World of Tanks || Balance Changes – 9.13 Preview

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today IÙm going to preview the upcoming 9.13 balance changes to a variety of your favourite vehicles including the M48A1, Jagdtiger, , Leopard Prototype and many, many more.

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  1. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    the jagdtiger getting the hpbuff is awesome but….how does a TD get more
    hp then the e75?

  2. Tim “runfox” B

    Wow Quickybaby, of all the tanks in the game, the american tier 10 is one
    of your favorites? I would have thought it would be the russian tier 10
    Object 140. The Amercian meduim tanks always look mediocre to me, I know
    they have good gun depression, but thats about it. I have left that line
    alone till now, I have the tier 7 T-20.

  3. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    my fav buffs have to be the accuracy buff on tiger2, the hp buff on jtiger.

  4. Sorry in advance for negative text and ranting (had to blow off some steam
    🙂 )

    How come WG now decides to do huge buffs? Have they been sleeping for the
    last couple of years? I thought they were constantly balancing the game
    based on their precious “statistics”?
    It is of course welcome for many but I think it just proves how unserious
    WG are when changing what everyone has been working soo hard to achieve
    through tedious grinding.
    Tier X Patton for instance which used to have great gun performance and aim
    time. It was nerfed so badly that people stopped playing it a long time
    ago. Now all of a sudden WG gets the “aha!” and decides to buff those
    characteristics again? They could have done that a long time ago and
    respected peoples hard efforts to unlock it. Otherwise they should never
    have given the tank those good features to begin with.

    I feel that WG introduces tanks with too good characteristics to “hook”
    people to spend (many use converted XP and many others put in hours and
    hours) great amounts of time, money and efforts and then they nerf the
    tanks in the next or coming patches. It is false advertising in my opinion
    and really puts the game experience down.

    Lets face it WG know how to create a balanced game and should not have to
    constantly change the characteristics of the same tanks, nerf, nerf, nerf,
    buff, nerf, buff, buff etc on.
    I would for instance choose not to grind for a specific tier X if I the
    characteristics that make that tank is nerfed. What is left then? If it is
    that important for WG to equal everything to 50% win/loss by statistics
    then they should give all tank types and tiers the same characteristics
    regardless of nation. For instance all tier X mediums should have the same
    performance and so on (really boring).
    If WG makes a mistake to introduce an OP tank I understand that they need
    to rebalance it but they should have the skill and knowledge by know to
    understand the mechanics to create balanced tanks and maps from get go.
    They have had many years to learn.

    Sorry for all the rage (at least no foul langauge) and lets enjoy this time
    period of buffs until next big nerf (like market economy) 🙂

  5. Wow! T 34-3 geting buffed! I knew its going to happend one day! If only a
    reload and aim time would decreased a little bit!
    Anyway, looking forward to the new changes. I lije this penetretion
    increase on russian meds and T69 (sold it yesterday). But I think that
    Super Pershing should get bit more of a penetration and mobility.

  6. across the board buffs shows that power creep is out of control.

  7. Again the already op russian meds get buffs.. Eff ewe WG

  8. ousem i hawe AMX 12t 🙂 best upodate ewher

  9. umm, i have equipment and stuff, but my Amx 30b DPM is 3120

  10. they need to buff ISU hp and amx 13 90 pen a bit

  11. What about the IS in tier 7??? The armor of it is just useless against a
    tier 8 and the penetration is not that bad but it still can’t pen tanks
    that don’t have that much armor. And the gun depression is a bit lacking,
    maybe a half a degree or 1 degree gun depression buff???

  12. Yea…now it is too late….T69 pen should of been buffed a LONG time
    ago….even lights had same/more pen that T69….

  13. 34-3 still needs more love

  14. Poor japs i think the STB-1 needs some accuracy buff like 0.34 maybe…

  15. I want to see the M3 Lee buffed till it can face Tier II’s and still be

  16. Alexander Fankhauser

    Foch 155? the actual french TD line is utter trash except the Foch.

  17. Why no British buffs, Wargaming?!!! >o<

  18. It’s funny how Tank Destroyers are getting more health than equal tier
    Heavy tanks.
    It’s the heavy tank’s job to be up front and taking the damage but they
    haven’t increased any of their health.

