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look set to receive a new tech tree of vehicles including a new “Auto-Reloading” mechanic that will be featured on the Mod 46!


World of Tanks a online game published by Wargaming and available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. All aboard the hype train! What do you think about the Italian tech tree, the Progetto 46 and the “Auto-Reloader”?

    • Quickybaby Honestly this is gonna make me buy a pc… I’ve been watching your videos for a few years and was always intrigued by the tricky to use but not so popular tanks like the French meds and the polish tvs. But this line is such a blessing and these Italiano Bella’s are what I was wishing of the entire time.

    • Similar like the realoading system in BF4 tanks.

    • It looks pretty cool, let’s see how it works

    • I’ve heard that Fiat Punto gonna be at tier X

    • Kinda interesting, love the mechanism. But i am worried that skilled players can abuse easily due to the high skill cap (wg buff due to overall bad stats while it is balanced, making them OP for pros)

  2. Shadowhunters Herondale

    Conclusion: italians don’t like to commit

  3. I like the idea of the mechanic. I‘ve played the Centauro in Armored Warfare for example, which has this kind of auto-reloading and I have to say that it can be a bit hard to select the right shells for the job, as the magazine can only be loaded with a single type of ammo. Might be different in World of Tanks, but realistically, I doubt that.

  4. Imo its an Armored Warfare ripoff, they had that mechanic before WG. And now WG “came up” with this idea, pfff. Anyway in the hands of a good player, these tanks will be op.

  5. Here’s a little Gem for you PC players that will absolutely Blow your Mind…The Lady in the clip is The Leading Moderator/Admin and  Self Proclaimed Cat Specialist of the console forums…enjoy !

    • P.s. This was regarding the question “Why do we have to pay roughly 25% more than PC  for CERTAIN premium tanks like the newly introduced T26E5 Patriot & 252u Defender and yet the same price as PC for others ” Hope you guys like the shit show.

  6. NO FIAT 2000???? NANIIII

  7. All these people saying do you get to change sides half way through need to remember that the French didn’t even last a year into the war and there is a full tech tree there for them . If you ask me after the British Russian American and German the Italian tanks should have been put in the game they were fighting in North Africa in Italy and the eastern front and that’s more than all the others in wot accept for the ones mentioned above

  8. Floris van den Steenhoven

    Silly that the fiat 2000 isn’t in here

  9. I hope they will add hungarian line..

    • Mr Easter what tanks are there in Hungarian line?

    • Xami God Well it could have the Toldi 1, 2, 2a, 3, the Turán 1, 2, 3 and the Zrínyi 44M 2 and the Zrínyi 44M 1, 40M Nimród, 44M Tas prt and the Toldi td prt. Sadly these tanks can’t make a line :((((((

    • Mr Easter They will probably bring some out of their supersecret source just to fill those gaps.

      Or just add the rest to the German line

  10. Wg fixs this do the mm 2 and the teams and bringh the amx 1357f back :p

  11. Евгений Еканыч спасибо за крутой видос про ёлку?

  12. Some of the others must be “Carro Armato”

  13. The tanks starting from the left are:
    Fiat 3000
    Carro Armato L6/40
    Carro Armato M13/40
    Carro Armato M14/41
    Carro Armato P26/40
    Ansaldo-Fiat P43 bis

  14. Pasta la Vista?

  15. Add the Fiat 2000

  16. where is the fiat 2000 why wg

  17. Fiat 2000 tier heavy!

  18. carro L6/40, carro M13/40, carro M15/42 and carro P26/40. the one after that i don’t know… and the last is the premium tank being talked about.

  19. 2018 is looking like a busy year for WOT. 🙂

  20. Amazing!!!! Since day 1 of this game I’ve been waiting for My Country line of tanks. Italy fought north Africa, Greece and Russia as well as homeland dueing WW2. Worth a tank line as sweden or czech at least !!!

