World of Tanks – AT-2 British Tier 5 Tank Destroyer – Invincible

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

A tier 5 tank destroyer with 203mm armour? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! – Play World Tanks Free

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System Specs: 3.07Ghz i7 CPU, 12GB DDR3 RAM, 680GTX graphics card, running at 1920×1080 resolution

Mods used (8.9 compatible):

Intro by Maika Design


  1. I HATE seeing these on the enemy team when I’m in my Stug

  2. I love my AT2!

  3. lol in my first game in the AT 2 I got Steel Wall and 5300 potenial dmg. It
    was Pearl River, I was in enemy cap, and all they could do at their long
    range was blow my tracks off and the occasional HE dmg.

  4. Jingles, didn’t you show this replay in one of your mingles with jingles
    episodes? As in the second replay

  5. at2 was a beast to penetrate. I once received about 6,000 damage in one
    game, bouncing kv1s 122’s and other tier 5’s

  6. imagine the amount of people that will start playing AT2s after seeing this

  7. I’ve had my AT 2 for about a week now and I love the thing. The sheer
    comedy of watching people rage in game chat as they try to penetrate you
    from the front is just heartwarming. The only thing I would say Jingles,
    is you didn’t consider the 3.7 inch howitzer. I’m not usually a fan of
    derp guns, but after seeing PointyHairedJedi’s videos on this tank and his
    fun derping around, I tried it myself and now it’s the only thing I use
    when I’m playing this tank. It got me my ace tanker game the first time I
    took the derp out, so it’s definately a viable option even against higher
    tiered targets.

  8. The Gr8 CastleFrt128

    why didnt you reveiw the howitzer, i used to use the dpm but eventually
    switched to the howitzer just because i couldnt pen. higher teirs. 

  9. that at2 is able to do that because you and your team are kind of stupid.
    If i was you i would fall back to cover, wait for that at2 to come closer
    and everyone aim for his weakspot. What you was doing is risk your life
    shooting at a tank that you can’t penetrate and wasting shell. Sometimes I
    feel like you play war thunder too much you became worse at wot

  10. Is anyone able to help me. Inbox me for more

  11. guessing 5000 pot dmg on that AT?

  12. i only have tier 5s that are capable of dealing with at2
    such as the kv1 :)

  13. Jingles can u do a AT15A review?

  14. I found out a new way to spot morons.

    Look for comments they copy-pasted from other comments. It’s a dead

  15. Consider using AT2’s howitzer rather than the 6-pound gun. Many enemy
    machines at the low tiers will have poor armor and can be destroyed with
    just one shot. Even the ones with good armor can be beaten and crippled
    with repeated explosive hits.

  16. Everyone is waiting for a LTP review. You should do one

  17. I prefer the 3.5 inch howitzer on th AT 2 because, hey DERP

  18. Excellent video Jingles , I gotta get one of these !!! Dinner and your AT-2
    video hits the spot now back to War Thunder ……..

  19. I personally prefer the AT 7 at least you can hide the commanders hatch
    behind something and keep the right side mounted gun on your target

  20. maybe i should buy one of thoses now that ive seen what its capable of

  21. Yes in some games u just get frustrated

  22. That’s it! I’m buying this thing

  23. 7k damage is re-donk u lous. great games,will have to re-visit this brute.

  24. love the AT-2, got it myself to :D

  25. Has anyone noticed the new garage sounds in the back ground of the video in
    the garage

  26. Hahahaha……. Jingles… Jingles… Ahahaha… Is that.. It can’t be…
    Is that HE ammo you have loaded at 14:59? ;)

  27. I love my AT-2 though I find it more fun with the 3″ gun. Its armor allows
    it to remain in play and HE mechanics as they are it often lands large hits
    even on other AT-2’s. I have bounced a large stay of rounds in it too.