  19. russian tanks needed buff ? rly ?

  20. Vk 45.02 a need some love… Like it’s really bad right now..

  21. They forgot to increase the Type 59 ! :)

  22. Cool the Leopard PT A is getting buffed which means that he is less painful
    to play now

  23. The Leopard PTA needs this, though it should be the last time. Anymore and
    it’ll just be the Leo 1 at tier 9. Lol.
    I VERY happy to see Jagdtiger get buffed. It needed those hit points badly.
    1800 was fine in the early years… but all these cold war era tanks really
    beat the tar out of it.

  24. T26E4 SP need penetration buff 170 to 185!!!

  25. This dude compare t54 prot with T-34-3 and just one more quote from this
    guru of WoT E-50m is weak.

  26. they’re buffing the mod 1 again? sweet!

  27. They can do all the adjustments and tweaks to various tanks that they
    like. But unless they start including something relating to skills in the
    match making, balance doesn’t really exist.

  28. The only buff the Leo PTA needs is an increase of ammo rack durability.

  29. All those buff of the Chinese line have made me smiling with Joys!!

  30. when is the Waffentrager e-100 replacement comming out.

  31. Still needs buff (IMO): Churchill VII, Black Prince to some degree, Lowe.

  32. 4:20

    1000 average experience?! damn

  33. T30 120mm gun needs a buff, it is crap compared with T28prot.

  34. The British Centurions need some love m8. Centurions other than Action X
    are Tanks that are all about the gun and turret armor and that
    characteristic should be buffed. The Centurion 1 should get the 20 pdr Type
    B because it is not competitive in comparison to other tanks of the tier.
    The Centurion 7/1 should get a DPM increase from 5 to 5.2 (4%) to its top
    105 mm gun. The Centurion Action X should get a DPM increase of 4-5% along
    with an aim time improvement.

  35. Corentin63490 Corentin123

    yes gun dosent pen anything for me

  36. Wargaming did something right! Although I feel bad because I just finished
    so many of these vehicles lol

  37. hurray for my 48 patton, my su101, kv4, t54 and maybe finaly buy the t34-2,
    when will this patch come? cant wait

  38. why they dont buff short8.8
    132pan in AP and171pan in APCR really cant do anything in tier 7to9

  39. +quickybaby u Know t25/2 needed buff…

  40. Tank Destroyers is the most powerful tank type (High Tier wise) and now
    they are getting more Hit points ?

  41. no is7 buff


  43. YUS t44 BUFF

  44. Buff for my Lorraine.
    Yess please, just wish they would do something about the reload time.

  45. Once again Russian bias

  46. I feel like the T110E5 doesn’t get any love. I love that tank, but it’s
    just so… average. I wish it had a little something to make it special.

  47. sorry Quicky bur i live the T-34-3. Mastering this Tank is a Masterpiece.

  48. Christos Segkounas

    No buff to the IS-3?
    No track links to the turret?
    Somebody wake me up, this can’t be happening.

  49. I nearly sold my t34-3 tomorrow

  50. Hmm tanks that could need a buff:

    Lets take a look at the vehicles least played, and from there, buff those.

    But in all reality, the Chinese tanks and the British tanks could really
    use some more love. Lines like the British heavies and the Chinese mediums
    are really under noticed and easily get swept under the rug.

  51. Thank god the AMX-13/75 is FINALLY getting a buff. It’s the worst of the
    Tier 7 lights by far.

  52. I am really sad, when I heard that WG is buffing the M48A1, I got all
    excited. In the end though, I still think that that the M48 will be under
    tuned compared to other tier X meds since the giant tumor on it’s head is
    still part of the hit box :(

  53. Satanam Daemonicis

    T28 with 1500 HP. lol Yeaaah, I like it. 😀 That TD has always been one of
    the most handicapped vehicles for its tier. It’s supposed to be really
    durable, but most things can penetrate it because of the big weak spot of
    it – a.k.a. the whole frontal lower plate. And it’s slow as fuck, so it
    needs to be tougher. T95 is even slower, being the slowest vehicle in the
    game, but at least it has armor – unless some scrub shoots premium rounds
    at it.

