World of Tanks – Average Joe

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Not everyone’s a super unicum. Some of us have to work hard at even being average. This one’s for all the Average Joes out there.

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  1. “And instead, he’s just an average player doing the best that they can, and having a great time doing it.”
    Jingles getting real here. I shed a tear.

  2. Worth a click just for the suicide prevention alone #scumbagdenied

  3. *when a game forces you to lose 50% of your games to impose an “average”, there is an issue with the game,* but mehs….. good games and determinism.
    If a player in a perfect game is able to have up to 80%+ if good enough they should be allowed and able such they are using the same tools open to all other players to have.

    • That’s not how that works? Professional poker players don’t win all or even most games they play because of the randomness inherent in the game and that doesn’t mean poker has an issue.

  4. Some of us worked hard and were still dealt 60% loss over our last year of playing before telling Wargaming to piss off.

  5. Dumb ass cars absorb 152 shells with ease had one eat 2 shells from my 268 in one battle didn’t even slow it down.

  6. I forgot how much I loved how the IS-3 looked. If I feel like going back to WoT I’ll resume grinding towards it.

  7. well played!

  8. Am I the only player who doesn’t suicide when he plays his arty? I will fight until I am dead even when knowing I cannot possibly win! I see way too many scumbags try and drown themselves in these videos!!

    Oh well good job by Mr TakerMaster!

  9. Probably one of the best games he’s ever had.

  10. I haven’t played World Of Tanks. Why do some players commit suicide as oppose to fighting it out?
    Anyone? Thanks, Cheers

  11. I think the actual average WR is 49% because of tied games. I remember seing that on XVM or something. So getting 50% is a little above average .

  12. Jingles he came around the corner to ram the KV-3 and save the bullet but he wasn’t going fast enough to do damage

  13. Hmmm this isn’t world of warships?? Still interesting to watch.

  14. Ah Joe the Average , averagely Joe , Joeski Broski

  15. Hi Jingles,
    It would be great if you could mention this:
    We have to flatten the curve!

  16. Another great video Jingles Mighty.

  17. the next recommended video on this one in my queue;
    a decade of Jingles –

  18. Hey Jingles,
    QB ist just 12k subscribers behind you.
    Will there be a special when he overtakes?

  19. 7:58 How the *fuck* did that shot bounce??

  20. 50% win rate is not average because it is YOUR win rate, not the average win rate of all players. You only need to look at the stats of a team to know that 50% is usually well above average!

  21. ACTUALLY Jingles, there is a Video on Youtube where they fire a Russian 152mm cannon loaded with AP on a line of a watermelons. After penetrating the first couple melons the penetrator gets destabilized and fails to penetrate a simple watermelon. The penetrator gets defelcted. So it is totally possible for a rubber tire to absorb or deflect an AP penetrator 😛

  22. Generaly speaking, the higher the winrate of a player the more likely they spam premium ammunition. They generaly are more arrogant as well. Taking ur positions or Just only follow other high winrate players and treat u as a no count. Untill its clear they Will be defeated, all of a sudden its ur fault the loss. Cause u retreated with low hitpoints cause they dident care about u

  23. WOOT got the rest of the week off because of the kung flu

  24. Arty doing the only thing they can do with aplomb…harass spotted heavies…asking them to do any thing else is problematic. Well done IS3 for finding a way to survive them. BTW, I did kill a clown (EBR 90) car in my M53/55, but that was only once and not something I expect to repeat any time soon (you should get a badge for that).

  25. I recently got this tank in Blitz. I’ve passed on to tier 9 in WOT PC. I swear that with the blitz version of this tank. Some how i got Joe Biden as a gunner.

  26. I’ve had some amazing games occasionally … but my average win-rate is usually 49.5%-49.9%. I don’t worry too much about it, but try to learn more every match. Try to predict the Red Team’s tactics on the fly. I had one in my T-50-2 that was pretty epic I might post. I didn’t think to screenshot the end-plates though.