  21. ok thn time for an autoloader soviet. T-72

  22. what’s in KAPPA.txt 😀

  23. I wanna see the Europanzer, Leo (autoloader), and M47 L7 105mm in the Italian line

  24. so if you want to be tactical when your not in amediat damger and have no rush only fire every 8 second and leave the 3 round burst for when u realy need it say u have the ass end of a tank that u need to take out right away or you are being rushed and need to get off that burst makes it a very scary tank actualy i wouldint totaly go all auto with it that kinda wasts it because it gives you a heavy downfall for doing so i think i will love this tank wonder what its armor and gun handling is like

  25. Whats inside KAPPA.txt?

  26. I’m hoping to find the P-40 heavy tank.

    • YEAH we need it !!

    • At 0.27 you can see a lot of the tanks that will be added into the game. The 5th tank from the left is the P40 (or as it will probably be called, P26/40). The one right after that is the P43. But don’t hope to have them as heavy tanks: they will be considered mediums (even if the P in their name stands for “Pesante”, which means “heavy” in italian), because there’s no way they can compete with the other in game heavy tanks 🙂

    • Because WG is to busy making German tanks crap and making Soviet bias

  27. Are there any non Premiums left on Tier 8?

  28. Where are the poles?

  29. FUCK FIAT 3000 THE FIAT 2000 WAS BETTER !!!

  30. oh yes, you stole another armored warfare mechanic! congratulations! 😀 so when we will see also same cost on all ammo and smoke grenades?

  31. wel this wil be another gamekiller cors of to many bad / mediocer players ( and even the unicorns )
    they wil all gona run this tank full HAM even more GOLDNOOBS
    thas wy i stop putting mony in this game and switst to World of warschips there is NO gold amo in that
    no offius PAY TO WIN
    thnx for the info QuickyGOLDbaby

    • cok timmerwerken 1° Learn proper English, it will really help you.
      2° What the fuck are you talking about? It’s THEIR premium ammo, why do you care if they waste money or not?
      3° If they are spamming at you, then stop trusting in you armour.

  32. It really sounds like a tank line with a lot of potential for more experienced players. So it really is something Im looking forward to!

  33. Another Fiat to put in your collection, huh?

  34. Maybe it is a real mechanic and not “stolen” from other games… Stupid fanboys

  35. From what i see from front to back
    Fiat 3000 – Shoter wider Renault FT – 6- 16mm amrour 37mm gun
    Carro Armato L6/40- 6 – 40mm armour – 20mm and 37mm guns.
    Carro Armato M14/41- 15 – 42mm armour – 47mm gun
    Carro Armato M15/42 – 15 – 42mm armour – 47mm gun
    Carro Armato P26/40 – 14 – 60mm armour – 75mm gun.
    Leone Main Battle Tank? Basically a Leo 1.

    That is my best guess hard to tell from the view tbh. i wonder what amazing made up tanks will come

  36. this tank is certainly going to separate the more skilled players from the less skilled, less experienced players

  37. PickelJars ForHillary

    Do they switch sides halfway thru the battle?

  38. I like how they blurred the group and even the file name of the Maya scene so you can’t see the names of the tanks 😛

  39. The tier V looked like a P40 ‘Leoncello’

  40. GIVE US FIAT 2000!!!

  41. Thank you qb for all nice videos

  42. What they did not tell, can u load all 3 Types in the drum? 1HE 1AP 1APCR? Or do you need to reload before you can change the Type?

    • namkreo That’s something that even autoloaders should have, that bullshit loading a full clip of a single shell is really frustrating.

      I mean, sometimes I could use one AP to kill a low HP, rushing scout and then APCR for the slow Type 5 that’s behind him, but I guess the loader is to dumb to acknowledge that 🙂

  43. …Auto Reload Old Map content (buffed) ?


  45. so when u have 2 shells in, it reloads #3 fast? play like a normal single shot with the 2 shells in it, and only use those 2 shells in an emergency thats how i see it, unless im not understanding the mechanic

  46. i dont like that the only one tank that will has this new autoreloder at th8 will be a premium….

  47. 0:13 so pro

  48. Wow, You are really much better than WG on explaining!

  49. Why not Balkans?

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