  54. The need to buff the Vk.45.02A… It really needs it

  55. i cant wait until the JP2 gets the HP buff….the JPanther 2 is the other
    German tier 8 that you may get on your way to the tier 9 jagdtiger

  56. why churchill VII speed is horrible

  57. does anyone else besides me think that the Foch 155 needs a rebalance?
    ever since they nerfed it, I think it has become underpowered and yes it
    was overpowered pre nerf (however there was no wt auf e100 before its
    nerf). I think that they need to bring back the 4 second shot delay time
    instead of 5, and out an 1100 hp engine in it< a middle ground between pre nerf with 1200hp and now with 1000 hp, also decrease the aim time by .2.

  58. No love for the British or Japanese tanks, but finally glad too see T-34-3
    getting a gun depression buff was much needed.

  59. Lol upping the standard AP on the HEAT54 is about as useful as nipples on a
    chicken. Goddamn slavs and their Soviet bias.

  60. Amx 13 90? Aim time, accuracy…
    And the hell, IS-7? More hotpoins (that tank really needs them, about 2400
    i think sounds good), and aim time or dpm buff? Wargaming sucks here, and
    now, the re is no point to play theese to tanks, because they are simply so
    bad, I rather play T110E5 instead of is-7 or t-54 ltwt. or wz-132…
    What do you think about this? Do you agree with me?

  61. u suck


  63. Woah! They forget to buff the SuperPershings gun!

  64. dont mind me,just waiting fv215b to be replaced or buffed..

  65. what is crossing capacity?

  66. Emiel van der Neut

    Why the crap does the WZ-132 with the Type 59 100mm now have a better rate
    of fire than the Type 59 itself? Also, after pretty much ALL american top
    tier tanks buffed, the T110E4 stays behind in my opionion. And where is the
    chieftain? Any sign of that?

  67. Talibanane Mr. Banana

    I think the Leopard 1 need a a update! He gets evry round 1 or 2 times a
    ammo hit!

  68. How can they not buff some of the British tanks? the Churchill VII, the
    Churchill GC, they need some love, don’t they?

  69. armor is becoming even more useless in this game now they need to get rid
    of gold for creds

  70. looking forward to the buff for the t34-3 my fav tier 8 prem tank cant say
    i do well in it but i do enjoy playing it every time i click the battle

  71. Leopard Proto friggin needs all the buffs it’s been getting. Playing that
    tank some patches ago made me such a sad panda

  72. Yes, buff the russians even more WG ffs….

  73. i hope that the Foch 155 will get some love soon

  74. Love how pretty much nothing was rebalanced for Japan. Looking at those
    medium tanks

  75. They haven’t buffed any British tanks!

  76. M103 could use an armor buff

  77. yaaaaay chi-ri buff :/ GO TO HELL WARGAMING

  78. They’re trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear…they need to quit
    worrying about polishing a turd and fix their match making system that
    doesn’t work Yes, I’ve seen their video explaining how it works and by
    their own definition IT DOES NOW WORK!!!!! I’m sick of being in matches
    that end up with one team getting rolled 15-0, 15-1 etc. Until they take
    into consideration the skill level of the people playing and not just what
    tank is being used they will drive off players of all levels, like other
    games that have fallen by the way side. It gets really old watching teams
    getting stacked with players with tens of thousands of games played mowing
    through a bunch of players that just started, and God forbid if there is a
    platoon of “professional” players in a battle. War Gaming needs to do
    something before their revenue stream dries up and the game goes completely

  79. 12t and 1375 really needed those buffs. And of course after when i have
    finally grinded my way to 13 90 (-_-)

  80. Awesome buffs

  81. u know, “lets buff m46, some russian heavies and other shit that is
    completely fine, fuck chinese tanks though” said serb

  82. Woo hoo my favorite KV-4 is getting better!!

  83. cant wait to play this patch? do you think leo 1 needs some love ?

  84. There were a lot of brit tanks that needed some love, perhaps so much so
    they will have a seperate patch just for them and the Japanese.

