World of Tanks at its absolute worst!

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When at its worst, 6 arty, +2 Matchmaking, bad open map….


  1. Being Sick: Check
    6 Arty: Check
    +2 MM: Check
    Map is open and bad: Check
    World of Tanks at its worst.
    Awell, next game might be better! Right? 😛

    • Keep clicking the Battle button hoping the next game will be better = definition of insanity. ?

    • Even if there were no artillery, you’re still driving a big, slow moving, slow turning, unconcealable target that once you’re spotted will have mediums circling like sharks on a sick whale. Yet you knew this, and you’re driving it anyway.

    • ohlongjohnson003 Er

      @Slotmech so we got to remove arty and agile, high DPM mess…. Got it! /s

    • Blah blah, whine whine, arty bad, camping td good, wah wah. Oh come on Circon – its OK for you to play the M44, but just you, no-one else. Arty is usually useless, and can’t carry a handbag, never mind a game – fucking wheelies are more annoying than arty now, so get with the program matey,

    • Hope you feel better, Circon, just got over the flu myself after about a month and I have to say, it was almost as unpleasant as 3-5-7.

  2. there’s no way they ever remove arty from the game. they should limit it to one or two per team for T5+, below that there’s just not enough games happening. on NA at least, don’t know about EU/RU. one per team would be best but its unlikely to ever happen because they are scared of loosing players.

    This is my idea of what WG thinks of the arty love/hate from players.

    anybody who hates arty enough to quit the game completely has already done so; nerfing it into the ground or removing it would make a-lot of current players happy but it doesn’t bring in any new players and it only makes arty players quit, so overall its a negative impact on the game for WG. So change nothing and keep the crappy love/hate for it as long as both sides keep playing the game and buying Premium tanks.

  3. aRtY pReVeNtS cAmPiNg lulz

    Can tell no one at Wargaming hasn’t and doesn’t even play their own game still

  4. It’s fun filled games like this that make me want to quit the game.

  5. Yeah that didn’t look fun 😐

  6. Please send this reply to war gaming. What a fucking joke, aren’t games meant to be fun.

  7. This is the video you could title: “Circon played with Sir Foch on twitch for too long and it’s rubbing off :D”

  8. If I see 6 arties, I quit, if I see two ebrs, I quit. People reported me many times , finally I got an email from whoregaming. I replied back their email with using appropriate words.I will play my game with conditions, fuck WG
    PS. If they fix it, if they reduce it to 4 arties, I will continue to quit till reduce it to one spg in each team. I played over 5k games only on my m53m55. If I m one of 6 arties, I m quiting.

  9. I like, how arty prevented everyone from camping. Just as WG wanted to!

  10. But… But… Circon… Arty is a necessary evil, otherwise everyone would play their superheavies tanks and TDs… Right ?

  11. I had recently decided to pick WoT back up again to see what all has changed. It wasn’t long before I dropped it again precisely because of games like this.

  12. No problem with removing team damage, but they really should have also removed team stun.

  13. Imagine trying to play the game – Wargamings motto for years now

  14. And “remember SPG’s prevent camping!”

  15. id be okay with +2 if there was no arty

  16. On WoT console you can be the only tier 8 in the battle and the rest are 10s. But honestly, thats still better than bullshit 3-5-7 & +2/-2 MM

  17. Wow. That was hard to watch. Hope you feel better, Circon.

  18. I quit WoT for WoWs many years ago. Looks like they’re still doing the same stupid shit.

    And starting to introduce the same stupid shit into WoWs.
    WG are fuckwits

  19. Arty prevents camping

  20. American HT are better TD than the actual TD line because, unlike the TD line the HT line has good sigma.

  21. WoT in a nutshell!

  22. Very dynamic gameplay

  23. i’m sorry but you look like Eddie hall.

  24. The amount of games that I’m seeing tier arti is insane.tier 7-8-9 and 10.
    It just seams to have gotten worse. Thing is I hate playing passive just to not get shit on cos I’d rather play the game.