  28. Can you do a video on the Churchill GC? It’s a very interesting tank and I
    would love to see the optimal configuration for it. :)

  29. had a game in my AT2, took a potential damage of 14 thousand damage, dealt
    2.5 k damage, and got 7 kills, was the last alive, last 7 enemy tanks, tier
    KV-1S, VK 30.01 H, (this was before 8.6) a Jackson, a JgPz IV, an ARL V39,
    a Type 58, and arty, the tier 6 frenchy. whatever its called, i did most my
    damage before my whole team died so i didnt get the 2.5k damage on the last
    7 enemies, they were all generally low health, except the flat panzer and

  30. what about the weakspot, in the gunmanlet? :S

  31. Jingles, the sweetspot is the tier 10 one hit wonder of doom.

  32. I remember when the Brit tds first came out, I had to go down it n loved
    the at2…until everyone found out about the top weakspot :(. But the most
    potential damage I’ve receive was when my entire team charged towards the
    enemy from the start n only killing one enemy they all died. I received
    about 15k potential damage but only was able to fire 3 damaging shots due
    to the enemies tracking me. Even thought it was a sad game it was funny at
    the same time

  33. Y u take down the ” waffleTraktor” vid for t9 jingles?

  34. Jingles you slacker you dont have the mighty GC!

  35. Jngles, you forgot about non-existent gun mantlet weakspot. Why didn`t you
    use tank viewer to see its armor? Would be interesting.

  36. Another weakspot you forget in this video is the well sloped ufp, which is
    only 76mm. Sure it’s well angled but if you can shoot down onto it you can
    easily go through with ~120 pen guns even from a distance.

  37. I don’t really care what anyone says, I hate this little tank

  38. I say the Tort is my favorite in that line have achived 8k+ damage, But I
    will never sell my AT2 either!

  39. I actually find Alecto to be the ‘sweat spot’ in this line, probably
    because it is nothing like the rest of the machines. 

  40. The AT-2 is like the nut in “Plants VS Zombies” xD

  41. Best thing about the AT-2 is the 3″ gun’s firing arc. You can easily shoot
    over obstacles (if not in close range) and drop shells onto their top armor.

  42. i took a shot at the side of that thing with the shermans 105 derp gun, and
    it bounced :(

  43. wtf 😮 my guess was around 5k potential damage.. wow

  44. You should take a look at this >:D
    I was immobilised in the open for 3 min.
    Potential damage recieved: 9425

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  46. so thats why i could not pen it with my 122mm IS gun o.o

  47. Hi Jingles,don’t know if u know but there is a new series of greatest tank
    battles staring on sky discovery history channel this Sunday.A must see for
    any tank enthusiast

  48. awesome new intro

  49. Did anyone else notice the thumbnail is not an At-2?

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  52. Hey Jingles if you didn’t notice, your entire gun and gun mantlet are a
    weakspot and can be penned fairly easy. 

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  54. hmm…
    AT-2 has 110 pen gun = good gun
    but PzIV with 110 pen gun = rubbish.
    can someone explain?

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  62. I’ve had a games in the at 2 when I have took 6,000-7,000 damage.

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  65. Jingles! You killed 2 arty!!! Is it the apocalypse then?????

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  74. Sweet spot, no way. I got my ass kicked in this vehicle so many times in a
    row that I just sell it and moved to another tech tree…my armor was just
    worthless with all that weak points. Everyone knew where to shoot.

  75. When anyone else writes a comment does it stop the video?
    Cause it’s really annoying

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  78. Max potential damage received in the AT2 was over 10K. I lost the game, but
    I got caught in a field and people swarming around me and shooting me for
    minutes on end. Was hilarious tbh. To bad there wasn’t a got tracked x
    times counter ;-)

  79. hey jingles can you do a rewiev of the 59-16 it is the biggest shit in wot.
    i hate it more than the old carbage truck from hell named m3 lee

  80. Good job none of them loooked at the map and charged you :)

  81. Laurence Organ-jennings

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  88. Sry Jingles could not disagree more, at-2 has a very mediocre gun which
    means this is not the sweat spot. The higher tier TD’s have guns you have
    to respect not the at-2, the weak spots are so well known that any
    experienced can trade with you.
    For me the worst TD in the brit line.

  89. come on now yall stop spamming its annoying and not helping

  90. LTP…. I just love it.

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  92. Jingles u forgot the gun shield, it’s also a easy weak-spot to penetrate
    and can often set the gunner or gun out of play.

  93. good review jingles

  94. how do you make tanks in comments?

  95. That at2 gun is a mag on the at7!?!?

  96. hey jingles I love your videos ive whatched all ur videos btw im pejj300 in
    world of tanks

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  98. meh, this tank may take a beating from the front, but when your on tier 4
    the last thing any tanker knows is to get in front of another tanker. any
    and everyone will try to flank the other and this tank with its slow
    turning gives other tanks time to go around the tank and hit from the back.
    i did it in a tier 4 t40 american td and all i needed was 7-8 shots.