  85. Leo Pt A getting buffed! Hurrah!!

  86. Brit tanks are definitely in need of a buff.

  87. why the didn’t buft the penetration on the amx 13 75? because its shit

  88. Quickybaby, I have one question, do you think the T54E1’s 90mm autoloader
    will get the same penetration buff as on the T69? please respond asap.

  89. I’m really looking forward to trying the 122mm on the SU-101. I liked the
    SU-100M1 at tier 7, but getting through the SU-101 has been very
    irritating. Hopefully the 122mm will make it more fun to play.

  90. It doesnt matter how much you buff the Leopard PT, it will allways be a
    rolling barrel of ammo, i guess Wg realizes this and just decides, why not
    buff it.

  91. Did the st emils reload get nerved?

  92. British tanks are obviously OP. Can’t improve on perfection.

  93. All the damn Jap O/I tanks need to be nerfed!!!!

  94. Wish they’d buff the IS-7’s alpha from 490 to 550 to match the 130mm on the
    Obj. 263. That extra punch would buff the IS-7’s DPM in a meaningful way
    without making it overpowered, especially with its low amount of HP and
    terrible gun handling.

  95. Maybe the UK is not on Russia’s good books at the mo….but then again the
    US is getting some “love”

  96. this isnt a balancing. this is a russian wankerparty.

  97. T-34-3 getting 5 degrees buff i’m happy but disappointed it should have get
    armor buffs as welll >:(

  98. Why the tiger’s 105 l/52 gun gets a buff in the accuracy and the vkA
    doesn’t ?

  99. Where’s the m3 lee?

  100. cool. I have to grind most of these tanks xD

  101. QB, i noticed in the patch note that WG said the t32 was getting a buff but
    when i looked at it nothing is said about its buff. do you think this is
    just a typo?

  102. Poor E50M.. Not a russian tank so no love for him.

  103. Aww, they’re neglecting the M103? :c


  105. Geometry Dash Warrek

    Don’t you think that Jagdpanther II should get more hp as well? It is much
    more mobile than Ferdinand, but still… JP II should get at least 100 hp
    more in my opinion.

  106. can’t wait for that 190mm of pen on the m26. m26 was my first tier 8 and
    the m46 sucks with that gun so hope i can do better with the 190mm on my
    tier 9 till i can get the better barrel on it

  107. What the fuck??!!?!!! They give the jagdtiger an extra 300 hit point sbut
    didn’t think it was necessary to buff the extremely underpowered panther
    8,8 go fuck yourself war gaming you pile of shit

  108. when 9.13 comes?

  109. chuchill gun carrier ? i guess it will still be shit

  110. marco “scenepandabuddy” koch

    Oh no Russian tanks are not dominant any more
    Let’s “balance” the tanks again
    I can imagine this is why the buffs occurred to Russian tanks

  111. They should buff the type 62 a little if they keep buffing the wz 131

  112. Tim Niemeyer (ZockFriend)

    wait the M41E1 gun from the US got a buff from 173 to 181 pen. So, the
    59-Patton from China got the same gun. I hope they do not Forget it to bugg
    this Premium too to 181 Pen :)

  113. Where is the love for British tanks???? :'(

  114. WG had no nerf the 113 a bit so it would be balanced. And yet they still
    introduced the T-22sr? Good job guys, good job…

  115. They NEED to buff the Super Perishing, THEY NEED TO. The Pen is NOWHERE as
    good as it needs to be for a tank with the “armour” *Cough* WGLIED*Cough*.
    evein if it gets a pen of 180 I would be SO happy.

  116. the t10 did not need a buff. I think it is the most op tiere 9 in the game

  117. Why this mountain of buff on the HP ? It’s because WG didn’t nerfed the
    penetration of the tanks ? So they modifie the hp and the armor ?

  118. Personally I see the buffs those tier 8 Soviet 100mm guns and US 90mm as
    side effects from buffs aimed at easing the upgrade grind in the T-54 and
    M46. As good as those tanks are fully upgraded, you have to admit the
    process of getting there is quite painful compared to the other tier 9
    Mediums except perhaps the Lorraine. And the Lor’s grind can be pretty easy
    if you’ve done the French Heavies. Are Pershing and T-44 drivers going to
    be happy with the buffs? Certainly, especially the T-44s. They’re going to
    help quite a bit in tier 10 matches. But I don’t think that was what the
    buffs were for.

