World of Tanks at Gamescom!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Live all week from 15:00 CEST!

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World of is a Free 2 online game published by Wargaming is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QUICKYBABY4WOT” to a T-127 with a 100% crew, 500 gold, 7 days premium, a laying drive!


  1. your making circon and jingles very jealous!

  2. New tier 8 premium- 250mm all round angled armor
    -3000 dpm and 280mm pen
    -2000hp/ton with 0.5,0.9,1.2 terrain resistance
    buy now for $99.99

  3. Hi quickybaby! can you consider playing/replays of WoT B?
    if yes,thanks! 🙂
    if no,thanks anyway! 🙂

  4. My man dickiebaby!

  5. QB, do you know anything about the replacement of the FV215b, the Super Conqueror?

  6. Don’t like how the new QB sounds.

  7. What time do I tune into the stream if I’m on pacific standard time?

  8. Will those be premium fire extinguishers or regular ones? Because if they are not premium, I don’t want one.

  9. 26/08/17 No GTX 1080ti?

  10. Bla bla bla

  11. lol so cool stuff!

  12. 2 years and still no new British tanks. Wake up war gaming. Probably not

  13. Maikel Souladakis

    can i get that tank when i already have a acc

  14. I like ur red dyed hair

  15. Omg why the fuck even more tds ??? are u kidding me, seems like camping strv that closes fucking whole flank arent enough

  16. Not shaking hands for 8 hours this time? 😀 I bet that’s a relief.

  17. Is it time to play 122mm HE-only IS-4 once more? =)

  18. Did they mention the new platforms?

  19. You put your wedding suit for the occasion

  20. just startet playing wot active again and it became so toxic i think the chat is only used to insult other players what happened there? i mean cmon not a single friendly word? if someone is doing someting wrong nobody says what he did wrong but instead just says stuff like “FUCKING NOOB BOT KYS” and stuff like that
    sry for my bad english btw and i have to say i still love the game but the community just sucks

  21. If the HD maps come out, my computer is gonna be dead!

  22. I want his wife to troll him again… LOL

  23. Finally more tier8 premiums

  24. WG is so professional and well organised.

  25. Do video on the war stories

  26. I missed the Hetzer Dance Show 🙁

  27. When the giveaways don’t come to the U.S. ?

  28. UK only, kiss my ass.

  29. 1:39 dead lol

  30. Are you still married to peppy?

  31. This is today’s upload? It’s not even wot….this is something you should live stream

  32. Quickybaby can u do some world of tank blitz video?

  33. How to use QUICKYBABY4WOT?

  34. Who really did like that new song ?! Not me that’s for sure.

  35. Hi quickly baby I sub ed and I am a world of Tanks Blitz player my name is Titanium Gamer I have 9 subs and I just wanted u to know that ur are my inspiration.

  36. Wait so if I live in the US I can’t participate in the giveaway? 🙁

  37. I need some advices, should I buy the tiger 1 or the panther 1 ?

  38. God damn it, New Zealand isn’t part of the EU 🙁

  39. I have that Death Adder maus

  40. Man, fanboys are really creepy, looks like a mash between the witnessing of the 2nd coming, and a nazi rally

  41. Love from BANGLADESH……
    You are the best qb

  42. PLEASE quickybaby play the AMX CDa 105 cause I am SOOOO exited for it to be coming out

  43. Dat t shirt


  45. Quickybaby I was a fan for a long time and I LOVE YOU!!

  46. man……. can anyone give me some bonus codes.I really need them.I also need a t8 premium medium tank for making credits. I am so broke right now. It is really pathetic.

  47. QUICKYBABY4WOT doesn’t work… 🙁

  48. LOL! Is the “AMX Cda 105” premium td supposed to promote the most hated mod on the EU servers? XD (Cda)

  49. I almost forgot that you went You could say you flew above my head I live in The Netherlands

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