  99. Probably the best game I have ever played was in this thing. Saving that
    replay for the next replay round up.

  100. I love to hit these things with the KV-1 derp in the commanders cap, it
    might as well be a ONE SHOT

  101. Gun mantlet is a big weak spot Jingles, not just the cupola… I sold this
    tank and quit the brit td line as I could not buy a win in the thing no
    matter how well I played In it.

  102. I had a match on Port driving the AT2. At one point after being tracked an
    M3 Lee and Crusader kept shooting me all over even in the rear. Still
    couldn’t penn me. Funny as hell. Platoon mate on the far side of the map in
    his Church 1 (with dmged engine) managed to come all the way back to help
    me. 7,790 potential dmg received.

  103. after about 70 matches i have started to love my AT-2

  104. Why is it when i looked you up on the mobile app it says your stats are 0

  105. 21:00 “They see me rollin, they be hatin” nice.

  106. Check out the replay I sent you on Facebook. … 

  107. jaeojadn adjangosendij

    At tier 5 most people don’t know whaat week spots are so that’s why it is

  108. Do an AMX 40 review 

  109. Did Jingles forget to mention that the AT-2 is the sweet spot in the
    British tank destroyer line?

  110. I don’t have much trouble combating the AT-2, all I do is aim for the
    cupola while his shells just bounce off my armor.

  111. AT 15A please! No one has done a decent review/game play on it.

  112. Hi, jingles. I know you don’t do much with lower tier tanks, but I believe
    you would really enjoy running the SU-76 with the 57 mm gun. It’s a bit of
    a seal-clubber, but I’ve gotten two halonens medals in it (without gold
    ammo) and eight top guns in it. 

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  114. Theres an interesting fact about the armor of the AT2, it has more on the
    front than any german tank of any tier with the exception of the Jagtiger
    at tier 9 (and hence the Jagtiger 88 tier 8 premium).

  115. “loading HE ammo on 57mm guns is a waste of time”
    11:30 10 shots of HE loaded. Oh Jingles…

  116. Everyone – including me is scared of the AT-2 at tier 5 & 6

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  118. I agree that th at 2 is a mean mama jamma. u didn’t mension the weak spot
    in the front of the tracks. firing strait at them head on u can pen no
    prob. but that puts u in danger of return fire. so u must angl after
    firing. oh and I am a huge fan and started playing cause u. so thx so much
    for ur videos and knowledge.

  119. if u ever see me in game try to take it easy on me. lol

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  123. I can’t quite describe how much I love this tank. It’s an absolute

  124. how is that elc amx in a tier 5 max game o.o

  125. The AT2 has a massive weakspot when angled slightly, even 60 pen guns can
    pen you when shooting your track towards your hull, in-between your track
    skirting. I’ve killed a lot of AT2s in my KV1 by tracking then one side
    then shooting through the tracks on the other side.

  126. i dont know why, but the howitzer on this seemed to act liek an arty
    weapon, despite its low armour pen, it kept killing everything! and ive
    taken 56 hits in the AT-2 in quite a few games!

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    ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤.. / YouTube if you are with us

  128. Those automatic subs are hilarious…

  129. I love this tanks besides the gun I always find myself not getting kills
    because of the damage.

  130. I MUST BUY THAT!!!!!!!

  131. What the Hell? ELC AMX in tier 5? :O

  132. XxGaMiNg AdIcTiOnZzZxX

    I’ve had 6700 potential damage

  133. i was using my at 8 and faced off with an at2 and i died. i was like wtf

  134. Jingles, Jingles, The HS-Blah blah that the Germans have in War thunder
    will get knocked down to lvl 10, And will get a 75mm gun!!!!!

  135. I like AT8 more, AT2’s gun is just……too small

  136. AT-2 is easy to eat alive you simply load a few rounds of gold and aim for
    the gun and you’ll pen every time and make this thing look like a bad joke.
    Most people are to stupid to aim at the gun as you see in this video only
    two shots hit his gun and both went right in.

  137. I really underestimated the AT2 at first. Played it wrong and kept getting
    caught out by speedy tanks. One game, me in my Churchill, a KV1S and a TD
    (I think a T49) met an AT2 in an open field. We were all unloading into it,
    and it stayed at 100%, and actually knocked a fair amount of hp off me and
    the KV1. It grounded all 3 of us, and we got flanked by other tanks a min
    or 2 later. I couldn’t believe it.