    What’s going to be interesting to me as someone who’s fallen in love with
    the Chinese tanks (mediums in particular) will be how they get compensated.
    Previously the superior Chinese penetration was our compensation for the
    Soviet mediums being so much better in so many other parameters. The extra
    gun depression on most of them will go a long way to start at least.

    Now, the M48 and T-34-3 buffs… it’s about time! At least 2 years coming
    really. The T-34-3 in particular was a joke, the most expensive tier 8
    Premium medium by far and also the worst performing.

  119. why didn’t they buff the penetration of the super pershing, it’s a
    nightmare against equal tier heavies.

  120. Nice buffs for these vehicles, but I still feel they could’ve gave the
    T-34-2, T-34-3, 121, and 113 some more love as Chinese vehicles struggle at
    times. The T-34-3 could’ve especially gotten a buff to its gun or mobility
    as currently both hold the tank back from being competitive.

  121. we just want the old t50-2 back

  122. i don’t like the German buffs

  123. Where is the chieftain!! Bullshit wargaming!

  124. Patch 20, “World of Lasers”

  125. Hey, does anybody know what the background music is? Thx

  126. Wow….i just cant belive,all those noob troll tanks are improved,did you
    think about buff for panther?panther 2? 2.7 aim time on that huge paper
    GJ WG you fucked up game one more time…

  127. Corentin63490 Corentin123

    when is the e75 getting buff

  128. No changes to any British tanks I see. great info video , thanks

  129. JT has almost as much HP as IS-7 wtf

  130. WTF T28 1,500 hit poitns?!?!


  132. AMX 12t is one of my favorites, so I am happy to see it buffed

  133. What about the Foch 155?

  134. Kv-4 was already a very good tank, I’m so happy :D

  135. Now I am really sure that, wargaming hate UK

  136. I won’t turn down buffs but if they’re hoping to make things like T28 and
    T95 more appealing by giving them more HP they’re going about it the wrong
    way. Vehicles that slow just get singled out, and flanked in the vast
    majority of games. If they want to see more of these tanks being played,
    give them a better traverse speed, maybe make it so the T95 doesn’t drop
    down to 6 KM/H at every slight bump it comes across. I loved my T95, I
    think its one of most iconic tanks in the game, but the instant I unlocked
    my E3 I just sold it cause there’s barely anyone out there that’s willing
    to work with a T95 in a random battle and without help and in its current
    form, a T95 is pretty much useless with exception of a few places on a
    couple maps. And sadly it’s basically the same thing with T28’s just not as
    bad, it’s surprising how much of a difference that 5 KM/H makes a
    difference. Sorry if I’ve ruined anyone’s future dreams of getting to these
    tanks, but do yourself a favor and go down the turreted line instead. The
    T110E3 isn’t worth it (in my opinion at least)

  137. So they aren’t getting rid of the WT Auf E100 like SOOO many people in pub
    matches have been saying… gg pubbies, gg. I’m thrilled since I am only
    about 2 games away from unlocking it and can’t wait to jump in it and cause
    some carnage!
    Thanks QB for all you do for the WoT community!! Keep Calm and Carry on!

  138. ruski game.. ruski bias.. beginning to be abit to obvious

  139. Sure, let’s buff the Tiger II so it will be remotely comparable to the
    VK4502A. Because we all know how broken that tank is.


  140. I love my KV-4, I always feel that I can go 1 vs. 1 against ant tier 8
    heavy and come out best. As much as I love it, I think that the buffs to it
    are now crossing the threshold into OP status. But hey, I’m not
    complaining. :)

  141. WZ120*

  142. When the 113 was basically almost worse in every aspect to the WZ111 1-14
    there was basically no reason to buy the 113. Now I finally may buy it with
    those buffs! 113 might actually have been the tank in the whole entire game
    that needed the buffs the most!

