World of Tanks || BACK TO MY ROOTS!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I'm returning to my roots playing my first ever light and T9 heavy tanks, VK 28.01 and !


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. The THICC armor

  2. Old tier 5 lights were awesome! Chaffee is still my most played vehicle from back then. Finding a lone tier 10 and circle of death them before the physics changed was awesome.

  3. wasnt the leopard the original t5 german lt?

  4. I bought the T-14 years ago. You can’t play it now without getting murdered.

  5. Thank you for uploading a nostalgic video like that, it made me think back to the time when i got my first Radley-Walters years ago in my VK 30.01 P, and since i thought about buying it again today as i was in a tier 6 skirmish with my clanmembers, i immediately went to buy it after watching your video and had a great game in it just now.

  6. wow engine deck armor knowledge. QuickyBaby aka WOTycopedia

  7. I got my type59 by my brother as well 😀

  8. Id be ok with an increased grind time for increased credit earning.

    Oh, and redo the damn crew skills

  9. Quickybaby Didnt understand the luchs meant to say he was retarded. My name is Jeff is a MEME.

  10. Best tier VI player QB

  11. My favorite tank will always be the Churchill 1

  12. I am a free to play player and its so frustrating to play a tier 10 because I loose so much credits and its getting so sadly unplayable,i really hope they fix that someday

  13. Turenkarn's 3D Tanks

    i used to love entering a high tier game in a platoon in my t2 light. so fast so much scooting. so much fun so much chaos the enemy team used to freak a little fast tank buzzing about.

  14. hey QB i think T34 used to be in T32s place not M103

  15. Who doesn’t remember those old day’s were you can play tier 1 vs 10, it was freaking funny

  16. 14:16 From what i’ve observed, tier 4 does not qualify for Radleys. Luchs and Hetzer not eligible. Maybe tier 5?

  17. The mighty jingles taught me how the basics and intermediate worked, QB taught be the advanced stuff

  18. I miss the T-50-2 but we all know that its not really real and thats why it was replaced by the MT-25

  19. Can I make u friend in wot and I love this

  20. On blitz the vk2801 still has 105 derp and it’s a beast they have something called calibrated shells were ups ur penatration on all shells so using the derp is so much fun????

  21. Been playing since 2012 xD
    The gun stats I thought exactly the same xD front, side, rear and dmg xD

  22. T50-2 was the tank to play back then, making everyone look like a fool running circles around them or even in the open. Used a lot as a scout in clan wars til removed. Light tanks were typical to play 2 tiers higher, with 4 higher more common than it being top tier. Some of those light tank rounds were epic when you were top tier

  23. Qb penetrated the e75 four times!!! 😛 😛 😛

  24. Shoots german tanks:over 500 dmg in 90% of the cases.
    Shoots a soviet tank:less then 400 dmg.

  25. My name Jeff

  26. Back shortly after it came out of Beta, and shortly thereafter, I had a few favorites. T95 was awesome, T30 as the tier ten american heavy was a clan war favorite. Crap hull, but nice alpha. Got the T34 like quickybaby did, but I had the Type 59 first. Way OP, but damn fun. Platoon of three was auto win. The T-34 rus tier V was a fun tank and good credit maker with the 57mm. Before the KV was split in two, the KV with the 107mm was a great money maker. Shellls were dirt cheap. Howitzer was for lols, as always. SU85 had the 107 too and was a beast. T50-2 was a legend. Hellcat was really good, as was the easy 8. Most of the german line sucked except the arty, but never played that line. The lights were the best, the meds the worst. Ferdinand was good, but I think the Jagtiger was the best TD until it got nerfed later on. Marder was the best TD in the game. ISU-152 was always feared. IS7 was top tank for a long time.

  27. That 376 DMG Shot was the lowest Roll posible XD


  29. The rude Potato chip

    “I thought bigger was better” Quickibaby 2018

  30. Sir_Dreadlord_on_Blitz

    I’m still not that familiar with all the new tech trees and I startet just when the Japanese heavys got added

  31. Lol love the videos qb always makes my days better 🙂

  32. by the Luch of it, Jeff might be one of your sub.

  33. nice seeing that even older tanks have their place in the game since wg keeps pumpin up more’n’more OP tanks .. also just fyi QB.. that rule that had to kill tier 4+ opponents was back in the day with wittman’s medal (for killing 7) .. these days u just have to be in T5+ vehicle .. some little differences i guess just an OG player like me remembers ;D

  34. VK2801 is also my max xp tank, got 2337 base on it <3 Exactly as QB said if the stars aligned and you could get damage on t10s with the mad n=bonus of shooting up that many tiers <3

  35. My first tier 8 premium is a free FV4202 ?

  36. My favorite tank in game: Tiger II

  37. Love my Echo 75 ! Gets abused by 10s but still nice.

  38. “my nem jeff” had me rolled lmao. I am gonna do that whenever someone calls me my tank’s name haha.

  39. I just hate fighting against those tier 9 German heavies. Both are so well armoured. Soon I’ll have them if I can maintain interest in the game itself…it’s waning fast. Just too many tech trees and premiums it’s all getting jaded…

  40. Is your brother in sweden right now?

  41. Dear Quicky Baby, I have a tendency to sell my tanks consntantly to get lower tier tanks. I am free to play gamer so I cant get gold. I am stuck at tier VII, not able to achieve any higher because I get bored of tanks until i research tier VIII. What should I do? + If anyone wants to send me gifts my account is Manos_2016

  42. thanks for the video

  43. wont spend any more in WG, and stop playing this long ago.

  44. The German line, in my opinion, has been left to nostalgia. While there are some great and fun tanks, FOR THEIR TIER, the end game has left the German line in the past. While tanks like the E100 or Mause are fun they have been outclassed at X by other nations. No real incentive to push. For example stop at the VIII RHM. No real reason to go on from that one. Again just my opinion on the power creep (financial model) of WG.

  45. This game is in such a crap position now its sad. I cant make myself to play 1game a week let alone 1 game for a day. Retarded

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