World of Tanks || Avoiding a Fight

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. Today I’m going to do everything I can to avoid a fight and it pays off big time in the Japanese , the .

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  1. I would always accept a platoon invite from QB 😉

  2. Wait, they removed the preferential matchmaking of the STA-2? I haven’t even noticed lmao.

  3. Forever alone?! XD You are married! XD

  4. Duy Anh Quách Đông

    got in a t5 match with M4, accidentally rammed a M3 Stuart taking 32hp out of him, said sorry but he turned back and shoot me with his puny gun, ricocheted, then he rammed straight onto the KV-1’s line and died… i was so confused…

  5. I would of let him go back to the garage early.

  6. QB if they have the invitation to platoon in battle disabled then I don’t think you can even send invites? Is this true?

  7. dont think getting over it is good because they will still keep pushing you in the ASIA server

  8. Allen & Kym Heilman

    a dude in a french heavy around teir 7 or 8 im not sure but anyways he gunblocked me and blamed me for damaging his gun. well sir im sorry I have a challenger with insane pen. long story short, he died and was my alking about how I sucked but I lived and did more damage and earned more experience and silver.

  9. pls play E50 or E50M :3 🙂

  10. Roses Are Red
    Violets Are Blue
    And I Know QuickyBaby Are Better Than You 😉

  11. i think i will add him to my blacklist i mean cmon he got 2 marks so he not a red person he has brains so just add him to blacklist and go further with the game

  12. You are just acting like this because you are a community contributer and war gaming want you to promote this, you need to just be an arse sometimes because in wot there is plenty of them

  13. Hidde Van Der Beek

    i’m just band because someone shot me in the tracks end I shot back in his tracks

  14. I try to be a gentleman no matter what happens. For dignity for all & my own peace of mind. Don’t we all want to win?

  15. WAIT! No XVM hit log?! And how did you move the vanilla one to the upper left corner?! I needs dat..

  16. If he had it disabled you wouldn’t of been able to send it to him.

  17. QB, I’m an avid light tank player, is there anyway you could discus the state of the tier X LT’s and specifically talk about the M551 Sheridans 152mm derp gun? Personally as a player with an 80% mark rating on the T49 I can appreciate the derp gun but I personally want the Sheridans gun to be better and more like the Shelelli guided missile (in terms of an AP/APCR shell with faster flight and slightly more pen). Perhaps it’s just me. Though I do realize the 105mm is a viable option.

  18. Was it your fault ? I never blame players for trying to take a shot. I never assume I have the right to go anywhere and a person in an area has all the right in the world to be there.
    PS petulantly shooting people like a child just makes me so angry with people. No need for that. Frankly the guys a dick no bones

  19. is3 defender in blitz

  20. Oh look, I’m in QBs video 🙂 In the Charioteer on enemy team. Our 907 was camping and sniping for 3/4 of game, hence his damage and kills…

  21. That is fantastic! Spread the love & peace 🙂

  22. you’re not going to earn any credits with the extra rations qb. no wonder you start to run out of credits.

  23. Yes, but his rage wasn’t spontaneously. How’d you feel if a jagdpanzer e100 pushed you in front of 8 tanks for no fucking reason?

  24. Marshall Allshouse

    i have to apologize because my kv2s .6 dispersion sometimes dips a little too low and i accidentally tk somebody lol

  25. 3:49 Quicky is surprised that his 275mm pen HEAT round does not pen the OBJ 252U like it was something uncommon 🙂 he just said that the OBJ 252 is completly balanced and not OP…
    Still waiting for a battle, when Quicky is going to show us, how to handle the “non OP” OBJ 252U / Defender in a tier 6-7 tank, for example Comet

  26. If someone shoots me or otherwise irritates me by being dumb I usually call them a retard. I don’t retaliate. Usually they are retarded and don’t help the team.

    I’ve only lost my cool once or twice. I murdered someone that was bothering me in my KV-1. I forget what he was doing but it something he should’t have been doing. So I pumped shots into him till he died. I got an hour ban and it was worth every second.

  27. u know what I played this game about 4 years I never ever even bumped Into team mate always ignored if someone fired at Me… but then about month ago when I played with my t34 3 and nashorn fired at my ass three Times I don’t remember did some of them bounce…but yea I got enough I Killed that fucking idiot then My team started shooting me I Shot them and yea u know bans for a while lol that was My story about team killing xD

  28. The guy should have pulled his stick out of his arse.. Sure it might have been out of frustration he did what he did, but there is no reason that is good enough to justify his actions!.

  29. ya know somethings just make a person sound pretentious….

    Even if they otherwise have or would have a point, about putting up with shits and trying to make the most of a game when as always baddies do what they can to throw said games.

    *Say ‘WoT you mean, And Say it How that you Mean it,* as dancing around an issue like a chicken can often make someone look like far worse than one. ^-<

  30. so sweet

  31. How about you post a video of you being the bad guy… or I guess you never say anything bad in the chat

  32. You know if the arty killed Quickybaby instead of the other tanks, he/she would gloat for the rest of their lives…..”I Killed QuickyBaby!!!”

  33. Very good Video.

    Even others might by ass…, killing them is no option. You may need them later on, you punish your team by loosing a tank. Sometimes it is better to leave the place and help the team at another place. And it’s better for your Karma. 😉

  34. F **k the 50/100


  36. you are not the only one who feels the anger of players.

  37. I dont shoot back because 2 shots maybe 3 you get ban for hours… learned this the hard way more than once.

  38. that is quite the self control you’ve developed there, 98% of people would have done the same to him and rightly so. he was a dick and could have gone around but instead decided to blame you.

  39. Roberts safonovs

    You should start doing Good Guy series again!Like so QB can see

  40. You really should’t block the way from a teammate who is trying to slip through a dangerous area. If arty had mattered that much, you could have given up your position and intercept the RU despite its superior speed. You just wanted to put some rounds into that bugger. That’s all. I know you are a lot better player then me, nevertheless there is no need for moral justification 🙂

  41. Straight to the blacklist

  42. When you burnt your repair kit you actually did repair your engine, not your tracks, but the 907 then broke your engine yet again.

  43. ho wow what a retard. blocking one of the biggest player in wot xD

  44. I rather lose the battle then turn the other cheek.

  45. Great video QB. Nice, I have brand new replay also with STA, but STA-1. ?
    Mobility, good gun a gun depresion, thats all what u need.

  46. damn this x16 and x25 zoom…

  47. SS Oberstumbannfuhrer Battleship Bismarck

    Whose Amx 50 100 in this play

  48. What is this video about, and is this epic Game ?????

  49. unknown_gunner 187

    1 thing i have seen for myself is i was playing the T28 Prototype and our team goes like a lemming train and the arty just call the whole team n00b even there are 3 TD’s defending him. and my reaction is like “WHAT?” and the TD’s that are defending him are 2 tier 8’s and a tier 10

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