World of Tanks – Average Ivan

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You’ve all met Average Joe, meet Average Ivan. He’s like Average Joe but , so his average a bit higher than most.

Average Ivan is played for us today by Edvin, of the Awesome Epic Guys, a pair of the more modest streamers and video producers.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. 3:20 I know it’s a Jingles video, but man I can hear Edvin screaming NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEJ

  2. Dammit jingles it’s 4:30 am. Have you lost your mind old man. Oh it’s a world of tanks video well never mind old man carry on then.

  3. Akizuki’s meowing 2:42 and the Russian Ambassador has been on the phone to the FCO and asked Jingles to replace “Bullshit!” with “Stronk!” XD

  4. It’s the LT 4310 BS Russian SUPER light tank. Apparently the Russians figured out time space warping tech in the 1950’s

  5. This tank on Console was horrifically nerfed by WGCB’s fucking inept Dev team. So on PC this tank is a god but on Console this is one of the worst tier 8 lights in the game.
    Makes sense.

  6. 7° of gun depression? ez peasy, flexible barrel.

  7. Best game commentary in recent years.. well done Mr Jingles

  8. Doesn’t the LTTB have the same armour as the lt432?

  9. Njugu Notsowildmonkey

    One day Wargaming are going to asphixiate themselves on the noxious fumes emanating from their own BS.

  10. Andrew Whitworth

    No Russian bias at all, honest!

  11. I would like to cast a vote to rename this tank from LT-432 to BS-432. All in favor, say “aye”.

  12. “allowing it to pop out in Hawkins Indiana” Damn it Jingles now there’s tea all over my desk…..

  13. George Constanza

    Jingles you mean when you making up tanks in WORLD OF IMAGINARY TANKS game

  14. Transonik Armory

    What the hell is this tank on noclip?

  15. I play this tank a lot on console. It was nerfed a bit compared to the PC version, which I’m frankly fine with. It’s still very strong, but not quite as ridiculously strong.

  16. hi jingles, i really like your content and have suggestion i think it would make a good video if you played hearts of iron 4

  17. 1:51 Actuall there’s a Holy Quartet while building a tank: Mobility, Firepower, Protection and Economics.

  18. These tanks are why I stopped playing world of tanks. and now I am sad to report that same russian BS is invading World of Warships… Looks at Smolensk Kremlin and new tier 10 cruisers

  19. Ah the might Bullshit-432! Stronkest of Russian tonks never to be produced that will otherwise win the Cold War

  20. 5:00 It has a folding breach,basically everything in this tank is made to be folded. 🙂

  21. Uhh, Actually Jingles, Elephants are actually quite stealthy animals. They’re almost silent while they walk around

  22. I get he had a mission but when you can kill arty you kill arty, no exception.

  23. well the sekrit lies in people’s power.
    the same power that enables kremlin to rotate turrets in 30 secs and petropavlovsk to citadel BBs at max range, enables the BS tank to have BS characteristics.

  24. So… in WG’s opinion Russian engineers post WW2 are best ever. Also they are magicians from another dimension. At least Russian Bias is universal across tanks and ships.

  25. uh uh huh, politically incorrect jokes, wow, new achievement unlocked, uh uh ha ha ha uh uh

  26. E-50M says hi to Great Firepower, Great Mobility, and Great Armor!

  27. Why was that tank hiding in the Bush so small?

  28. Average? Nah, just crazy. Crazy Ivan.

  29. Me in quarantine “it may be a good time to download again WoT”
    I see this video “no I want to keep my sanity for a few days more”

  30. Who says the LT-432 even has a gunbreach? Why would you need one, it just takes space that could be filled with Vodka

  31. I find the wormhole argument utterly convincing. :o)

  32. Edvin is a really skilled player. But in this case all he needed was half a brain. He could have won this with a BB-gun mounted on a wheelbarrow.

  33. Geoffrey Richardson

    If a British light tank pulled of a result like this, it would be proof of God, and God loves the British

  34. Ravendelve Tactica

    The person capping Ivan’s base must have watched Jingles’ channel

  35. me at the end of the video: “British Loght Tank?” *thinks about it*
    “Oh right, those exist. And they are shit, now I get it.”

  36. LT-432 is pretty much why i stopped playing. I just cant handle having 128mm shells bounce off a light tank.

  37. good job edvan

  38. It’s obvious Old Man: LT 432 was the peak of Soviet engineering – wonderchild of stalinium, spacetime warpping technology and compact guided missiles. D’oh!

    TBH seems like this game has crossed the borders of russian bias fantasy island some time ago now ^^

  39. Well we’ll well did anyone notice how many bullshit was thrown around hahaha haha.

  40. I have a sound explaination for the 7° of gun depression! Its wargaming, chances are they didnt think about it and just applied it.
    Well that or they forgot the gun actually goes back into the turret

  41. An awsome combo of edvins skills and bullshit russian bias. Go to gulag.

  42. OOOHhhhh number one thousand liked.

  43. Elephant in the room?
    That sounded like a kitten to me.

  44. awesome
    epic game

  45. Weeb Extraordinaire

    I’d definitely consider this following the trinity. Mobility is excellent, protection is good, firepower is usable. It doesn’t have to be two 10s and a 0, it can be a 10, a 6 and a 4.

  46. Magical russia bullshit tank technology?
    Hold my oilcan, says the French engineer and designs EBR …

  47. 4:55 fucking lost it (woke up the wife and kid).

  48. The explanation is a rubber Breach that bends.

  49. I love your Average Joe series. Keep em coming.

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