  138. Lol, World of Warplanes advertising on the channel of a man who famously
    hates that game; talk about irony!

  139. The moment when you spend 2 minutes in a Churchill…trading shots with an
    AT-2….without results…for either.

  140. I laugh at this thing and any British TD in any german medium or heavy tank.

    I can put rounds through the tumors and commanders hatches until the cows
    come home.

  141. 24:20 he lost because he pushed to far the stug got flanking shots and he

  142. oy! Jingles have u tried the 3.7 inch AT howitzer gun for it (AT-2). I
    might not be as fast and killing as the QF 6-pdr AT Gun Mk. V, but i find
    it to be the fun gun. Esspecialy if u come across any medium,light or TD.
    As I more than often able to 1-shot most of them. 🙂 (The stats is a lie!)
    sincerly spifmo.

  143. Well it is good for any team if one or two guys give the ATs a push.
    If you do that, you can get the ATs into a position where the enemy team
    doesn’t expect it to be, and that can decide the outcome of the whole match.

    I did that a few times with the AT-2 and it’s bigger Brethren.
    Hearing the enemies curse after that makes it totally worth it.

  144. First you didn’t check the other guns on the flak bus now you didn’t check
    the howitzer on the AT-2, you are slipping Jinggles! 😀

    Personally I hated the AT-2 (not as much as the AT-8 but still), it has
    problems against KV-1s in it’s tier and in high tier you get nuked by gold
    spamming noobs. That said, once I mounted the howitzer I realized that not
    only I can deal with better armored enemies but also do it in such a way as
    to avoid return fire, you can fire over small hills (taller then your tank)
    with the howitzer and hit, as long as you use 3d person to have the
    crosshair on the enemy (the gunner auto-calculates the distance and fires
    the gun accordingly, makes blind shots impossible because he’ll calculate
    the position of the thing the crosshair is on, that he can see, meaning the
    end of the map). So you can shoot over cover and kill people, and still
    have the armor in case they charge you, great fun. 

  145. AT2 is garbage IMO. The AT8 and AT7 are where the UK TD line shines.

  146. Man Jingles, I get one or two shots in me and I’m dead… all the time. I
    just can’t seem to time anything right in this game anymore :(

  147. Was this a re-upload? The Cliff run especially seemed so familiar :-/

  148. What about the howitzer? Just roll along and unload a hell of HE into your

  149. I never use gold, I simply use my Wolverine with the 105 mm and hunt for AT
    2’s, also aiming for the gun isn’t a bad idea ,you can often destroy their
    gun, making them a 41 ton paper weight.I do also enjoy driving the AT 2 as

  150. You’ve sold me on the AT 2 Jingles. And RNG said, “Thou shalt not
    penetrate…” And I played a game a few days ago, in my KV-1. 43 shots
    received, 6000+ potential damage. Can someone confirm if that’s pretty
    high? I very, very rarely check my shots received and whatnot, so I don’t
    know what kind of numbers I’m usually getting on that thing.

  151. Jingles where was your sound modpack??! i’ve used it all today and
    yesterday its epic!

  152. can you make AT-8 vid pls

  153. The AT2 was okay, but the 6-pdr does not do this tank any favors…. The
    penetration will drop off more than you’d expect at range, which puts it
    into a strictly front line role… which might be fine if people at tier 5
    supported you, or let you bounce shots for them. The AT 8 is when the line
    really started to shine for me though. The armor isn’t what it was at tier
    5, but you have 800 hp and you still bounce a lot of shots. The 77mm and 17
    pdr gun starts the DPM of the line.

  154. Never had a hankering to grind the British TD line. Thin k I’ll get the AT
    2 though just to try it out now. To bad it doesn’t have the 75mm gun.

  155. always love watching and listening to your videos …..the narration is the
    dogs bollocks . keep them coming jingles and team 

  156. If u have played the churchs and matilda perty much u will be ok with 20kph

  157. Jingles your playing it wrong! You got to play the AT-2 with the 3.7″
    Howitzer. Do not stop moving and keep blatting away with the Derp and your
    a unstoppable machine. Very unlike you not to discuss the different guns?
    keep up the great work buddy!

  158. You load 10 HE shells, you say dont load it but you actually load it in

  159. it has a VERY big weakspot, the low placed commanderhatch. I kill it
    everytime in my BDR or T14

  160. “This game was over real fast”, I’ve lost in 2 minutes…

  161. AT2 has a weakspot right around your gun where the mantle has that hole in
    it. Almost anything tier 5 can penetrate it. If you move your gun around
    the mantle moves though, so you can shield it using an active defense.

