World of Tanks – Assault

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Source: Mighty Jingles

I haven't seen many Assault Mode in a while, and as if by magic…

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  1. I was half expecting to say a major disaster in this replay due to lag. You got me Jingles. 🙂
    I like the E75, even today it’s a good tank.

  2. I’m not the kind of guy to instantly accept his mistakes in public, but oh man I would probably have flamed and blamed this guy for “camping” that rock and sniping in a heavy tank if I was in this game with him. And of course I would have been wrong because he was kinda stuck there and also it was a beautifull position.

  3. I love the E-75 enjoyable tank to play, i used to play that tank allot

  4. Bit weird though why he started sniping from behind the rock while his TD’s pushed the southside where it wasn’t open ground at all. Jingles says it is open ground, but the E75 could’ve just pushed with his td’s and get behind one of those rocks in the south. But who cares, he won anyway.

  5. A proper match that was won rather than thrown (though the enemy push down the middle might look like a throw, against many ‘teams’ it would have destabilised the attack so much that they’d never have capped out)

  6. Would have been really awkward if he had a lag spike while driving towards the edge of the cap and drove out.

  7. Lag Spikes
    Jingles: I normally edit them out

    Me: Wait a minute is THAT why more often then not the audio is desynced from the video?

  8. So funny that Jingles thinks he is narrating a football match.

  9. I’ve had my best ever game in my m36 Jackson when my ping was in the garbage at less than 20 something ping.

  10. Syahareen Sha Rani

    I’m surprised jingles didn’t mention about how the gun low rolls did average 490 instead of 530

  11. “Made a profit”? What is that 55k from personal missions?

  12. It does seem fitting for WoT to have a salt mode.

  13. utube comment good show Alex sorry about your lag i really love when theres the game winning shot and i come back to the side of rock or bottom of lake

  14. Campfire and Crossfire….lag spikes in your brain Jingles?

  15. Really loved to see how he lead the line and how much of his team followed his lead as well. E-75 was my first tier 9 and was always a joy to play, especially when premium rounds where still gold rounds and before it got overtaken by powercreep.

  16. Russian credits calculation at it again.

  17. I started playing WoT again, I’m having fun but I’m god aweful, so my team prob hates me

  18. Actually Jingles the E75 still is a magnificent heavy tank. 😀

  19. In an old video by lemmingrush there is an important concept of wot games explained.
    Due to the fact that the center of most maps is unplayable in the early game, the flanks are where the initial gameplay happens. With that in mind, most games of wot end up one of two ways.

    Either one team wins both flanks and the game ends fairly fast with a fairly lopsided kill count or each team with one flank apiece. The former are much harder to get good games in because you never get the chance to kill tanks in both flanks. The latter is great because it’s where the difference between a good player and a great player shine.

    I bring this up because this video is a perfect example of the latter and what to do in that situation in a heavy. You don’t rush in and die, you don’t run away and get caught off guard by a medium or heavy pushing from the other side. You dig in and take every single opportunity you are given. This was a very well played game, snowflake deserves that third mark through and through.

  20. Without premium AND daily mission that match would’ve been a net loss in credits.

  21. Perks of working graves in the US I get to watch Jingles right after he posts

  22. lag switching. You just played a video from a cheat.

  23. Ahh yes, the E-75. The pride of my humble WoT account, the only tier 9 tank and the highest tier tank that I have, dusting away in their server since I stopped playing the game.

  24. Ever notice most of the good games have no evil arty in them.

  25. how on earth did this guy know he was close to getting mark of excellence?

    • Hey this is alex the snowflake. I went into this match knowing I was at 94.60. So when I started getting around the 4k dmg mark I knew I was REAL close, and then when I broke 6k I knew for sure I got it 🙂

  26. Is there a Hitler voice pack now and is that what our protagonist was using?

    • Its not hitler though I can see how you would think that (I’m snowflake) its max von Krieger from the waffentrager even that happened last year. He definitely is a rather enthusiastic commander lol.

  27. Nice attention to details and nice memory 🙂

  28. I couldn’t focus on the video thanks to the tank commander ha

  29. @Josh Creepa 🙂 thank you!

  30. Hi everyone alex_the_snowflake here! Thanks once again for featuring me jingles! My last battle you featured was the 9 kill manticore game on serene coast I believe titled precious snowflake where my team was fighting in chat about who sucked the most while I was defending cap again 3 enemies and trying not to die with my battleship sized gun….lol. But yeah, this battle was pretty fun, was a hunt for 3 marks which is one of my happiest 3 marks to date since the e75 was my very first tier 9 back when I first got into wot like 7 or 8 years ago (don’t exactly remember how man years its been) and I enjoy the challenge of 3 marking tanks without a lot of gold. The e75 is still very much a BEAST and one of if not my favorite tier 9 heavy. Idk why my internet decided to crap out on me this match but yeah that lag was getting a bit on my nerves lol. and for those wondering my commander is max von krieger from the waffentrager event last year.

  31. Jingles, I agree, there a good team effort in this game!

  32. that shot made only 286 dmg to that borsig? OMG

  33. @HEBREW HAMMER no worries

  34. Had an absolute heart attack at the end then when I thought he was gonna drive outta the cap…

  35. The only mode that is perma blocked in my game.

  36. I’ve been having awful lag spikes recently too, it’s almost unplayable

  37. anyone thought the lag spike was gonna hit as he was going downhill while in the cap and make him leave it?

  38. What ??? No Battleships???

  39. Thats me 🙂

  40. Nice job Alex…
    Same as I do, with my loadouts. Knowing the weakspots of your oponents, matters.. in a game like this

  41. No no, campfire works in am assault mode game, since the defenders generally do nothing but pitch tents light campfire and do not move out

  42. I’m glad you’ve shown this video because I’ve been really frustrated. Every time I an in the mode and attacking, my team just camp at the back for eight minutes and then decide to push for the last two minutes. Always ends by running out of time.

  43. To bad jingles doesn’t read or text back in the comments

  44. The E75 is still a great tank honestly, probably one of the best tech tree heavies in the game. It was falling behind but got buffed 2 or so years back.

  45. Sounds like the commander is of the Orc variety

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