World of Tanks || Are Wheeled Lights TOO FAST?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Panhard EBR 5. Today we’re looking at the 1.4 test and the riot caused by the first 5 km/h vehicle!


is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 0% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. The concept of amour cars makes really new game play and WG is right to make it. It will probably change a lot in the game. However WG really have to think what change they want. For now I will see that it will not good to play heavy tanks and arty because you get spot to fast.
    Well as you explain the top speed and the boost are too strong. lot of problem can be resolve to reduce these parameters. reduce the stop speed at 95 km/h why not QB. Another way is to make almost impossible to reach 105 by reduce the engine power, like the stop speed of the IS7. So the effect is the tank will speed up slower.
    For the boost I am not fan. People are right is seems you have a F1 and not a tank anymore.

  2. I hope this breaks the Type heavy cancer meta. looking forward to it

  3. World of tanks needs more Arty I mean in all of the matches people are just camping and camping and yes Arty prevents camping

    JK LOL ??

  4. call it cockroach

  5. You get used to it.

    – The War Thunder gang

  6. It will destroy light tank and medium tank gameplay and i think some people will quit the game because of this…

  7. I`saw that video and thought `what should i do with all my gold when i have to deinstall wot, because it becomes even more shitty with this wheeled vehicles?

  8. Wait til they start using aimbot with this or not. Either way it’s a bad joke.

  9. I can feel the suicide scouts now

  10. Ferrari taaaank !!!!!!!!

  11. Wot just became a game for kids with adhd. Twitchy gameplay.

  12. An excellent tank for idiots, the game loses every sense of tactics and some outsourcing … but it has a solution to delete WOT and that’s it. I’m selling an account !!!

  13. Every mountain will be climbed..spotted fast, can’t catch them reliably. Yea, it’s gonna suck hard. Can’t wait to get one tho

  14. disgusting,they will ruin the game even more. they don’t listen to the players…

  15. 0-60 Kmph in less than 2 seconds
    Faster than Nissan GTR
    Seems legit

  16. Since it will be extremely difficult to hit one of these when it’s traveling at speed they’ll need to introduce a new type of “special” ammo. The SHOTGUN round.

    If they are going to turn it into a skeet shooting game, for everyone not driving a wheeled vehicle, you’ll need suitable ammo to hit these fast flying birds as they zigzag across your field of view. Improved equipment could include an adjustable choke for your barrel with cylinder, modified, and full choke settings you could select according to range to your target.

    Just like the damage nerf to special ammo will force the use of even more, this would aid WG’s endeavor to force increased use of “special” ammo. For only 20,000 credits per shot your aim would not have to be perfect, just close enough to get your target in the shot pattern. Game balance would once again be achieved, I can hardly wait.

  17. WG PLEASE REMOVE THESE WHEELED TANKS :(((((((((((((((((((((

  18. Terrible, omg wot turns to super mario card, no one need these tanks, wot has so many other more important problems …..wich should be solved first!!!!

  19. I think that the real change these things need is for their turning to be way, way worse the faster they’re going. That way you can keep the ludicrous speed (the thing that everyone’s gonna play them for), but now they’re a lot more predictable unless they slow down, in which case the speed isn’t so much of a problem any more.

  20. World of Armoured Cars.
    Are there any drawbacks to having wheels rather than tracks, such as limited mobility on poor terrain, inaccessible areas?
    We will be finding out how badly the game is broken this time then WG will try to re-balance the tanks, except for premium tanks, and…
    While this distraction is going on, the existing problems continue, along with the frustration of trying to play against a tier 10 in a tier 8 heavy – no b****y chance.
    How many people have to drift away from the game before WG get the message.

  21. they should just decrease the speed to like 80 or maybe 75 then it should be good

  22. You analysis is completely backwards. You think +-0/1 MM makes the matches too fast, when in reality it is the horrific balance within tiers that makes it so. +-1 MM with marginally balanced tanks within the tiers would create much more exciting battles than the team with most MAUS and Type 5 and bobjects wins.

  23. Yes the Speed up is not good. I dont know. But it is fast enough, because of a lot of good offensive Tanks.
    The Problem realy are some Maps. Mines, Siegfriedline in Assault and so on. Some Artys, TDs have a Speed Problem. Thats ok, the are “balacned” this way. But this Tank, is extrem danger for this vehicles. How you get with some Artys in a Safe spott, when after the Start you are Spotted. How you fight the Hill in Mines, when the Enemy has als Light 2 Wheeld Cars and you have 2 Tanks?
    Wheeld Cars are great idea, M8 Greyhound, the german Puma and so on. Many nice Fighting Cars are also there. Even Russia and Italia has some cool stuff.

    But the Maps are not helpfull =), because the Light Armored TDs only have there Camo and Gun to fight. If the are spotted early, you have no Changes and this i dont like. A lot of Maps are not good for Light Armored Vehicles and now even the Maps, where you can fight from a safe place is gone? Thats not good.