  162. I was fighting that with my löwe and shot it’s weak spot once then that god
    awful tank derped ma löwe! >:p

  163. *it’s

  164. ._. I Need around 2 shots in a G.W.E-100 to destroy the AT-2 at its
    strongest armor… unbelieveable… E-100 needs like almost 3 hits

  165. This is a SHIT tank, not invincible, you don’t get to be top tier very
    often in it, you mostly fight tier 6 and 7, which can kill you in less than
    1 minute, and even at tier 5 most of the people know your weak spots or
    they just go around you and shoot in your back. Don’t judge a tank by 1
    video that 1 guy posted in a lucky game being top tier. If you team sucks,
    you can fucking fight tier 3’s they will still kill you. A chi-ha with gold
    almost killed my at2 from THE FRONT ! It’s a PIECE OF SHIT TANK ! Grind it
    and sell it …

  166. oi Jingles, do you think clutch-breaking would be a good skill for a driver
    of a AT2?

  167. god i hate it so much!!!!

  168. aleksandar rajkovic

    i hate lemming noobs !

  169. Was in front of this tank 2 days ago.
    I had my t1 heavy, i killed him by shooting on his gun and turret but front
    armor o hell no

  170. 13:57, the churchill’s name is minecraft… wtf?

  171. you the fucking derp cannon… its more effective… and don’t mind the
    reload… the armor can compensate… 

  172. I managed to get my reload down to 2.10 secs with rammer but I don’t have a
    100% crew :D

  173. When you mentioned you stacked camo on AT 2 I just fell of the chair
    laughting XD

  174. Assault Tank, Assault Tank …ASSAULT TANK. the clue is in the name: AT-2.

    Depressing the number of fools who drive this thing and think ‘cos it’s in
    the TD line …they’ll use it like a normal TD: sat at the back in a bush
    under a camo net trying to snipe with a crap gun ffs.

  175. i wanted him to do a review of this since summer

  176. I actually just got my AT-2 today.

  177. Lol three week ago i final got the AT-2 tank and its very awseome exept for
    the weakspot. :)

  178. Lol three week ago i final got the AT-2 tank and its very awseome exept for
    the weakspot. :)

  179. Theo Gun mantelet is a weekspot too you can penetrate it easily

  180. my record is 10 400 potential dmg received on this tank and 4,5k with only
    200 HP lost

  181. AT 2 is beast. I probably have my best stats on this tank. Trust me, unless
    your team is full of noobs you are gonna win in this tank. AT 2 is totaly
    worth to try it since its one of the best tier V along with the KV-1. You
    can even destroy a KV-1S, just gotta know where to aim. His predecors are
    totaly different so expect this to be a surprise, a pleasing surprise :)

  182. Just took 5635 potential damage and survived the game; the game before, I
    took arty at point blank in direct fire mode, did 3% damage. AT 2 is

  183. Just got one shot from a Jgpanther 2.. On my first hit taken…. -_-

  184. Vaidotas Marcinkevicius

    I think Chuck Norris finally made his own tank.

  185. The thing about the AT 2 is it will usually survive to the end of the
    battle, and all you need to do then is to circle it, take its tracks off
    then point blank shot into the commander’s hatch. That’s the only reliable
    way to destroy this thing.

  186. a pz 38 (t) can be like this execpt it doesn’t have the armor that an AT 2

  187. I got by three tanks at the same time 2 were kv-1 and the other AMX light
    tank. I slaughtered them with the at-2

  188. lol, the tier 2 version of that is a complete nightmare to get to the
    valentine AT

  189. Your Friend The Geek

    Although the AT 2 has 9 inches of frontal armor, it has that giant driver’s
    hatch that makes an amazing target for tier 6 mediums. Good tank though.

  190. make a video of the hellcat

  191. Got the at2 today and on my first game I received a potential damage of
    7,220!!!!! I love this thing so much and I’d recommend it to everyone. :)

  192. yeah id like to add, I had a game today with 7612 potential dmg recieved.
    57 hits, 45 bounces and 15 penetrations. I have the screenshot to prove it
    as well but I dont think anyone needs proof. I loved this thing within
    minutes of playing it. even bad games are fun :)

  193. 4510 potential damage, 45 hits but only 1 HP chipped. 1 Crusader was like
    emptying his entire magazine POINT BLANK AT MY REAR. Doesn’t do anything

  194. wala akong masabi ang galing ng nag lalaro

  195. AT 8 has also a pretty good amount of armor for its tier, but now I have an
    AT 7, I get in a tier 9 match…and…fuck

  196. You get steel wall so much in this tank its hilarious. I hate it when i see
    this thing in my T1 Heavy though, i haven’t got a hope in hell of
    penetrating it.

