World of Tanks || BAD MAP? NO PROBLEM!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today Swecat is going be faced with a bad map in his T92, problem right?


World of Tanks is a online game published by and is available as a download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. You have to love how an orange player with a 49 percent win ratio plays like a boss. It just goes to show that stats aren’t everything.

  2. the only time I play artillery to get some missions and go to battle I get the worst arty maps, like wg is telling me to not play artillery xD

  3. I remember in a video what Jingles said. To get a result like this, your team has to be terrible, but the enemy has to be even slightly worse.

  4. Now this is a replay I like to see

  5. Dude you played well…. ever since i started playing wot…. it is very very rare a light tank carrying in himmelsdorf…. in an under trained crew tank….

  6. I really love your message at the end there QB. I find myself very cynical playing a game I love and it sucks. There are a lot of things WoT can improve on, but I shouldn’t let that take away my enjoyment of the game.

  7. I haven’t been playing for 5 months now, but following some YT videos. It’s enjoyable and stress-free to watch others play than me spending time on this game. Keep up with videos and advance congratulations for reaching 600k subs.

  8. 11:11 My heart skips two beats right there

  9. That reminds me.. remember that video at the start of the year when wargaming promised universal sixth sense and reworked ammo? whatever happened to that?

  10. Always good to watch a below average player do extremely well. Love the video!

  11. This IS a MONSTER GAME.

  12. Only u need is skill.The rest is bullshit

  13. 49% and those plays? Someone was boosting this guy

  14. wow!!! great match! Congrats to swecat 😀

  15. well play

  16. 2 things. one: he’s top tier all tier 8 lights do well when they are top tier. two: the enemy team gave them the hill at the start. bad mistake

  17. 0:24 yes the AMX ELC Bis is a tier 8… a great one at that

  18. there is no KV2(R) that does not use a 152. duh

  19. Ah yes, the T-34-85. My favourite Tier 6 Medium Light Tank

  20. He is gonna do a lot with those 7heat shells ? in tier x mm on bad map

  21. 5800 credits each for the premium rounds.. WHY ? thats the main disadvantage for this tank. I hate that WG picks on the american 76 mm guns. its very biased and you’d never see a soviet 122 mm costing more than 4800

  22. You made it. You managed to make me get a fresh install of the game again. Only you, could do that!
    Now i have a challenge for you. ARL v39. Can you manage to make a video about it. Get a master battle. Or tips.
    I saw someone suggested for you to make videos about forgotten tanks, non premium. Which are rarely talked about or played but can be quite good and surprising.

    I have a personal preference for the ARL v39 because it is a pain for me to get trough. I have a t110e5, t110e4, obj268, IS7 and more. But this darn thing. I want my Foch 😉

    About this video, lets just say he did more than fine but also got the luck factor on his side, multiple times. This tank do seem under-rated, stats proves it on websites. Just my kind, tanks others can’t be effective with. If i can master them!?!

  23. Honestly speaking, he is playing *really* bravely, especially at beggining. Im not saying, that beeing brave is exactly bad, but I would even call those scouting attempts “reckless”. But yeah, except this it was great replay, he had right moves in mind, like decapping from different angle etc, so still wp.

    Tho I can imagine, why he has 48% winrate, if he dies sometimes at the beggining of battles, bcs he scouted too deep

  24. Over 5k damage in that little pile of out-of-meta paper – great performance. I have it and it collects dust while I play my HWK30 and occasionally LT-432

  25. In my poor vocabulary, “QB, you smart-ass!”

  26. nice driving and playing ngl, fun replay. QB thx for uploading unique tanks and tanks u dont normally feature. Pls feature some more **rare** tanks u dont feature often. Even if they are bad. we just want ur commentary and opinion and some nice carries 🙂 nice vid

  27. “get cancer all”. Typical arty player.

  28. @5:25 I consider 100% a “trained crew.” The difference between pay2win and pay2play

  29. 1:44 First shot to Ammo Rack. Anyone Familiar with this ??

  30. The SU forgot he had a ‘D’ key at the end

  31. Not viewed by vhildren?

  32. Never before have i seen so much luck combined with such a terrible enemy team.

  33. Bad game? Big problem

  34. Watching games like this make me angry…so much luck, that has nothing to do with skill…completely idiot enemies who cant hit him on 20m…arty would have killed me

  35. If only that SU-122-44 had moved when the T92 took a shot, this game would have been over. I need to get more enemies like that…

  36. Fact check: T92 is not the worst tank according to WoT-Life … at least on the EU server there are the following tanks with worse WNR: Panhard AML Lynx 6×6, FV1066 Senlac, HWK 12, Bat.-Châtillon 12 t and FINALLY the worst, the M41D.

  37. Its Taiwanese bulldog lul

  38. I’m surprised the T92 has such a bad win ratio, I quite like mine and not for masochistic reasons.

  39. Does anyone know what’s the latest modpack that he uses?

  40. that shows that XVM isn’t the God, it can’t forsee the future and tell if your team will win just because you have tomatoes on your team

  41. one of most epic games i have seen (cause he’s not unicorn or close level first and he has same win rate than me which must Always tell ur teammates not to judge you by your global win rate, personally win rate of the tank more indicative of the player who knows how to use his tank correctly or not in all situations , very hard tank to play and to master ( small tank but not as fast as elc or other cheat Wheel tanks, very low alpha , good camo but not op , no armour at all u lost Always modules when u are hit ) , its ok to play it passive mode but playing as active scout require skills for sure ( if you can have great win rate of this tank u can play well all others lights without problem ,im sure about this )

  42. Great replay ! Congrats !

  43. КАТКИ of TANKS!!!

    ребят у меня новый какал где я катаю ))) подержите меня лайками

  44. Love the positivity QuickyBaby, respect for you! Also your a great YouTuber and tanker, thanks for bringing such great content to this platform!!!!

  45. Calm down while talking, dont be hysterical in some situations!

  46. Swecat had great luck as enemy did not take the Hill with several tanks, only one by one. Swecat had great game.

  47. This gameplay from swekat proves that stats don’t always matter.

  48. Why do peoplče judge other here by the win rate ?, When the core of the game is RNG, you get unlucky and meet the whole night only 10s, or you get lucky and get tier 6s where you can boost your win ratio.

    The WNR is so toxic for this game, cuz it does not match people with the same skill level, no point in it realy.

  49. Great carry.. Good words QB.. Nice to hear that good player can shout out for us bad players.. Great staff..

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