehicles from seven nations await your command. Experience the thrill of heavy-hitting tank brawling, unlock and upgrade your vehicles, and expand your collection of tanks!

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  1. war thunder is better

  2. Que buena onda!

  3. Just so you guys know, the game looks NOTHING like the trailer

  4. Bestest war machine ever made… THE TANK!!!

  5. Could I transfer my account over from 360 to PS4? That grind to tier X
    takes a while.

  6. I want armor watfare in ps4

  7. ????? I love word of tanks

  8. Lol Xbox has had this forever

  9. to MT tempo esperando esse jogo para o ps4

  10. cool I guess already have it on xbox one tho

  11. It will be hard for that game to do well being so late on PS4 since War
    Thunder has been out since launch and offers more

  12. please!! Ace Online!!


  14. Not to be confused with actual gameplay.

  15. круто))

  16. I prefer war thunder anyway its more realistic but still cool we are
    getting it

  17. Kategari Yami (Ran Xie)

    You mean to tell me the greatest ESport of all time, is coming to PS4? YAY!

  18. muito foda


  20. NFS_Jacob (Code_404)

    Now PS4 has World Of Tanks, and War Thunder. GG Xbox.

  21. I knew it!

  22. I love war thunder so will love this too, might give this a go

  23. Hopefully Xbox One vs ps4 :)

  24. Loved this on the 360. now it” time totake some heads on the PS4

  25. well there something else Xbox loses lol

  26. To be honest that trailer actually showed nothing. Just some tanks driving
    and “hey we are coming to ps4 gameplay comes later we think”

  27. I guess xbone lost another exclusive, what do they have now? halo? froza?
    what else?

  28. Oh look, Batman Arkham Knight 2 .

  29. Finally!

    – Said no one ever

  30. Aleksandr Jechnowezki

    Kill it !!!

  31. Australian Servers?

  32. I hope you will be able to transfer account from pc to ps4 :D

  33. the tears of xboners

  34. SAMU??

  35. WoT на ps4 ? Афигеть!)))

  36. Sony why? :(

  37. FINALLY!!!!!

  38. lol

  39. The game is not that awesome you see on this video .

  40. I thought tanks are boring lol but this is epic, can’t wait to check out
    the gameplay

  41. нахуй, пусть в это говно пекари играют.

  42. Can I use my Xbox account on PS4?


  44. I never played this game lol

  45. world of warships plz only on Ps4 1080p and 60fps with PSVR 120FPS :)

  46. Спасибо картошка

  47. I have strong feeling this is going to be the Free game next month

  48. free to play ?! Yes please !!

  49. Xslut Destroyer (Xslut Paradox)

    The moment when Xsluts will damage control as the PsWon version performs
    better than their “4k ” version with 23fps dips LOOOOL

  50. Вадим Дзень

    Раков станет ещё больше)))) Прикольно чтобы был отдельный сервер, где
    команды x-one vs ps4)))

  51. This is Warthunder’s in-game graphics …


  53. Getting that

  54. YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Trailer amazing , Game stupid

  56. Warning. This game is pay to win. And I mean EXTREMELY pay to win. You
    literally can’t even deal damage to your opponents in some cases xD which
    makes it even worse than Hearthstone, etc.

  57. I uses to play this game all the time on PC now it’s coming to PS4!!?

  58. Yes! Atlast

  59. 29 people have xbox1

  60. i hope this game is better than that retarded boring war thunder. almost
    all f2p game’s are boring except blacklight. all i want is h1z1, dayz, and
    ark that dinosaur game

  61. whate the point? peaple olready play war thunder

  62. finaly

  63. Круто

  64. War thunder.

  65. hmmm anything free is good.

  66. WOW im shocked!

  67. faxichik oyun kanalı


  68. very nice ☺??

  69. Лучше бы Смайт добавили вместо говнотанков

  70. Muhmmad Haider (sheikh chilli Jr)

    a pay to win game

  71. красавчики ) осталось озвучить систему подписки

  72. Suck that Xbone fanboys!

  73. PS4 still has no games

  74. ya panzer lied

  75. Роман Лавров

    Я один ещё не играл в это?

  76. Spadez “Spadez of Ace” Dante

    I don’t know what this is, I just know Microsoft seemed proud this game was

  77. TheTrueBlueSonicFan

    Could I play with a PC or Xbox player?

  78. Awesome!

  79. Evenglare Valenstar

    I could not care less about this. Well, it appears that I DO care for
    posting this post, but im pretty much as close to not caring as you can get
    while still being able to post that I don’t care about the game.

  80. Андрей Николин


  81. Nevillehesdey Sewkaransingh


  82. This AND War Thunder? Could it get any better?

  83. Bit too late guys. You’re falling relevance is kinda showing way too much.

  84. Sweet, now that it’s coming to PlayStation we can all stop acting like we
    hate it!

  85. Where’s the Gravity Rush 2 upload for this channel?

  86. fajny film

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