World of Tanks – Arty Sandbox Changes

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These are my thoughts, and before going into the , I never imagined this would be how I felt. 🙂

let me know what you think!


  1. Anfield, do you think that the consumable cool downs are at a decent time?

  2. At current state, they become more likely to be useless tank than
    supportive tank. Unless they enhance more to the stun effect… maybe 50%
    effectiveness instead of 25%? But… by then people will hate arty even
    more XD

  3. ive been saying for a while now…

    nerf the damage….buff the accuracy.

  4. I personally like this change, but I do wonder how reusable consumables
    will affect the game. Will make some crew skills less useful, but no more
    double repair kit when you got a weak ammorack. Which is nice.

  5. long time arty player, rarely get one shot kills.

  6. William Taylor Payne

    Well I play arty strictly for missions so as long as the missions are
    updated for arty to fit the new play style then I’m perfectly happy with
    whatever they choose to do.

  7. If my dad was still alive he would laugh his bollucks off. He was in the
    chindits with a 12 and 28lbs artillery piece killing the asshole crual
    bastard japs. Arty cant knock out anything FFS well done. This game is
    becoming more shite as time goes on. Thank god Ubisoft came up with Silent

  8. hi anfield! I am very hapy whit artilery changes , but they made something
    wrong: they should of been buff the gun of type 5 havey în stad of derping
    that gun ( this îs my opinion). what doar u think? pls Answer.

  9. Goddamn this stun duration is way too goddamn long :D

  10. i hate those people that say “uh remove arty” because as a green player who
    likes arty, i always go for the “invincible” tanks, a hull down heavy
    killing my entire team, super heavy like type or maus plowing through my
    team, super unicums like you with 6 kills, etc.. for me that balances out
    the game. i get that you as a unicum get raped a lot, but without arty you
    can be a 1 man army which isnt fun for the other 29 people.

  11. Actually sounds kind of interesting, I like the sound of it.

  12. The only people who like arty and think it’s fine are arty players so the
    fix is simple. Have a separate server just for arty then they can sit and
    click to their hearts content 15 vs 15 all playing the same class of broken
    tank and all be happy meanwhile the rest of us can go about our business of
    actually using both hands to fight in a direct fire fashion. This way
    everyone is happy.

  13. Would have been nice to see counterbattery improved too, but this actually
    looks pretty good (I mean, if they can get Anfield to say arty doesn’t
    totally suck anymore, that’s gotta mean something).

    I would have said that the map should be pinged where the shell lands (that
    way if you keep targeting somebody without leaving your corner of the map,
    you’ll just get counterbatteried).

    I just hope they remember to rework the personal missions so that you’re
    not still expected to do upwards of 5000 dmg.

  14. I have a proposal on arty rebalance,I think it should be a luxury class,ie
    to be expensive to play,like 5k credits for a shell in tier X,so in order
    for players play this class ,they often has to switch for other classes
    like premium tanks to aford to play new luxury arty class…

  15. As an arty player with 3 tier 10 arties i welcome this change with open
    arms and completly support the change. Because in the end it’s effecting me
    to because i like playing other tanks too not just arty. And i get rekt by
    arty too, and know that it’s gonna be better in the future because of this

  16. what does stun do?

  17. I really like this part of the Sandbox, the part before with the
    overperforming JgpzE100 and stuff like that made me lose all hope again and
    im still scared that they want to get that on the live server, but im
    really fine with the artys…thx for the video and pls everyone tell wg
    that the accuracy and penetration changes will only add more frustration
    into this game…

  18. This video sucks donkey’s balls.

  19. Isnt the re-useable medkit- repairkit thingy just really stupid? Now you
    just cant perma track tanks, ammoracks will just never happen and if you
    get ammoracked it doesnt even matter.. becuz every fucking minute you can
    repair it.. same for the premium kits, they will be just OP becuz never
    damaged tanks ever.. just pay to win i think.. what do you think?

  20. hell yea its fixed :)

  21. About the repair and med kit changes.. can you use the same repair kit
    multiple times or does the game buy you a new kit every time the cooldown
    ends? Or does it stay like it is now so only 1 kit used every battle but
    you can use that single kit as many times as you want?

  22. I really agree with you Anfield. Now, this game can be really good.

  23. well finally i could play my 113 without getting one shotted……

  24. if it pleases anfield it must be for the better.

  25. happy with these changes.. do u think they have to consider some changes on
    the arty campaigns ? I mean in your opinion do u think it will be harder to
    carry on arty missions?