  143. Where are my British tank buffs???Come on WG fuck the Russian tanks,the
    Comet,MK1,and 7/1 need some buffs already.For example the Comets turret
    armor is trash sense the gun mantelet is to small.The MK1 needs a bigger
    gun mantelet and same for the 7/1,and I would even say give them a 5kph
    buff so they can go 45?And the Action X has bag turret armor is in every
    review of that tank the turret seems like trash and its huge as fuck and
    hull armor is bad as well,but at least buff the turret armor and make it
    not as tall and that tank would look better.??

  144. the SU-101 and 101M buffs were long overdue

  145. buff ammorack for the t-10

  146. wot is turning into WT, op soviet tanks

  147. A general power creep, but still not enough to catch up to the Russian meds
    (not nearly really) …and how the hell can they buff the T54 and the
    French light tanks?????

  148. Can the weakspots in the front of the track guard of the T95 get taken out
    because its just damn aggravating to be tracked from the front and then
    also taking damage from the damn shot

  149. sold my T-34-3 and changed it to t-54 prot like a week ago, main reason
    beign gun depression. fuck my fucking life.

  150. Napoleon Blownaparte

    Now why didnt they buff the pen on the super pershing? Dafuq?

  151. No love for T28 Prot. :(

  152. Do the Russians just hate Britain why do they never get any buffs when some
    of them need them so badly

  153. Its just silly that jgtg will get more Health than every Heavy

  154. BDR needs a buff. Either armor or speed.

  155. I really hoped that the Idien Pz would get a aim time buff and less
    dispersion on the move.

  156. The Cuddly Wolf, Legion

    How about we just change it to +1 / -1 ?
    And fuck arty.

    Bam. Game’s about 300% more balanced.

  157. Well, the type 59 shut need some more engine power… :/

  158. steven van anrooij

    i hope either the kv-5 gets a buff or the IS-3 get’s a nerf.

  159. what about VK4502A?

  160. No buff for the short 88?

  161. Wait a second Jagdtiger 2100hp, Is-7 2150 hp … what ? Are you serious wg
    ? Ferdinand gets 1500 hp and better dpm .. rhm has unbeliveble camo and
    very good dpm …. how about JP2 ? but wait it’s not over …. let’s buff
    that op shit OBJ430 because only purple players has it … and purple
    idiots needs OP tanks …

  162. Martín Hernández Bárcena

    I simply don’t like the change to the M46 Patton, because is one of the
    most powerful tier 9 medium tanks in the game. And if they still increasing
    it’s capebelities, it will simply be the most powerful at it’s tier. No
    words for this Wargaming…

  163. welcome to world of tanks, a tank game where armor becomes less usefull
    with every patch.

    power creep much

  164. I liked using the T-34-3 but sold it because of that terrible gun
    depression xD. might make me get that tank again.

    First time I used a tank with 390 alpha damage was exciting just smashing
    the crap out of enemies, Until I picked up the T54E1, Speaking of which the
    T54E1 has an Armour buff when remodeled into HD from 110 to 152 at the
    front and the sloping of on the upper hull has improved slightly and hull
    is slightly harder to penetrate when using full gun depression.

  165. will you be willing to give a 113 review now that it is better?

  166. and I only recently sold my ARL V39. wow.
    plus, the Brits did just get the Action X, so, I guess they didn’t see the
    need so soon?

  167. The Chi-Ri needs some more buffs i think. Its the worst tier 7 med in my

  168. and what about ban all Mod´s forever? that was good update….

  169. panzer 3/4 need some love

  170. Why not the Churchill VII

  171. I was very pleased that the Ferdi and JT got those extra hit points, now
    their sheer bulk actually translates to something useful. But I was very
    disappointed that the Brits were excluded from these re-balancing changes.
    In light of other tier 9 mediums becoming so much stronger, I feel that the
    Centurion 7/1 has been left in the dust yet again. When the Conqueror’s
    turret armor was buffed, it more or less rendered the 7/1 obsolete. Now
    this happens. And I can understand that the 7/1 is more interesting because
    of its quirks, but why must its gun handling be so terrible? Its not the
    reload time of the L7 that gets me either, its the spread penalties for
    movement. Mid tier Russian heavies with 122mm guns are more accurate on the
    move than a 7/1 with the L7. Is this situation really ‘working as