  25. There should be an opt out of artillery games option .

  26. Damn that title got me, if it were in caps I’d probably think it’s Qb’s video for a second

  27. Do you think that someone at WG still believes that “Arty prevents camping” or do the just not care anymore? lol

  28. Artillery players are what happens when cousins fuck!

  29. I thought it was World of Tanks, in what world is Artillery a tank??? In most, if not all, Defence Forces Artillery has its own Corps. The other tanks in the game generally fall under the Armoured Corps, (Tank Destroyers included). A small number of Recon Units (Light tanks etc) being part of the Cavalry, as slight distinction, but still generally considered part of the Armoured Corp. Artillery should not be in the game IMO, and you mate have clearly demonstrated why. Frustrating to watch, and to play I’m guessing. Great Video thanks. By the way I’m guessing Wargaming doesn’t give a F**K! Make that money Honey!

  30. Erick Raúl Sánchez Pérez

    Looking at this feel so freaking glad and satisfied that I invested onto play God of War on PS4 and good old crash bandicoot games for the last 2 months and not this POS unbalanced crap wargaming sell to us.

  31. you missed one
    ebr yolo:check

  32. Maps and games like this are the games I suicide on and it’s the reason why most of the time I choose to be dark blue instead of purple since I don’t give a rats ass about playing cancerous games like this.

  33. Console players still awaiting the arty patch where they cant one shot tanks above their own tier

  34. Remove artillery and consider the camping problem solved.

  35. Your videos are enjoyable and they’re reminded me to not come back playing WoT and saved my sanity. Blessed

  36. The only reason arty is in the game is to aggravate and irritate players. When you’re angry, you’re not thinking clearly & prone to being less careful with your money. This is the only reason I can think of that arty is still included and why the recent stun mechanic was added.

  37. I feel like this video was wasted on me because I’ve been saying this since 2013.

    And to be honest I probably would have been saying this early than that but that’s when I started playing.

  38. Salty cause he was not asked to be a commander by’m sure he doesn’t care. But I would love to have his voice over.

  39. “But, artillery prevents camping” -Wargaming

  40. This is not a game anymore… it’s where are the players so that arty can shoot them. TRUE!

  41. In Frontline arty is limited to 10% and noone minds it all that much.
    If randoms had just one and once in a while 2 arty on each team it would be ok.
    It’s games like these with 3 that makes people hate them so much.

  42. There are numerous ways to play against artillery units.

  43. remember guys arties prevent kemping LUL

  44. tier x gun on tier 8 turreted TD ,run food and spam gold, i want more crying circon, please cry more, WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM THIS GAME
    plus you miss a lot and post on you tube, your disgusting not this game

    some people do damage with no food, no gold and 75% crew, they are not posting youtube videos. they cant afford to miss gold ammo shots, but you can.

  45. Given up on World of Tanks many times. Last few times I came back, never lasted more than a few weeks. This time, I came back end of November for Jingles on Quickybaby’s livestream (and got a TOG II* Mastery Badge out of it). Struggled through Christmas and New Years. Gave up again on January 16, two weeks ago. Should have just given up on it after that November livestream and I’d be a lot happier.

    If something like that happens again, I’ll come back for the event. And then quit. Not a penny more to Wargaming until they fix this broken game. I don’t think Wargaming will honestly fix this game and it will just slowly die.

  46. I think a max of 2 arty on a team should be made a rule. One is ok, two is eye opening, three is insanity. Also hope you feel better soon Circon.

  47. Although i like arta play, and don’t mind it…3 per side is just to much, just 1 arta is enough to support their team, 2 makes it a stalemate on both ends of the map.
    3 artas…The game flow is getting dictated by those 3.

  48. Yesterday i had an AMX 65T with the DuckTurret matched against a 703 II, how is that for mm ?
    About arty i think there should be absolute max of 2, preferably only 1 per match.
    And WG can remove all arty missions, that would reduce the pressure.
    But there is more. EBR 105 need to be nerfed, and all tanks that can meet a Chieftain or 279e, should be buffed.
    Because they cant nerf them, right ? If they nerf, RU server will explode.

  49. This is why I quit. Fuck wargaming for letting artillery shit on all of the actual players and fuck them for making missions that force people to play arty even if they don’t want to. I personally refused the missions because of arty.

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