    Thing is I’ve played a lot with new players and mentored them through the Total-Newb™️ period. I have never really focused on one line of tanks or nations to get to Tier 10 as fast as I can. Playing a lot of tanks completely stock is crippling to your win-rate. Unicums ‘protect’ their win-rate by never playing a truly stock tank, as even for them the handicap is far too brutal. Learn, have fun, but don’t get bamboozled by win-rate or average damage per game. Don’t let stats determine if you have or had a good time.

  27. that Jingly Mighters chap, he’s got a name for gifts!

  28. Regarding the IS-3’s tiny, itty-bitty, nearly-impossible-to-hit turret roof plate: It’s also vulnerable to a whole mess of other German vehicles at or above Tier 8, as well as any of the many Russian tanks with 152mm guns. Or you can just get the high ground and shoot down into it with a much wider variety of guns.

  29. Got a new gaming PC and what is the first thing I do with it? Watch a Jingles video, of course!

  30. GG to that new player! Good for him

  31. War Gaming has an offer of free premium time on WOT for warship players and I took them up on it. On day 3 I uninstalled it again after remembering why I hated tanks so much.

  32. TankerMaster, working on becoming (a) Master Tanker.

  33. Dylan van der Velden

    report every drowner. those pieces of shit need to be eradicated out of existence. they are costing me exp.

  34. Great job Average Joe, Dave! I mean MasterTanker…I mean TankerMaster.

  35. Alright, I accept the shotgun to the face, but technically 48% is average. This is because of draws, which counts as a loss for both sides. So he was just 0.1% below average with his totals at that point.

  36. Or MasterBlaster

  37. Wait I thought that a while back wargaming changed the overmatching mechanics so that 20mm plate isn’t a weakness anymore. Did I miss some updates?

  38. It sure is nice to watch something other than all of this Coronavirus end of the world crap, even if I don’t play WoT.

  39. Actually Jingles, 50% WR is above average, because draws count as a loss for both teams, average WR is 48.8% wins.

    • The fact that draws exist has nothing to do with average player WR being non-50%. Also, Jingle himself helped propagate this myth.

    • @ecpgieicg It has everything to do with it, the only reason the average win rate isn’t 50% is because draws can happen and they count as a loss.

  40. I really love these “medium-skill” replays. It’s not too dumb, and it’s not too complicated. It’s just right to learn a thing or two about WoT!

  41. Do you know why none of you, the youtubers are Average Joe..? Because WG is manipulating the MM and RNG so that you become weaker opponents/good RNG in order that, willing or not, you make publicity for WG: “Just take a look how easy one may farm online tanks and have fun doing it..!”
    Then as soon new clients join, if they become addicted, which means playing daily over 2-4 hours, the MM nerf hammer strikes so they become your victims in order that you may brag about your superiority and master/teacher skills… Then if some complain about the unballance of the tanks, MM/RNG or whatever, perhaps even insulting WG like l did, also the RNG hammer strikes… This game is a mockery, nor the mechanics which may be exploited, like the topografy and the sight mechanichs invisibility, nor the principle +/- 2 tier tanks, nor any ballance between tanks whatsoever is found in the game, neither the results are true because of the WG manipulation so this whole game is a fake so the pay to win aspect remains secondary, the results are faked, the gamplay is faked, the personal statistics are faked thus too, falsified and/or strongly flawed at least. Many know about soft stats, black WG’s list and so on.
    So get down from you high pedestal Jingles, because Mighty is loaned from WG.

  42. Claus would be proud. Cheers!

  43. “I’m just as crap as I always was.” And that’s why we love you, Jingles! LOL

  44. Sebastián Beláček

    Is-3 suffered power creep. Tiger 2 in the back: I cri everitim. ; (

  45. Bloody well done .. You Jinglesssss stop telling secrets about our weak spots

  46. Harrison Matthews

    Its never fun to be in a slow russian tank and get pelted by arty

  47. Well done, TankerMaster! Good show, and good job bringing your stats up to par, that’s definitely not an easy thing to do.

  48. See jingles, this isn’t the average WoT player because he didn’t immediately die to artillery within the first 3 minutes, then spend the rest of the match bitching at his teammates for all being idiots.

  49. It wouldn’t be a Jingles video without him fucking up in the most average way.

  50. i remember jingles video back in the day of wot video was called if chuck norris had a tank…

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