  197. I fought one of thous it blu me the f up

  198. I always found at 2s in platoon with an escort with say a t49 it can be
    most devastating.

  199. Hey what mods is he using to aim in this video? New player here.

  200. 5200 potential damage in my first game with the AT2 :D

  201. I had 4500 potentiol dmg

  202. Reminds me more than anything of the Matilda. Slow, great armour, fast
    firing low damage gun. Plough through, get in their face, soak up the
    shots and keep on blasting away

  203. “If I had the money, I’d stick a toolbox, coated optics and a spall liner
    on” (has nearly 4 million credits, and has fitted bino’s and ventilation
    wich already cost 1 million credits).

  204. i thought he recieved like 3000 damage XD

  205. I just got Mine and took 5100 Pot. damage this thing is amazing

  206. Илья Ларионов


  207. super anoying, cant even penetrate if from the back with light tanks.

  208. bane of my damn existence…

  209. Thatguywiththeface ofawsomness

    it an fair it has twice the armor of any t5 and not on t7 or below gun can
    hurt if and it 100 side and rear armor meaning most t4s and some t5s cant
    pen it anywere

  210. Nice machine, yesterday, I managed to buy it, it is much better than
    Alecto, even with an 8 kill match behind me :D

  211. It’s not that hard to kill an AT-2 for any tier 5 tank, just hit the
    manhole :)

  212. MadScientist3000

    the perfect mid game machine in mid teirs

  213. I’m always asking for a push ’cause I hate to be late for the party.
    If my speedy comrades outstrip my speed, I eventually catch up with them
    soon after and use their burned out carcasses for cover if needed.
    Especially on Mountain Pass.


    AT-2 is a great tank, practically invincible, never take an AT-2 on your

  215. If you take the tracks off an at-2 on open ground he is finished because u
    should be able to circle him and fire into his rear

  216. //TheCarbonTank\[]

    The machine guns on the AT6 and the AT7 have pretty weak armor, if it’s
    charging head in aim for those machine guns

  217. this had more mm of armor than tear 7 havy WTF

  218. Jackson Iasaiah Mullin

    I’ve seen lots of tanks able to penetrate this things anus, the sherman,
    the wolverine, the t14, or at least that’s what i’ve seen when driving this
    thing aggressively as hell on the xbox, still a barrel of fun, when i’m
    platooned I push forward, stop, spot, kick ass, and get 4-5 kills a game

  219. I love the AT-2.
    It like being a dalek…

  220. AT2s are easily the most survivable thing at mid tier. Of course, that
    often lead to my nearly having an aneurysm when I was grinding up the brit
    heavy line and all of my team mates were acting like a bunch of ding-dongs
    and trying to pen from the front/back with autocannon equipped lights.
    “Shoot the cupola! The motherfucking cupola!” was by far my most used chat
    message when I was playing the Churchills.

  221. I have a question, what aboust using the Howitzer gun with HE which offers
    370 Damage but low pen?

  222. Jingles I recall that I repeatedly hit the weak spot on the Brit TD with a
    KV 2 derp with Ap and doing a monster amount of damage


  223. i have had the at2 for a while, but its not invincible just saying

  224. Zachary Manyshots

    i hear birds in the background

  225. It’s so weird when you realize this monster with the auto-cannon leads to
    the Death Star.

  226. so should i not buy the Next AT?

  227. The gun is OP on this thing I took out a m36 Jackson in 2 shots no equipment

  228. Once I was in my AT-2, in Himmelsdorf… Everyone sucked arse on my team,
    we only managed to get 8 kills and I was the only one left…I went up in
    an alley.. a very narrow one.. and everyone on their team came their and
    started shooting me.. no one penned me XD they shot and shot and shot..
    untill they ran out of ammo BAHAH.. Then I started shooting 😀 6 kills.

  229. I just uploaded video of this tank. up against 4 tank’s acting like
    meerkats. I love it when player do that against tank killers. All rush tank
    killers especial slow ones like the AT 2. At the time i was just about to
    give up but won the game for the team lol. 

