World of Tanks – Awards Season

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Source: The Jingles

This is Killertank_962. He’s a bit of a showoff if I’m being honest.

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  1. Should’ve called it golden boy

  2. 8:10 Wait! He KNEW the Borsig was waiting vor him to shoot, so he dumped a shot at the Panther in the Bushes and immediately switched to High Ex, ’cause he was expecting the Borsig to rush forward?! Wow.

  3. And a profit👍

  4. Hello mighty overlord have you seen what us console peasant have gotten on the world of tanks console version? A 380mm rocket morter sturmtiger line and the derp is absolutely beautiful.

  5. They buffed the tiger 2 actually so it’s pretty decent now.

  6. Erwin Rommel was with this one

  7. BREAKING NEWS: “It seems that the infamous Internet phenomenon known only as “The Mighty Jingles” has miraculously escaped certain death as a result of the horrific explosion at his flat in city center. (See yesterday’s segment of our coverage of the Far Cry 6 incident for further details regarding the blast.) With the publication of this morning’s WOT video it is assumed that either 1 – He is actually alive and well, “well” being a subjective term, transmitting from an unknown bunker location via a clandestine repeater antenna situated in the tower that houses Big Ben. 2 – This video was pre-recorded and set to download on this day at a precise time so to appear as if all is well and to provide him some standoff from the forensic investigation of the suspected depleted uranium detonation. 3 – He has relocated to NZ and is in hiding on the abandoned set of the LoTR in the countryside dressed as a hobbit, all the while giving tours to generate money for sustenance. Again, we will continue to update as new information is made available from our anonymous sources in MI6 and InterPol.”

  8. Did Jingles even notice that Killertank’s platoon mate was named Cancel_Culture? It did not sound like he did, but maybe I missed it.
    Oh Jingles…please never change. 😋💯🤣

  9. Gotta thank the sponsor of this performance that was the RHM Borsig firing AP at a VK which has almost no chance of penetrating.

  10. Kind of wished we got more replays from less skilled players who arent always on the top of the matchmaking and arent in the best tanks tier for tier in the game,

    This player here is not only one of the best players on the NA server (over 3000 wn8 and in the top 1000 NA players ), hes also in one of the best clans on the NA server (M3GA is #7 rn), playing one of the best t8 heavy tanks, and at top tier while loading a fuck ton of gold. Thats not saying this replay isn’t impressive but its relatively WAY easier for a player of this caliber to achieve this battle result vs the average Wot player.

    • This is my replay. I actually have 1400 WN8 overall, 2800 recent, M3GA is not a top 10 clan and the VK1001P is actually one of the worst tier 8 heavy tanks in the game.

    • @Luke McLaughlin Ummm any quick search of wot na server rankings shows M3ga at #7. Also on a small map like Mines, the VK is by far the best German heavy. Plus ur last monthly wn8 on tomatogg was 3050 wn8.

      Anyone who says a M3GA clan is not a top ranking Wot player is srsly bullshitting themselves (I mean just look at the insane reqs JUST to get in.)

    • @PanzerWafflez the clan ratings aren’t reflective of what clans are actually top 10, I wouldn’t say M3GA is in the top 10. But my recent wn8 is 2800, my past 30 days is better.

  11. Well that was actually really bloody well done.

  12. The last shot was really lucky though. The arty wasn’t even in his reticle anymore when he fired

  13. borsig could do nothing u p that hill. no point for him to go up there.

  14. those 3 arties should have got in the cap while the m10, borsig and 1357 were still alive.

  15. I didn’t know that you need gold to pen paper armoured tanks. The more you know….

  16. I wish you would make more war thunder videos I don’t even care which medium. Land sea or air

  17. I’d say the statement of the Tiger 2 being bad is a bit outdated considering the buff it received a bit more than a year ago xd

  18. Uhrm…

    …a 12 kill battle is pretty spectacular…

    …but to call it a ‘good battle’ and ‘entertaining’?

    Nah. I’d call it an example of how big the skill gap is getting with the playerbase.

  19. Three cheers for the VK 100. Believe it or not, I have 2 scouting medals with my VK 100. (think about that)

  20. 12 kills. 12 muppets who, again, could easily have won this without issue on half a dozen occasions

  21. Hey jingles have you seen what the console players have got now? The sturmtiger, u know the thing with a 380mm gun

  22. The VK 100.01 P might have low top speed, But it’s engine power is pretty good allowing it to get up to that top speed quickly, and keep it when going up hill.

  23. This is Tankers Wet Dreams 😂

  24. Ignacio Joshua Ato Albarico

    An eargasmic, meaty and bassy sound of the VK 101P firing it’s gun.
    Ah forgive me, I haven’t played World of Tanks for a long time.

  25. This tank actually is tier 10 🙂

  26. Well, VK was shooting adamantium bullets while the enemy was throwing stones at him.

  27. Hey jingles, check out Phoenix point. It’s made by the creators of xcom and its really good, will make an amazing series on this channel

  28. After playing WOT since closed beta I quit some time ago. After spending hours upon hours to grind to a tier ten. I stopped playing for about a month only to come back and find that tank gone. Fuck WOT.

  29. WoT, the game where 80% of vehicles are made up

  30. Now that was a great battle in a slow superheavy.

  31. That air con getting a workout again ya sweaty lil gnome! 🤣

  32. Thanks for featuring my replay! Not too sure what I was thinking at the start of the game by losing half my health XD

  33. Great game and thank you for the replay!

  34. Pretty sure I saw this game years ago

  35. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    5:49 is that an aimbot?

  36. VK1001P is underated. Ended up doing most of the Bloc errr blocking missions for the chimera and 279e in it.

  37. Yes you can hide on a skop at 120m move thanks to a rigged game by WG who could not see that big tank rigg rigg rigg

  38. Stopped playing this tank. Got 80% tier 10 battles where gold is standard and armour is just a Joke, 15% tier 9 where armour also struggles. 5% tier 8 battles and always field maps with 3 spgs. For me this tank approved the opinion that wargaming/matchmaker hates German tanks.

  39. “Tiger II isn’t very good.”

    The lies and slander! Did 4k damage in it last night not even an ACE.

  40. I would have expected more damage

  41. Standard day out for a PZ IIj…

  42. Jingles your fucking shit… Artys more blind then the ebrs.. 280 vr? The vk will see the arty before arty will see him..

  43. Hey jingles… Adam from Ohio. I’ve stopped playing WOT this year, but I still love it when you post a video. Hope you’re well.

  44. Jingles you were the one who got me hooked on WOT in 2013. Then you got smart and quit that shit, but I didn’t. I have started though to play less and less. Who knows.

  45. I found the Tiger ll now a very good tank though

  46. Another thing that I like about the VK is its gun selection. The stock gun is actually pretty good, and is a viable option to the top gun. I myself preferred the big alpa/slow reload playstyle, but if heavies with better dpm is your thing, the stock gun is quite nice.

  47. they STILL have Mines Map ?? god why its the dumbest map

    the thing I like about watching Jingles narrating a WoT video these days is that I no longer feel the urge to re-install. The game is truly out of my system now. I gave up this year really I reinstalled 3 times and of course uninstalled just as fast but that last time was the last time and I can now enjoy these videos as a simple Jingles fan. ….oh who am i kidding you know I’ll reinstall someday soon ! 🤣🤣

  48. He was planning on using his standard rounds against medium tanks so he could then turn around and dump premium into the heavies, though I’m not sure that was worth it considering how many rounds the tank can hold.

  49. Wow, what a dump on TD’s!

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