World of Tanks || Bad Tank, Bad Matchup

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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks. Sometimes the greatest challenge comes from driving in a in a bad matchup.

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  1. Quickybaby you finally do a video on the tger P, thanks. With 2K games
    played in it and 5 crewskills i really like this tank. The most usefull
    buffs on this tank i think would be dpm and decreasing the aim time.

  2. is this video here just too shit on the tiger p

  3. G E T F A S T A N D E A S Y G O L D A N D C R E D I T S H E R E

  4. The sluggish speed made this quite frustrating to play, combined with the
    poorly arranged armour, as QB stated. But the gun is always a delight.

  5. Ovidiu Alexandru Hubert

    I think that Tiger P has better WOT stats then standard Tiger has.

  6. The only thing is that it takes you to a brand new tech tree. LOL
    If you are not willing to get the new branch, the VK4502B will get nerfed
    anyways. Just do the TD line to get Ferdinand. That`s it.

    But the VK3001P is great.

  7. I like the tiger p, it had good armour and a good gun

  8. I respect the points you made, but i am doing A LOT better in my Tiger P
    than my Tiger 1, maybe that is just me, but it feels better.

  9. this is just a horrible tank, maybe the Black Prince is a bit worse but
    every other heavy at tier 7 is way better

  10. I have some tier 6 E2 Jumbo games against tier 8’s that will make you say
    “WHAT!” When Jumbos take down Rhm Borsigs, it’s just plain fun to see.

  11. The Tiger P used to be great. I loved it long ago but the armor sucks now.
    It used to be have really nice frontal armor as did the Ferdinand. But they
    changed their hit boxes and weaker them way too much.

  12. I agree quickly baby.I play blitz and the TigerP is shocking I didn’t get
    it on PC yet and don’t look forward to it.great video

  13. What hapened to QB voice?

  14. “worst possible matchmaking”…well apart from the arty, he never met a
    Tier 9 tank in this match, so it’s actually a freaking normal matchup for
    this replay

  15. +QuickyBaby The Tiger P is better then the Tiger I with armor. They have
    the same guns. The Tiger I is a little quicker but thats because the armor
    of the Tiger P is more so its more weight! En btw I think the VK.45.02.A is
    better then the Tiger II. Read this and PLEASE think about what you said

  16. Jeremy Hans Patrick

    QuickyBaby, I have a replay where I managed to do 4k damage with the Tiger
    1 in a tier IX matchup, maybe you want to review it and make a video about
    it like this one?

  17. Thanks QB for another awesome video over the holidays. I’d really like to
    see more of these rather than the top-tier as this is more likely to be
    what most of us find more often than not. Great play and really helpful
    tips. Keep them coming in either guise.

  18. Do a video on the IS

  19. I would count DW2 as worse tank for it’s tier then Tiger P is for it tier.
    So QB play DW2 in a +2 MM instead and you will cry for it’s so bad :P

  20. i actually did incredibly well in the Tiger P (somehow better than i did in
    the Tiger 1). And i liked playing it

  21. i loved my tiger p, but i have not played it since somewhere around the
    french tree was introduced and back then tiger p was the best t7 heavy imo.
    alas the battlefield has changed but the tiger p has not.

  22. there were reasons they produced the Tiger instead of Tiger p

  23. Siiick!

  24. I still cant get use to ST-1 instead of ST-I. I think it should be called
    ST-I cause ale USSR tanks have normal numbers(1,2,3) I think that only ST-I
    is marked like this and its hard to belive for me that – I, should mean
    Roman numerals.

  25. QB maybe in wot pc is bad.But in wotblitz is awesome because the armour and
    the sidescraping o and of course the maps are so small

  26. 6:35 why u show the wn8 and the name?!!?those guys are going to be harassed

  27. 0:46 I LOVE THAT VOICE hahahaha

  28. Bad? meh, could be worse

  29. great match, have learned much about how to use low tier tanks.
    how do you get in this free fly mode used at 11:00?

  30. i rlly like the vk 30-01P do you think that this is a tank for me?

  31. Yes, a bad tank that is better than like, every same tier medium tank
    except T20/T-34-1, every TD in tier except 3 Russian bias and a certain
    heavy tank that is slower and thinks 17pdr is good for brawling, or another
    certain heavy tank that is almost as slow and has crap module placement and
    still think 17pdr is good for brawling. lol

  32. Is there aby chance to not penetrate Borsig with 110 using the 122 mm gun?
    IT happened to me yesterday.?

  33. This tank is crappier than I thought lol

  34. Tiger P = a weakspot ontop of a weakspot
    HUll 200mm, turret 100mm, cupula paper

  35. nice job quick. honestly though people should learn to defend on these maps
    if they are on the defense. if not then they CAN disable this game mode. No
    offense really, just frustrated like you were when you saw them pushing

  36. Tiger (P) is good for autoaim i Think

  37. It’d be much much worse if it was the VK4502(A)

  38. As you say, the main strongpoint of the Tiger (p) is its armour, and i
    noticed that through most of the game you were showing your back end to the
    enemy, so you lost that advantage straight away. Bad tank, bad matchup, bad
    review. It is one of my highest performing tanks (ok, im only a mediocre
    player, but for me it counts.) I think the review was biased, and not well

  39. e-50m weak :D

  40. Justin justintheman

    tiger p is not even that good

  41. How you recognize a great WOT player : Makes a video about a bad tank and a
    bad matchmaking, spends the whole match saying how bad it is, and still
    manage to finish top of the team with 5 kills.

    Carry on Quick B. :)

  42. The Tiger P used to have a quicker aim and ROF, a stronger lower plate,
    smaller frontal weak spots, stronger turrent (225 effective without
    sloping), and a smaller cupola. But WG decided to nerf it and it ended up
    like this.

  43. pls feature the VK 3001M or the panther

  44. i played in this yesterday did very well in it

  45. Like you cannot penetrate a T-54 or ST-I with 203 mm penetration

  46. I hate the tiger P more then I hate the AMX 40 or the M3 Lee. In comparison
    I love them. The Tiger P is just so weak. Generally I don’t look forward to
    a tank unless I even remotely fear it on the battlefield and the tiger P is
    laughable. Strengthen two of the four major weak spots of the frontal armor
    and it’s doable. (2 of those being the checks so debatably 1)

  47. binos? really? :D

  48. talking about what to do in your bottom tier games … moreoften than not i
    see below average players playing the role of bottom tiers … and more
    often than not i get matchups where our top tiers are all below 500 wn8 and
    come out to posibly be bots and botztom tiers have to push forward without
    support … anyone else has this kind of mm lately?

  49. qb thanks for the tip at 3:20

  50. the tiger p is really underpowered , has the same topgun as the tiger but
    not the sdame firerate , and that long 88 needs that firerate to get good

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