World of Tanks || AT 15 – 8,000+ DMG…

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Ó AT 15. Today Googles going to show you how to rock and roll in the destroyer the AT 15.

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World of Tanks is a online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. The AT15A was never built it was only designed. But we’re all thankful WG
    put it in the game! (•-•)


  3. That British AT line is all about armor and DPM for better and worse.
    Mobility be damned. We need more armor. They mostly have smaller guns that
    lack the wow factor of a lot of other TDs at their tier, but they make up
    for it with accuracy and great DPM. The Tortoise has the best DPM of the
    game bar none. Most of them have rather glaring weak spots, but a good
    British TD driver knows how to hide though. I consider them very
    competitive. You can be a sniper in them, or you can be more aggressive in
    the front, just do not get flanked or you are screwed.

  4. World of Hackers !!!

  5. NA level seems low here .
    For exemple 20k battles to be purple level

  6. HappyHusbandn Wife

    5:00 mins into the vid I realized that GOOGLE actually play this AT 15

  7. minecraftnoob451

    Play minecraft more!

  8. At 15 A is a Premium Tank

  9. This makes me wanna own that tank… Lol

  10. Baron Münchhausen

    What a crap-game!
    >8400 Dmg and you lose >10ooo Credits with an premium acc?

  11. I used to platoon with my buddy who had this tank, and we called it cursed.
    He would completely pull games getting 6000+ damage sometimes and we’d
    lose. He kept a record of it in screenshots these insane losses. Like
    dozens of games like these. I think he still kept a 51% WR with it, but it
    seemed like it should have been more like 60%.

    The same thing has crept on with him into the tortoise, though not nearly
    as bad. I think these things are just too slow to carry games. You can
    annihilate huge swaths of enemies in specific areas, but you need your team
    to carry at least a minimum amount of the load to avoid getting outflanked
    or outcapped. I found a similar theme with all the Churchill tanks.

  12. i think the reason for not healing the commander was rather sinmple..
    brittish tds, biggest weakspot on the front – commander hatch, so if he had
    healed his commander, it would most likely die again soon, gunner on the
    other hand, when you have such a nice gun, you want to keep it in play.

  13. Must admit i would choose to heal my gunner instead of my commander. No
    point in spotting them first if you cant hit them xD

  14. look at the enemy team….

  15. Despite what QB says, I think that player was just very lucky. He wasn’t
    great at using the AT-15’s armour – he just had derpy opponents. He should
    have been using his wide gun arc to angle, and should have been wiggling to
    avoid shots at his machine gun. Having said that, I never did 8000 damage
    in mine. The Tortoise was a different matter though!

  16. dear god so many bobs

  17. AT 15 is a great heavy tank. You do not kemp bush, you push lines and camp
    corners. Hide your cupola behind a corner and play counterstrike with that

  18. How not to look like an idiot while shooting the AT-15 spam gold, the
    drivers are gonna whine about you being a gold noob heh no just game sense

  19. World of Warships Best Replays

    Try this on SEA server. This thing won’t last more than a minute.

  20. This is is…….

  21. As an owner of the AT15 A (i also have the AT2 owned and the AT7 unlocked
    but not bought via the CGC, yes i went through that for the lulz,
    aghhhhhh), i’m rather fond of it. It used to be horrible but between the
    health buff and HD’ing it, it’s got a lot tougher, in particular the entire
    upper front platen can now reach auto ricochet angle, that was the real
    weak point previously. And they removed the hole behind the mantlet on it,
    it’s 203mm now. Also they made the Cupola’s smaller and a little tougher.
    With the gun swung all the way to the left and at maximum depression you
    can completely hide all your weak points. Sadly it suffers from low DPM so
    if somthing starts slinging gold your in trouble. Otherwise though feel
    free to use it to push like a top tier heavy especially in T7 matches.

    I kinda wish you’d feature it but sadly my best replay, (still uploaded to
    your site as WoT replays was messing with me when i tried sending it to
    jedi and jingles back when i played it), is only 3.3k damage which is well
    sort of the standard you expect :(. Not that i blame you for that ;).

  22. World of Tomatoes

  23. Why isnt there any fair and balanced arty to balance this op at15?

  24. this vehicle is so obsolete it is not even funny.

  25. κωνσταντινος Μακαρατζης

    omg..this black prince in the end..please wargaming ban him for being

  26. GeneralRudolfski

    Result : great, gameplay : poor, enemy’s : Totally retarded , he should
    never be able to win this

  27. The description is misleading. AT 15 is not a tank you ‘rock and roll’ in,
    not with that terrible peashooter of a gun that scares no one. I dropped
    the British TD line (this way back when the new line didn’t exist yet)
    exactly because AT 15 was so uncompetitive (too slow, arty magnet, gold
    magnet, complete lack of fear factor due to low alpha). The guy in this
    video had a good day, but that’s it, he simply had the luck of getting
    exceedingly favourable conditions.

  28. FiveFingerDeathSlap

    Curious to see where he would have gone if there was arty in that game, I’m
    close to getting mine so it would be a nice head start.

  29. Blind as a blin!

  30. Noob killing is fine

  31. 2200 dpm? Tier 8? That’s sweet, Su-152 in tier 7 gets like 3300 on top
    122mm ;-; Because Russia :v

  32. I don’t think I have ever seen a replay here that wasn’t made up of 1 v 4
    pure tomatoes.

  33. did he even get a first class medal or mastery badge? or is that just
    edited out or not showed?

  34. Jarred Friedrich

    QB pls give me a type 59 or tell war gaming to sell them for half a day or
    a quarter

  35. It’s so slow, you can pick up Pokemons along the way

  36. I still believe that the crew and module damage is way to high. Most games
    that I’ve played recently my ammo rack or one crew member was damaged at
    least once. On some tanks you get ammo racked and immediately after
    repairing it and despite having safe stowage you ammo rack is taken out
    again -.-

  37. Why do you not show the detailed Report? Because you and wargaming have an
    agreement on not showing loss of credits?

  38. NA WOT

  39. The Red Army has lost.

  40. When quickybaby uploads I get hyped <3

  41. can u pls do t 28 htc thanks

  42. this is the same one on the world of tanks best replays na lol

  43. Wow such a great game! For me the at15 is not as good for a tier 8 TD, I
    prefer the charioteer, but definitely the tortoise is a great TD, I hate
    when that thing tracks me… That moment is a “you won’t move Never again”

  44. And in todays episode of “someone get lucky AF”

  45. Someone could have really just cheaped out and capped

  46. That feeling when entire enemy team is freeexp/tomatoes.

  47. yep, the NA servers are dying!! This video is just a sad confirmation of
    the NA’s declining skillful playerbase …

  48. Music From Games

    nanananananana batmaaaan!!!

  49. kratos killsyou69er

    The thumbnail was beautiful

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