  26. we did it boys…
    *beers for everyone*
    What about arties like the LeFH and the FV304? Do they hit for like 150
    alpha now? (full pen)
    Also, i love the fact that they can be hit through solid cover… which
    will make #stopcamping less of a twitch meme and more of a reality.

  27. Edward Cuttlethwate III

    The chemo WoT needed.

  28. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    those missions that you can do for all the five classes in this game, are
    they going to change the missions for artillery? right now I don’t feel
    like playing arty since I’m not that good at that class at all, and those
    missions are way to difficult for me, however if they change the arty to
    the current version I think I might try doing those missions since I would
    miss out on 5 girls in the game?

  29. Sebastian Zajdel (SilnyDruid)

    do you reckon the best arty players (top 20% lets say) will be as effective
    as now, or will become just an annoyance more than anything else?

  30. What are they going to do about tanks like the fv304 and lefH who would be
    able to permastun? Would be the stun time be shorter for lower damage or
    would they nerf the reload?

  31. I’m all for whatever reduces the chances of 3 full time no skill clicker
    monkeys from carrying tier X games with 10 kills between them.

  32. well, I don’t agree, and would ask how many times did you benefit from
    spotting while arty on your team killed the enemy while the arty paid for
    reloading for helping you and you reaped positive for spotting?

  33. ok now I’m actually tempted to return to the game

  34. Haters gotta hate.

  35. now to get wargaming to make the feed system on autoloaders get random jams
    that will cause you to fully reload the tank.

  36. Hi Anfield, can you make a vid where you test the damage of arty on
    low/medium/high armored targets? i am curious to see the dmg numbers.
    I know they can`t really 1 shot anymore, but getting hit for 600 for ex. is
    still not fun (if they can hit that high).
    Also i understand that the splash radius is increased, whats the damage for
    a near miss compared to a shot right on the edge of the blast radius?

  37. NoHomeLike

    Does the incapacitation time scale with tier? Will an FV304 perma-stun my

  38. good news

  39. RIP arty. Let’s see, class with lowest WR and ave dmg and ave WN8 and…
    nerf it to the ground. LOGIC! Support tanks for team cooperative play in
    randoms – MOAR LOGIC. Whiners got what they wanted – huzzah.

  40. So what WG has done is made arty helpless now, what is a arty to do now if
    its the last tank alive on its team.

  41. One thing that they will have to do to accompany this change is up the ammo
    capacity of many high tier artillery. That is if they want them to be
    useful all throughout the battle.

  42. @anfield I think the stunned mode is a bit lame, if u splash a tank its
    gets in stunned mode. I think that’s too fast. What do you think if they
    change it to direct hit only(getting in stunned mode)??

  43. So now that they decreased arty’s damage; did they change the arty missions
    for those 4 reward tanks?

  44. A good start. Add smoke grenades would be a next good step. The next step
    after that is abolish arty. But it takes time for developments to take
    place when it needs a paradigm shift in Wargaming HQ. So, we take it step
    by step.

  45. WG make changes like this, and some dank Maus buffs, introduce new content
    with the Pz VII, Mauschen, and VK 100.01, they think about making stupid
    changes like overhauling overmatch but then don’t go through with it due to
    player feedback, etc. which really give me hope for the future of this
    game, but then they do things like try to push for another global accuracy
    nerf along with a pen nerf that they’ve been trying to push for ages but
    everytime they do so nobody wants it, they just release a TD line that is
    entirely useless with the exception of its laser accuracy and high pen that
    thrive by wanking on the red line and would get crushed by an accuracy and
    pen nerf, the tier 8 of which can reliably pen an E 100’s turret face from
    a few hundred meters away, and then immediately claim “armour isn’t
    effective at high tiers”, they then give high tier jap heavies HE guns
    after making claims that armour is useless, they make the premium HE flat
    out better than the standard HE, they announce tier 10 lights, are
    seemingly making LT’s even worse than they currently are, and give an HE
    gun to the tier 10 yank one, etc.

    I can’t wrap my head around their development process.

  46. Welp i play french SPGs so its not like I’m losing any damage. But how are
    the batchats handling in the sandbox?

  47. Arty needs to die a slow, painful and horrible death.

  48. World of tanks cheats/mods in my channel , check it out!

  49. I played 4 games of arty on the test server, and it just feels so much
    better. There’s much less RNG slot machine aspect to it, and much more
    decision making. The splash radius buff also makes it a lot more forgiving
    to splash people around corners, which I’m somewhat mixed about, but it
    doesn’t hit them for a lot.

    I think at this point they just need to buff the HP of artillery by a bit
    (probably up to 750-1k for tier 10’s?) so that counterbattery isn’t quite
    so effective.

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