    Because Offensive Tanks take Risk. You are a good player, because you know the Risk. But when you as Defence TD have not even a Change to get in a Position, to counter the Offensive Game Stil … why should i play Tanks like Grille, FV4005, GW auf E100 etc.? Fast Tanks and Armored Tanks are very strong. More an More the light Vehicles lose there meaning. Because Spotting and Speed, kills there Positining and a lack of Spotts, is for Artyplayers very good. “A bush … here you are … blind and kill”

    I like the Idea too bring in Wheeld Cars, but i dont like the way. Speed is not what this game needs. Is more thinging about the Maps. How the played, are the balanced and so on. With this Tanks, the game gets harder an harder. If you have to play Tanks like “St. Emil” … best played it now, before the cars are coming =)

  24. Looks like the perfect tanks for people with ads.

  25. The next coffin-nail for WoT.

  26. Those NFS sound effects on off-road are ridiculous. I hope WG will rework the tire sounds in accordance with the terrain type.

  27. Well, you don’t really know how they will impact.
    But on the first glance, they look a bit to good.
    It looks like they have to much speed and to much mobility (depending on the mode you are in). Even in mobility mode the speed is insane, while they still have such crazy mobility. And it doesn’t look like they can actually can turn their vehicle like other tanks do with the physic engine.
    At the same time, the auto aim system is also something to concern in my opinion, makes it to easy to deal damage while they are so fast at the same time.

    At least they need to lower the speed. Because not only are they fast, they can also use the breaks to get a very fast start from standing still which is also something very powerful for a tank that relies on speed to survive.
    Also, I think they either need to lower mobility or have them fall over if they actually try to corner sharply at very high speed, I mean, if you do that in a car, you know what happens right?
    Ammo also looks a bit to strong in my opinion. With that much HE pen on a light tank? Combined with the auto aim?

  28. 100kmh turning circles like that SHOULD result in the tank FLIPPING OVER

  29. Might become fun to drive for some, to me it’s going to be a pain in the ass to kill. 105 an hour, right. How is it not falling on it’s sides in turns at that speed without taking concentration away from other areas. Ok maybe at 95 it won’t fall over in a sharp turn, maybe it doesn’t turn that sharply. We’ll see.

  30. Clearly my arty is being killed by T64, T67; AMX13 and BC25T most of the time; I guess now I will be killed by wheeled that can pass the line in middle of other tanks too slow to shoot it. Look like it gonna rules the games.

  31. World of Mario Karts.. jesus f*kin christ. As much as I used to like this game, it is time to move on to something else. I seriously lost any kind of hope that WG could actually make the game better again..

  32. Well after watching this video i am conviced crop circles are made my EBR’s running around in the fields.
    Quickybaby Conspiracy Theories

  33. Wheeled vehicles dont lose any momentum whilst turning wich is natural to tanks. They should lose dome speed while turning.

  34. even world of tanks is clearly a arcade game , this is just stupid and should not enter the live server

  35. Sorry. But those Tanks are the most bullshit as Content, that WG ever put in this game. I don’t know if I keep on playing when those creepz fast raceing tanks going around. Good players will destroy everything and average or bad players going to die in the first please don’t bring those tanks in

  36. T50/2 and the pz1c were nerfed to shit house because they were too fast and the T50/2 was taken out of the game altogether. Then WG decides ‘oh, lets introduce another vehicle that’s even faster then the ones we had before and more powerful’. Yeah, that’s WG logic for you. And they wonder why people are leaving the game in droves. Honestly WG, get a clue.

  37. 12:28 – No, Pz. 1 C is the fastest light tank and can go 79 km/h

  38. Complete useless these wheeled tanks,,, WOT is no more WOT..

  39. When you realise the all comments and feedbacks are negative, but you still know WG is going to put this shit in the game…

  40. Inconspicuous Iago

    This will be hard on newer players, if they get spotted almost right out of the gate and don’t have sixth sense to tell them.

  41. Their turning circle is a joke.

  42. Physics of these vehicles are unreal and 460-470 view range for these vehicles is a lot. It should not be more than 400 when fully upgraded. Imagine trying to hit one of these with jgpz e 100 or fv4005 or really any other td… The biggest danger to these tanks is going to be strv103b and arty (so i guess when players get sick of getting killed by these tanks will drive arty)… To me it looks like WG is out of good ideas for this game.

  43. Wow really? Are we playing formula one in wot now?

  44. It’s a tier 10 OG T50-2

  45. hi QB, I am not fan of this new fast weel tanks, but hopefully they seems not so OP and hard to plya so I guess we will not too be anoyed by them, but I am a bit worry , because like you said, I also play this game to be cool not to bee speed .

  46. I have a feeling that these wheeled tanks will fuck up this game really bad… but thats nothing new to this game. Also, i feel like this is WG´s way to “balance” their upcoming premium ammo nerf–>more missed shots–>less credits –>more premium accounts/tanks sold.

  47. The wheeled vehicles sure changes the meta on certain maps. The usual reaction would be “this tank is OP & it ruins the game”. I believe change of meta is a good thing. The usual plays change and new options become available. Yes they are hard to hit… but that is the point of the bloody things anyway… being annoying.

  48. Well, the game is pretty boring for me atm so I am really looking forward to playing these wheeled vehicles. I love fast tanks and my most played tanks are French lights. So, I am really looking forward to playing these but I understand that they will change the game dramatically and a lot of people won’t like them.

  49. Oh come on….there will be formula 1 cars with guns on next!

  50. I just don’t know how the hell of these light tanks have better acceleration than a Honda NSX…

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