  230. jeremispetre1988

    got 10500 potential damage in my AT2

  231. It’s so easy to kill this thing if you can get a crew/gun accurate enough
    at this low tier.

  232. Jingles what about running a spall liner to mitigate some of the he splash

  233. Were is at 7 game play

  234. the toaster will end this fun XD
    237 max pen

  235. someone come on world of tanks xbox 360 version add me xZi TeMPeRz iZx

  236. When looking at this tank I always wonder why designers didn’t just give it
    a turret……

  237. I went straight to the enemy base after my team went lemming mode, angled
    my armor, ran the enemy team out of ammo, then killed 15 tanks: potential
    dmg was 14k

  238. Aim for the back of the turret/gun port it pens every time

  239. What is the best tank in your opinion?

  240. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    99000 wievs :D

  241. there’s a major weak spot on these in close quarters its the tool box on
    the side that’s on the at2 and the one after aim for these up close your
    bound to do some serious damage

  242. I’ve KO’d AT-2 with the 76mm with the M4 Sherman

  243. i sold this thing because it was just too unfair
    a T-50 cant even pen your ass.
    tier 3s have no hope, most tier 4s have no hope against you too
    tier 5 ehh… you can bounce a bunch and kill most tanks that CAN penetrate

  244. Thanks for the tips really helped!

  245. well there is a weak spot behind the AT2. it’s a small line of armor that’s
    less than 60mm, penetrated it with covenanter.


    ░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ John is building an army.
    ▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂ ☻/ This tank & John are against Google+
    Il███████████████████]. /▌ Copy and Paste this all over
    ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤.. / Youtube if you are with us.You will not
    kill my brother!!!!!!!!!!!!

  247. So I equipped a Pudding and Tea on this vehicle. I can almost imagine the
    people inside are eating and drinking while people keep shooting at them
    and doesn’t penetrate…

  248. The game is great until your tank hits 400-700 battles. Then MM places your
    tank on bad teams (team mates with poor skills, stock tanks etc) thus
    lowering your W/R. Losing streaks then become the norm. In this way you are
    forced to pay $$ if you want to start out with another new tank with decent
    crew and equipment.
    The game forces your W/R to lower to the 48-50% W/R mark if you play long
    enough. WG figures the 50% mark will please the most players over the long
    Stat padders switch to the newest OP tanks, often spending $$ on gold to
    convert experience so they avoid long time consuming grinds with inferior
    equipment. Then when the Wargaming nerfs the tank or losing streaks become
    common the stat padders switch tanks again.
    MM is rigged, play long enough and you will see.

  249. Killed 3 AT-2’s in one game. That cupola is hilarious to pen in a light

  250. So, that AT-2 at the end got 6950 potential damage received? Hell, I’ve
    survived a battle in my Matilda with 2915 potential damage received and
    thought I’ve done well.

  251. AttackPenguin666

    I took one of these out with my fully upgraded Matilda, which btw Jingles
    please review as it is an awesome tank for a tier 4

  252. cupola is the only weakness beside area near gun on at2-shoot in the cupola
    with 75mm and in 4 shots you can kill at2 easily,i killed 2 at2s with my
    pz4H with 75mm gun

  253. DeutscherDummer

    I had to hold the same corner alone in a AT 15A once, over 4,5k damage
    blocked by the armor. It’s really quite amazing.

  254. Sebastian Kajander

    Use the 3.7 inch Howitzer. Its good

  255. Sebastian Kajander

    I tok 10 people all alone when my team ‘yolo’ed and died… I was alone
    with a t-25… Took everyone exept a camper alone, even tho my gunner was
    dead. I used the 3.7 inch Howitzer

  256. tanks like this make me love my Stug III G Derp Cannon well the Tier 8’s MM
    to lol KV 3 drives so careless ill hafe to try the AT 2 at Sometime looks
    fun like the Matilda Tier 4 tank

  257. 2 artys killed. And what was the rule?

  258. I have watch an AT2 roll up behind an AT15 lock him in place and slowly
    annihilate the AT2. To be honest I couldn’t stand the AT2 and couldn’t wait
    to get rid of it, I thought of it as a heavily armored paintball gun.

  259. you can hurt the AT2 on the top circle on the turret so its not invincible

  260. OMG when i played the WoT for xbox all the noobs had no clue how to deal
    with this tank. You can just hear the sound of frustration in the voice

  261. Bottom left track with the 122mm gun. Bye bye At-2

  262. AkiraArashiGames

    I killed with a luches with autoloader. It had 20 health left and I got
    around him and my rounds weren’t even going in. I got a good spot got him
    down to 7. An the was bounce after bounce after bounce. An my other loader
    as like 100 something pen. I was finally lucky to get another good spot and
    kill him. He was last alive. 

