World of Tanks – Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

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XVM predicting a 22% chance to win? Send in the Killer Tomatoes!

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  1. If your whole team is TD’s, wouldn’t digging in be a good idea? If this is a dumb question, I’m sorry, I’m just a stupid tomato.

  2. Just to let you know…..I was I unsubbed for some reason. Darn utube.

  3. Bet the superior team was just full of stet pedders.

  4. people should stop judging people by its stats cuz the person cuz the person is probably just have some bad luck

  5. That Jagzilla is the reason i miss the old tk and not get punished days, baboons like him need to be tkd daily

  6. Using any win chance prediction in any online game is just stupid. No matter what you tell yourself, it has three possible outcomes:
    1. The prediction is even, and you just play. Some may even be disappointed, ’cause it’s no easy win.
    2. The prediction is in favor of your team, and you don’t give your best.
    3. The prediction is in the enemy’s favor, and you get demoralized.
    So, most of the time, it will have a negative effect on your and your teams performance. It’s like people don’t want to have a positive game experience.

  7. I hade a few battles like this….and wow I never saw a team yell at eatch other. Me….I keeped quiet and won the battle.

  8. Great win. Everybody loves an underdog.

  9. I am seriously sick & tired of these fucking mindless idiots that are allowed to get such high tier tanks!

  10. was that an NA server? 🙂

  11. Yup – typical random battle 😉

  12. I don’t go by winrate knowing the fact that sometimes you may have bad games and get 1 shot by a scumbag arty that spams HEAT shells or if your whole team dies very quickly and you’re alone against 10 enemy players that are higher tier then you

  13. “so you know, that’s nice”

    “all he had to do was nothing, and he managed to fuck that up”

    best quotes of this vid lel

  14. 22% is good.yesterday in 50 matches I had 15 of them less than 10% and 25 of them less than 30%… WG ftw.

  15. we call those idiots Potatoes in Warships.

  16. they should ban stat tracking mods. it only makes the game a more hostile environment. people use it as bullying material, and even end their own games (killing themselves) because of statistics. people also feel very pressured to get those nice bright colored blue and purple stats…nasty! if you want to see someones stats, do it AFTER the game. Real time stat tracking during games should not be allowed.

  17. uᴉʇɹɐW llɐɥsɹɐW

    of course IRL TD’s were designed to camp and kill

  18. Jingles you son of a gun , I was almost fall under my desk laughing ! Yes , It was like the movie ‘Dumb and dumber’ multiplied 10 times !

  19. Me again….

    As someone who doesn’t use XVM (and has no intention to, as it’s my opinion that it’s a major cause of toxicity in-game) what’s the difference between WN8 and win rate ???

    I’ll be one of those tomatoes you all hate, as for the past 8months I’ve been playing pretty much fucked out my box on morphine & tramadol due to an operation on my right clavicle in which they put a plate and 9screws in, 4 of the screws are scraping/snagging on bone when I move my arm. I honestly can’t wait till they’re out !!!

    My reactions are much slower than normal(doesn’t help that I’m almost ages with ol’ Jingles, lol) and the morphine slackens the eye muscles causing bright or dark flashes in my visual field.

    Apologies for the long comment folks, but I felt the need due to some of the shit I’ve taken in-game, from arseholes that take the “fun” out of gaming, so much so that I’ve given up playing WoT & WoWs these past few weeks.

    anyways, have fun y’all & happy huntin’

    Paz da Morphine Spazz

  20. I lost 15% of my remaining intellect and all hope for humanity watching this! 🙁

  21. Welcome to the asian server. Thats every game. Still loved the video Jingles keep them coming.

  22. Well there do seem to be an inordinate number of people who should’ve never survived childhood, thereby proving categorically that Darwin was wrong, that somehow managed to find themselves playing JPE100’s in World of Tanks recently. And so this video doesn’t surprise me.

    To be fair though, I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that (on paper at least) the Jägeroo appears to be one of the strongest tanks at tier 10 to someone who knows nothing about the game.

  23. The worst arty player just happen to be the only tanks to actually give a damn to listen to their teammate. In my positions in that Obj 261, I would knew straight away we need to cap because, to be fair I don’t use Xvm, JpzE100 is likely have his chat window turn off and he just as slow as Rexxar in World of Warcraft……

  24. hahaha hahaha nice one jingles.that was hilarious ! and good job tomatoes!

  25. This should come with a warning form the Surgeon General “May cause blind and unrestricted stupidity in those viewing this video”

  26. Being a tomato myself, I find it astonishing that someone could get as far along in the game as that Jagdpanzer and still be quite so glaringly red. It had to be sheer dogged persistence, because it certainly wasn’t any application of talent or skill.

  27. 3:20

    Um… is that a tier 10 tank destroyer with a 17cm gun camping behind the artillery?

  28. well at least its actually TDs camping where TDs should instead of heavies for once

  29. look at the horrid tank match making enemies tier 10 heavies and allies tier ten tds cant go north cause their asses would automatically be pudding, sometimes its the stupid Russian made match makings fault, players is 1 thing, tanks is another, the horrid mismatch is to blame on wargamings utter stupidity

  30. Christian Krakhofer

    xvm and the toxicity it brought…

  31. Am I the only one who was expecting the enemy artillery to fire at the last second a blind shot into the cap circle and destroy their victory?

  32. Most of the E75 drivers have the tiger2 syndrome…..they dont want to realize that E75 is an all around good tank!

  33. As always Jingles, informative and fun.

  34. Hello jingles. Can you please do a video on the ru-251? It is being added to war thunder (wich i reccomend you play) and i want to know as much about it as i possibly can. Thanks!

  35. We call those people “bumper biters” because in order to be able to lick the windows, you have to be smart enough to first get on the short bus.

  36. In some modpacks, the lowest XVM rating is grey. So I’ve taken to referring to them as GREY OOZE.

  37. Arty saves the day, arty <3

  38. Freggin’ tomatoes, haha.

  39. I just went orange from tomato 🙂

  40. jingles your age is showing lol

  41. actualy they won beacuse they were camping with 10 TDs and enemy team attacked them frontaly,…you cant win when your team attack load of camping TDs no matter how bad they are

  42. i turned xvm off i play better not knowing of my team s full of tomatos or not

  43. I thought donkeys only play Blitz. I guess I am wrong.

  44. Actually, Jingles.. That’s a tier 8 Swedish tank destroyer. 12:02

  45. Tier 8 udesis tier 8 jingles

  46. Xvm the cancer of world of tanks it inspires people to quit bad win chance matches and makes players bash others

  47. quote of the video “who knows perhaps while he’s out there he’ll find the village that’s missing it’s idiot” absolute class lmao

  48. Direct experience with JG drivers like that is one of the main reasons I realized several years ago that watching Jingles WOT videos is enormously more entertaining than actually playing WOTs. No more pleading with booger eating morons to no avail as they doggedly search for and find the most obliviously stupid ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  49. Anyone here remember how many videos that guy wesley001 was in? I got a video of him acting like a dumbass uploaded. I shoot him and ammo rack him after he turns blue. lol I remembered him from the Jingles video I watched. He is whining in my video as well. lol

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