World of Tanks – Back In The Saddle

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In which Never Lucky Rubber Ducky (love that name!) returns to after a six month absence. It’s going to be emotional…

All music licensed from and

System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. got to love the RNGesus !

  2. I had a genuine WTAF Out loud moment when that AT7 appeared.

  3. Fantastc game, well played!

  4. Got him beat, haven’t played since japanese superheavys

  5. oh come on jingles get an original name you already used this one what 2 or 3years ago.. was you in your lowe on hidden village did something like 3.8k? GET REAL

  6. JackDrinkn2DollarJim

    Try this. For every video you upload, upload a second one of Hello Kitty ( or whatever) that everyone can click on right after watching the first and you get paid. A 6 hour vid of a TOG sailing the high seas …… could become the most popular vid on YT.

  7. Hey can you do a war thunder video i just downloaded it so if you could do like a video to show the new player’s what to do and what not to do to help the new noobs like me and other people

  8. am I the only one who thinks that this intro looks like it reads “World of Tanks with Bert the Mighty Jingles”?

  9. WG is very, very REPORTED, Stalin please send them to gulag deep in Siberia in middle of winter.

  10. While I agree it’s a nice Title, google has (for once) exposed your reuse.

    Today’s vid: ^above^
    27th May 2014:

    And now I’m wondering if I should grab an idea from Kripparian’s mob of followers and try to link up every vid with the same name as a previous one.

    Nah, I’m not that bored and I doubt Jingles would let me get that bored. Plenty of salt left to mine. Back to the ocean mines I guess.

    *Wanders off whistling*
    [Hiho, hiho, it’s back to work I go.]

  11. 0:40 *”Historical Realism.”* ^~^

  12. If he’s that good though, I’m sure he got a decent win before too long. 🙂

  13. Cheeky little devil

  14. Jingles what are you on about you crazy old fool?! The tortoise is the best tier 9 light tank in the game

  15. I’m triggered

  16. Matthew dont need this

    what happened to my dave replay that i was expecting ?

  17. tired of dispersion and rng choose war thunder

  18. Fascinating…I had no idea the Tortoise had the engine power to get up there.

  19. I’m working thru the caravan and don’t understand two things. Why equal and higher tiers fear trading with a 240 Alpha gun, and why it gets targeted by everyone at every tier. I mean I’ve had people focus me over a scorpion G

  20. Am i the only one who thought back in the saddle meant jingles was going to be playing wot even though he just said on mingles with jingles he wasn’t. Tricked into watching jingles to not watch jingles

  21. that opening made my week! thanks!

  22. Why not kill the caravan first to free up his team??????

  23. well jingles in their defense it was only a caern… and a tort… and those meds that pushed the west to peak. thats a lot of fire they have to try and deal with

  24. Jingles you keep repeating yourself. You good?

  25. Jingles hopefully does a review of the new carnarvon cause….. British

  26. mahamudra mahamudraa

    savage nickname

  27. Awesome opening!

  28. Would have liked but the racist part with the appropriated music at the start made me think twice about watching this hate speech.

  29. That Tortoise player got to do something the rest of the slow British TD line could only dream of

  30. Jingles sounds high as f*ck with 0.5x speed

  31. It would have been entertaining for you to use a Free Camera mod to give us the bonus of a minute or two of the Caernarvon fight/standoff. Otherwise very enjoyable vid.

  32. That intro is why I want all chat back. The must have been funny as all hell for all parties involved.

  33. Ludacris on a Jingles video….I have now OFFICIALLY heard everything.

  34. I almost wonder how my first game would be like if I picked up the game again. Last time I played, they had JUST released Japanese Mediums.

  35. At 5:30 creaming your pearly pink panties! Haha

  36. Amazing play gj Never Lucky Rubber Ducky.

  37. “the wt auf e 100 is op and needs to be removed” “what’s that? The bc 25 t is better? No, it’s only faster more manuvrable a smaller target has a faster reload, it’s perfectly balanced”

    Wish people would make up their mind on wether the tier x auto-loaders are op or not.

  38. World of Tanks Replays

    bat chat on hill = OP 🙂

  39. PretentiousPainters

    I loved that intro clip jingels, very funny, nice job with the auido add ons

  40. Well this is a more and more common sight in WoT people not moving their tanks ( especially heavy tanks) at all. Now with the arty rework there is absolutely nothing to dig them out of there positions and tankers like me will do eveything to spot for our team and the team will never do anything at all. Yesterday I got a Patrol medal in my Glorious IS 5 heavy tank because now went further then our base. No one

  41. Dang Jingles! I was considering playing WoT again out of boredom, but this video shot down my desire to play it like a clay pigeon! XD

  42. Alexander Stoyanov

    Seems that you haven’t watched xaneleon jingles 🙂

  43. 6 months my ass…

  44. lol at emil running away on fire @ 6:35

  45. Wargaming should start banning every player that can’t do at least 1k dmg at that tier. Failed concept of a game when 1or2 people do all the work 99% of the time.

  46. Makes one wonder how much one is in control of this game, sure one can drive the tank, look around and be situational aware but in the end its not you nor your aiming that decides what the outcome is it?

  47. At least he said: one of the worst tier 8 HTs and not the worst HT. Because the Caernarvon is my favourite tier 8 HT. Btw, Love your work, jingles, greetings from a Finn in Switzerland

  48. And my biggest problem with the game . the bloody damn small stupid maps !!!

  49. Gotchu bitch haha

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