World of Tanks as you’ve NEVER seen it!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m testing World of Tanks 1.0 with new maps, physics, sounds and graphics! ALL ABOARD HYPE TRAIN!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-7 with a 0% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. LOL Will – that green field has secret stashes of G-Force? LOL

  2. I knew you had no soul…

  3. Until all is destroyable / playable with, its all just a game 😀

  4. Still can’t get a MM that works or new maps added…

    I will NEVER spend a dime on this game!

  5. Scott Summers Cyclops

    Wow! Look at those graphics!

  6. I am playing WoT from over 6 years and finally HD maps will be added in 1.0 patch. Great news, cannot wait.. Nick: OtwieraczKonserw

  7. QB i think you have to see a doctor, you have a hole in you!

  8. Anyone has got spare 6GB graphic card? I don’t think my 750gtx will handle this…

  9. random person scrolling the comments

    Try wot ps4

  10. Nice hd hole u got Qb

  11. Quickybaby without heart… He took a hit

  12. Didnt anyone notice the hole inside qb? This is why you never wear green in front of the greenscreen.

  13. Jay Dustin Santiago

    definition is so high, you can see through QB.

  14. I love how this top ended up blending in with the video

  15. There’s a hole in qb

  16. Best quality i’ve ever seen.kinda reminds me of BF1.but there is only one question for me…how much downloading does it needs?

  17. Hey, Quicky, I’d love to see a video about how this will affect tank destroyers. With every map change, it seems like Wargaming is always removing and altering TD positions(by doing things such as removing cover, introducing dips and rises that some tds are either too short or don’t have the gun depression to deal with) to push this more and more towards an environment that favors Medium/Heavy tanks.

  18. I hate the New mines map Points to climb or the hill where the fast tanks are rushing up is just 🙁

  19. When everything starts to look real i see QB in my left corner and im like “Get out of the screen! I want to enjoy the view!” …

    And btw u have Black hole in space and in WoT u have QB’s Green hole

  20. I had hoped this was about something significant 🙁

  21. 6:42 Ow my goodness gracious, great balls of fire!

  22. my graphic card is crying….go and buy buy buy new….I will enjoy my last month in this game…

  23. the smaller builduings still don’t fall apart like the fences do… kinda sad

  24. Cris Racing and Gaming

    i prefer 60 fps 1440 than 4k choppy 30 fps..

  25. I left the game this update with the broken new objects that 430 u just made my Chinese t10s garbage and all other non super heavies its a better heavy in a medium tank fxck wot and I have been playing this game for 5 years with 40k battles

  26. QB… there is a hole in youre chest??

  27. yep my pc cant run that lol

  28. But. Will they delete arty?

  29. This video is proof that QB doesn’t have a hearth xD

  30. shit, somobody shot quicky with bazzuka

  31. Jan Eidref Constantino

    i always knew qb was heartless

  32. R.I.P videocard

  33. Just watch QuickyBaby T-shirt 😀

  34. Will low pcs play the game in low graficss they used to?

  35. I dropped from 600 fps to 17 fps on average settings.
    Whats up with that?
    On the previous HD test server i kept my 600 fps…

  36. Wish i could get a free graphic card….

  37. Did someone take a shot at QB with a .50 cal rifle? Took out a nice chunk through the chest there hehe Also, the maps look absolutely incredible!

  38. i love it thx 🙂

  39. No matter WG release any thing that is interesting as this, there will always be a douche who complains about it.

  40. 4 years down the road, WG have finally caught up to what the improved lighting mod managed to achieve long ago

  41. I watched this in 1080p and when you said that this is also in 4k. Just upping it to 1440p made it look so much better. Cannot wait for this!

  42. QB: I used to be a tanker like you, until i took a 122mm shell to the chests

  43. Maybe now they’ll have time to work on the chieftain line? Not expecting this year maybe next or the near future

  44. I wish they copied the old arty system and the ammo system from armored warfare and made the gun barrels solid so they couldn’t go through walls ? Of course you couldn’t turn your tank with the gun barrel against something cuz the hydraulics wouldn’t have enough power. Maybe some low tier lights could do that on ice

  45. If you dont need the second graphic card… i really need a new one haha

  46. Buuutiful graphics. Buuuuutiful.
    Though for me the game is rather about gameplay, not graphics. In that regard “8bit stories” mode was completely ok for me.
    And gameplay changes the 1.0 brings with are rather questionable. Of course we will adapt. At some point. To some point.
    Coming back to graphics and Havoc… maps look like a very much problems to solve yet. Some structures are breakable, some are unbreakable with no logical backing of it whatsoever.
    Some trees do fall, some are just drive-through.
    Camera motion mechanics always did suck in this game. Now, when there is so much places you can drive under the objects, camera jumping will be complete disaster in certain map locations.
    Despite WG said “we sill not change a gameplay, map layout will remain the same up to millimeter” in their videos, some maps have changed completely. And not all that change is for better.
    And the streams I have already seen from Test are very hard on eyes. Like where my sunglasses are?

  47. Maulana Nur Mohamad Bin Mohamad Sabari

    Good job wg. Buff leopard 1 and stb 1 also e100 lower plate pls. 😀

  48. Soooo, how do you play this? Is it only for CCs, or what PLEASE TELL ME xD

  49. The tree animations need a little ore attention – both in the wind and when a tank is near but not touching them – look at the 7 minute mark.

  50. Play the t62a

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