World of Tanks || BAD GUN, GREAT ARMOUR!

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Source: QuickyBaby

– T32. The T8 American heavy, the T32, is like Marmite, you love it or hate it.

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  1. Coffee! 😀

  2. I usually make some vegemite toast and milo. It’s good nourishment for a few hours. You probably know where i am from at this point

  3. Tears of criers

  4. Wine…. definitely wine!

  5. ,,I don’t drink tea.”

    Anarchy in the UK

  6. I have a some Milo/coke/root beer. And have some apples as snacks

  7. I have a small snack ranging from chip, bananas, sandwiches with water /^_\

  8. 6:46 that was HE

  9. Food, chocolate bars or just chocolate or just order from Just Eat. Drink, Iron Brew, Coke, Pepsi and water

  10. OMG QB, where you high on sugar? You were rambling on and on and all off topic 😉 Anyway…here in Dutch country during gaming I drink water coz never drive tanks while drinking 😉

  11. a cider or a beer

  12. Never seen so many retards in one team like this guy did

  13. Matěj Vysloužil

    6:45 he was firing HE, just blocked all the DMG from it

  14. Not as epic as “die hard” (E 50 M is a Beast!!!)

  15. going from the t32 to the m103 turret was a HUGE let down…….

    the m103 turret is just so bad….i giant ass roof that just screams “shoot me here”………that can be over-matched by 100mm guns IIRC

    i would take the exact same gun and stats of the t32 if it ment i got to use the t32s turret on the m103……

    the m103 is more of a slow, derp gunned medium than a heavy tank…..

  16. an o-ho can do 910 alpha….with AP?

    and thats not OP?


  17. where to put an replay for #QuickyBaby to see it ???

  18. chips for snack, water for drink 😀

  19. I drink cola 😛

  20. Why the hell is he shooting APCR ammo at the cupola of the IS-2’s or even standard ammo? With 200 pen just shoot the hull.

  21. Rebell ohne Grund

    Water and lime? that is totally British dude 😀

  22. 1 big bottle of water lol

  23. in russia, you drink a 10000% alcohol straight from t 34 cooler

  24. Beer or a gin-tonic… maybe a vodka tonic lime?

  25. Tier 8 heavy tank without 220mm + of pen as standard is just useless now in this stage of the game , this game is not the same game as 2 or 3 years ago now we get really heavy armour starting at tier 8 198 of pen is not enough.
    IS6 122mm gun and KV-5 vs tier 8s heavies are useless too.

  26. I’m dutch, I think Stroopwafels are….okay’ish

  27. beer with WOT! Orange juice with Elite Dangerous.

  28. Water

  29. I drink tears of my enemies.

  30. Hey quickybaby can u research the pz b2 tank in the tech tree

  31. Don’t be stupid QB the Queen has daddy’s brown sauce on her chips ???

  32. QB I drink juice or coffee wen I watch ur replay..( :

  33. 10:20-10:27 exactly…..and it’s sad. I hate tier 8.

  34. Great video

  35. You’re either gonna love this video or hate it..

    loved it!

  36. OCaptainMyCaptain

    Gin & Tonic

  37. Cold ice tea with stroopwafels 🙂

  38. I go and grab my gun so I can shoot in the air when I win

  39. I drink water when I play game

  40. I drink Sake and eat Sushi between matches.. Banzai!!

  41. Snus – Sweden

  42. I go and eat EVERYTHING

  43. Wow I live in the US and I guess I am more British then QB because I drink tea on a regular basis.

  44. Is this a WoT video or a vlog?

  45. They get Mountain Dew

  46. A good cup of coffee is great

  47. I bet with my friends that he will say the one that everyone wants, the kolobanov medal. 10 euros earned

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