  263. What mod are you using?

  264. The gun is like a 50. Cal

  265. tanksofnew thunder

    Why won’t you make a alecto reveiw.

  266. tanksofnew thunder

    at 15 has more armor than at 2 jingles

  267. That’s absolutely nothing. With proper angling, I took 86 hits in a Kv-1,
    forty-four of which penetrated, with a potential damage of 13,000.

  268. ExtremeCombatActions Gaming Channel

    This AT-2 Use to annoy me :P

  269. I love this tank it really annoys people if you use it correctly. The panic
    you can create is hysterical

  270. TOG II* TheSubmarineOnLand

    I had 7060 potencial damage recieft in my M4A3E2

  271. I remember going up against one of these geez the hits it took from me lol
    ,, that’s when i fell in love with it & thought i got get me one of them :)

  272. i used derp on this thing. once slugged it out with a kv2 and won with heat

  273. got this tank and it sure isn’t invincible… i die so quick, any accurate
    tanks always seem to know where to shoot

  274. Why do you heff to be mad?

  275. Why do you have to be mad brought me here.


    When I had my T-34 I came across one of these AT-2s so I aimed for its gun
    and all my shots damaged it

  277. I use the 3.7 inch howitzer on the AT 2, its so fun to 1-shot tier 4s

  278. so its basically a mini tog?

  279. Has he done one for AT-8?
    I barely got it and I’m stock
    except for engine and a good crew that carried over

  280. why were you spamming APCR on a t49??? and all the other light tanks!?

  281. OMG I always thought the same thing. I can never pen it

  282. how about that weakspot on top of the turret

  283. that mantlet is also a weakspot i believe it is about 80mm with an armor
    hole behind it

  284. The Original Steel Wall, then came the Tog which took the title The Wall

  285. You should trie ot with tear 7 and 8 I took 100 hits 10 penetratee

  286. Been in a battle were an AT2 and an AT2 were last alive. Ended in a draw…
    couldnt pen each other so they just sat in each others cap

  287. I remember tracking it with a PanzerIII/IV, being able to drive behind it
    and just pummeling that bastard. Track1, Track2, 3 shots, Track1 again,
    track 2 again … and so on. It took ages but it was so damn rewarding.

  288. Get the derp, it’ll solve your penetration problem.

  289. I took 5400 potential damage in my m6 in a t6 game, 4 t4s and t5s kept
    trying to penetrate with stock and detracking me. I couldn’t spot them. My
    whole team lost though because I was the only one that went to cover the
    left, whilst the rest went to suicide into the right into the glacier.

    No replay sadly, because I didn’t realize 2400 was a lot.

  290. does vents help repair speed as well?

  291. I prefer the derp cannon on this machine

  292. i love this tank! i dont judge a game by damage done in this but by
    potential damage received. its awsome fun dueling with a kv. but then along
    comes a tiger….

  293. This fucking thing has more armor than my bloody tiger…fuckin’ hell

  294. The AT2 never showed any particular resilience for me. Just got pounded by
    Arty and perforated from the weakspots (even though that’s still 101mm at
    tier V) while being poorly armed and so painfully immobile I can’t do
    anything but lumber forward and die.
    Nothing I ever drive shows itself to be tough enough to count on the
    toughness. Main reason why I’ll take mobility and firepower any day. That
    combined with not seeing the fun in hiding to snipe or non-aggressive
    I am a fast assault tanker at heart.

  295. do you recommend this tank jingles?

  296. Can’t listen to this bearded dick.

  297. Love you’re Videos bro Im German American and well you know Im going German
    all the way (was upset to her about the Tiger ((REAL SHAME)) But yea just
    like BF4 and other titles I know the have to balance the game to be fair
    cuz in the real world I honestly dont see any tank taking on the M1 M2
    Series (and I hope the god that doesn’t start a comment war) From you’re
    voice you seem like you hail from England and well I figured you would have
    been a Brit tanker all the way. I just also wanted to say thanks to you
    I’ll be playing the game (even tho I live in the states going EU servers)
    Heard better players there. Much love man take care and keep up the great

  298. Themostepic Isveryepic

    This tank is the worst tank I’ve used personally,all my shots bounce and
    every thing penetrates me.This is my opinion,yours may vary

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