World of Tanks Archive | Dream team #18

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Source: Maxwell Plays

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  1. omg. that end of the first game

  2. that was how i like to make love. over in 3 minutes

  3. Circon TKing Highflyer was awesome.

  4. Jingles: “And that’s why we do tank companies!!”

    WE NEED NEW MATERIAL!!!! WE REQUEST new material. New company. New dream

  5. man i know this is a couple years back but max, form the dream team again,
    with the new physics, its gonna be more epic!

  6. Ahhhh, there it is.. I just LOVE that last shot.. Circon killing Highflier
    while both are trying to ram that Hellcat.. I have been waiting for this
    game ever since you started putting all this old footage up..

  7. Wow, gold cheat tool
    here =>

    Have fun! World of Tanks Archive | Dream team #18

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