World of Tanks || As ITALIAN as it gets!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks Progetto 65. Today I’m playing the upcoming T10 Italian medium tank, was recently buffed, on the map: Province!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play game published by Wargaming and is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Personally I think the the low ground in the middle is just dead ground and a bit of a wasted opportunity, It would have been better to “flatten” out the middle making the map less likely to become a shoot off across the valley. Even at the start of your replay half your team did just that and only moved once the other team was almost defeated but anyway It’s nice to see WG attempting to improve this map.

  2. Michael Löffelmann

    QB: “Please don’t camp!”
    Random: “Suuure.”

  3. If you ask me, the buffs indicate that wargaming want it to be an autoloader that can defend itself rather than a single shot tank with burst capabilities

    Both are possible, but the latter is less viable

  4. Good thing: Province is gonna be back and polished.
    Bad thing: They’ve removed the little monastery in the south-west :c

    Is it gonna be available in low tiers as well? Because I can’t wait to take a swing with my Pz.I.C 😉

  5. Is that replay bug that shows driver and loader stunned?

  6. Still a corridor map.

  7. Please how do i download the test server?

  8. I´m so happy that this map will come back! The old version was so much fun…in my FCM pak 😉

  9. Can we get pearl river and hidden village back next pls?

  10. is it me, or Quickybaby doesn’t like to heal his 2 crew members?? driver and loader… or is it a bug? coz if it ain’t, the video doesn’t show the full capability of the tank

  11. What I remember from Province…. I never played it higher than tier 3..

  12. R. Giada Melchiorre

    I can’t stand the map repetition. Five of the same maps all night. WG can certainly screw things up .


  14. This is a great map now 😀

  15. I can’t remember if it has decent armor, can someone remind me? And it’s gun depression

  16. QB, have you tried the Progetto 65 with standard equipment? It was quite good with full improved equipment pre-buff as well, but most ppl are only gonna have standard equipment for it.

  17. QB mentioning the FCM36Pak40, we need a replay on this tank! :p

  18. *when you go deep inside the magazine* quicky you wanna tell us something?

  19. There is a problem with my Italian tanks, only the S key works, is this normal? Please help.

  20. lets be realistic with province most of the game are going to be with lemmings all going to same side

  21. Maël Roudaut Lemardelé

    The tier 9’s intra clip got buffed as well but not enough imo, 3s is still too much.

  22. I already despise the new Province map. Way too many buildings and rocks. Bad map for TDs, Lights and arty.

  23. I hope the Polish new prem will be an event vehicle too like progetto but 220k base xp for tier 6 and above in 2 weeks nope that is not acceptable 200k base xp in a month or 100k base xp in 2 weeks with tier 4 and above tanks. People plz make this happen more people say to WG then they will listen if you all let them do what they want then is not a good game anymore. Im a free to play player thus I require a good tier 8 prem. The T25 is not competitive enough credit farming.

  24. Good but needs still a little buff to the reload time even just 1 second to the 2nd,3rd & 4th shell. Anyway I’m happy that you like it more now 😉

  25. Good times. T7 on the old Province.

  26. Still a bad tier 10

  27. thise tank need alpha buff from 360 to 390 dmg as on other X tanks with 105mm guns

  28. cant wait for a stream tonight

  29. this guy is a also ran

  30. Frédéric Guignabaudet

    QB do you really think Erlenberg is better now than it used to be ?

  31. It would be nice to see if the other team has the same advantage on their side. We seen only players from your side of the map. There are released maps in WOT 1.0 which give one Team a advantage. So It would be nice to see if this map have the same or a similar problems.

  32. So you bettercamp in base because pushong your own side is just throwing away hp

  33. Ahhh Province. Just one of the maps the old T82 with binoculars could completely break. My T82 got several Scout medals on Province before the nerf to the view range. As an old school WoT player who still enjoys the content, it is good to see a return of Province.

  34. Decreasing the intra-clip reload doesnt increase the overall dpm?

  35. I feel that they should have kept the same 3 shell drum as with the previous tiers, but maybe with 390 damage for the tier 10. When I tried the vehicle, I felt more like a regular autoloader than an italian tank because of that extra shell. Having the more limited 3 shell magazine made me think more about when to fire and when not to fire, where as with the tier X one.. I guess I fired as much as possible when i got the opportunity, and still managed to do good.

  36. Thx for info QB, and i starting to like new province map, it’s look promising, keep it up with your terrible content 🙂

  37. Me like! ? More soft targets to obliterate with my Fv 183! ???

  38. I didn’t think it needed the gun handling buff… maybe the dpm buff, but not the gun handling.

  39. Nope, it’s still a god awful trash tank. No point in grinding for the Italian medium line, i’d rather save my free xp for idk Italian TD or Heavy lines if they ever come to life as Italians had crazy blueprints for those but their medium tanks historically were not good.

  40. I still think this tank needs to have 390 alpha.

  41. I don’t really care about the buffs to the Progetto since I will not play it since it seems too difficult to be great in it.

    I am however happy about the return of Province, since I have a lot of fond memories of that map, mostly because hilarious bullshit happened because of the flaws of the map.

  42. Corridor maps is a really overused term when in fact its idiot PLAYERS that FORCE it into a ‘corridor’ battle and you have no option but to try and make the best of it.Also, Province was removed for those reasons but Ensk remains. *No* other map exposes a weak team so quickly (not even Province)  and as its so small and flat the other team has to be even WORSE for you to do anything about it.Truly unbelievable.

  43. First glance at this map and the first thing that popped into my mind was: Erlenberg 2: Camping revisited (though new Erlenbrg is still bad). Big empty space between two high grounds… Yeah. I wouldn’t count on people crossing cos you can’t count that anybody will support you. Usually, you see an opening, you go, but nobody else does, they just sit and wait for you to die without even trying to hit exposed flanks of enemy and then, after you die, go back to popping out and exchanging shoth into frontal plates. So in time you get to expect that and play safe, in a way. This is what will happen here; everybody on their side of map, exchanging long range shots. Campfest.
    Hope I’m wrong, but so far WG has served us with pretty much nothing but disappointments.

  44. I am preaty sure this map was first in the console version

  45. Just like Copperfield on wotb

  46. So in the you told us to change the side in our meds and LIGHTS and that is the Problem i See…. Is there any place for lights on this map ? Meds will outplay you in your lights and if you want to spot you need to drive out of cover and then you get shot by arta and every TD preaiming at your side…. I hope they change the mid so lights cane flang into there base without getting spotted and rekt on this open field

  47. map looks garbage, much love a light tank driver, back to WT i go where you can just flank and spank.

  48. You know what really makes me sad? That every time they introduce new mechanic(hydraulic suspension with Swedes, autoreloaders with Italians) it becomes a thing only in 4 tanks(tiers VIII-X + tier VIII prem)… I mean, I know WG too well to not know why it is like that but isn’t it just funny that they introduce completely new mechanic just for such a few tanks? It should go from tier VI at least imo.

  49. My laptop is a racist. It plays blitz at 60 fps and pc at 25 fps. It watches blitz at 60 fps and pc at 25.

  50. The buff is just about right.

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