  172. well Brits will never get love from wg…. especially the heavies which
    really need some more lovin’…

  173. why are they buffing the tiger 2?, it was one of the best tier 8 heavys!!
    Give some love to the t-32

  174. The game is not truly balanced until arty is gone


  176. I think the T-34-3 needed and extra buff to it’s reload time (11.6 to 10.9
    or so) and aiming time cause it’s still hard to aim after moving from
    locations and all then it would’ve made the tank more competitive

  177. The leo pta was the most painful grind I have ever done, it needed some

  178. The thing is though said Soviet tanks don’t deserve a catch up to the guns
    of their Chinese counterparts

    The chinese have less dpm, but slightly better penetration
    So giving the Soviets a buff to their pen which then exceeds the Chinese
    pen is unfair

  179. leopard pt a is constantly getting buffed. why dont they buff the amx 30 b
    as well?

  180. comet turret nerf

  181. I hope they’ll update the game soon, I need 21k XP to move from Tiger II to
    E-75 so I want to try the accuracy buff and have at least some good
    memories for that terrible tank.


  183. The AMX 13 90 should be buffed too. I mean. The whole line got buffed apart
    from it XD

  184. Great Video Quicky! Check my channel out

  185. i think t-10 was totally fine with no buffs.


  187. That’s a lot of buffs. And I thought everything was “working as intended”.
    The Chinese line really did need some love. Most excited for the M48 Patton
    and the T-34-3.

  188. I cannot explain why, but it feels like this patch will destroy the game
    Maybe its just the fear against changes.

  189. The power creep is real

  190. elc amx bis need a faster aim time @quickybabyTV

  191. amx cdc needs an ammo rack buff

  192. finaly KV4 gets aimtime buff thanks WG

  193. they needed to buff the wz111 14s hull

  194. Guys see those bufs as an challenge!!!

  195. I am so disappointed with WG! The KV2 didn’t get an autoloader……*insert
    troll face*

  196. Usefull vid! Qb can you do a vid about the mark of exellance?? I really
    want 1 but dont now how

  197. hey I heard the T 32 American heavy tank is getting a penetration buff :

  198. They should have buffed the British heavys, either their guns or their

  199. Wat about stumer emil they should have lower the research cost for top gun
    it’s almost t8 borsig just 12k xp more

  200. Wat about stumer emil they should have lower the research cost for top gun
    it’s almost t8 borsig just 12k xp more

  201. WG stop buffing the tanks with dpm and buff the ones without it… E50M dpm
    buff please

  202. the kv-4 should have been nerf instead

  203. Yourneighbor Johnhinkins

    No type 4 heavy buff how sad

  204. Why Caernarvon is not buffed :/

  205. There is already a Tank wich has more Hp than the Tortoise..
    Its called Type 4 Heavy

  206. 11:35 decreased from 0.36 to 0.37?

  207. Arnas Kazanavičius

    I don’t know why, but I ussaly forget to like videos, but your videos
    remind me to like :p

  208. LOL They buffed the T-10 that thing is alwredy op as shit. First the
    ”oke” Is-8 than you get the 9.12 T-10 whit buffed side armour, buffed
    turret armour and a bit better mobility and now, they want to increase the
    terrain resistance and dispersion! That tank is going to be OP!!!!!

  209. No love for t-32. Well….

  210. The SU-101 will now be the best tier 8 tank destroyer, it now has the best
    gun, with very good armor and it’s very fast

  211. is still waiting for that E100 pen buff … one can hope

  212. looks liek the e5 isnt op anymore and the dpm is trivial compared the new
    kid on the eastern bloc

  213. kokoos “Tsunades” Deathmolish

    No nerf to the Jap heavy line. . . . . .well done WG

  214. Buff Tigers ammorack!!!!!! IS3 should be a driving ammorack and while it is
    almost impossible to ammorack it, the Tiger gets ammoracked or set on fire
    frontally just way too fucking often.

  215. why couldn’t WG just buff a few of the new TDs? i mean, has anyone ever
    seen the Turret rotation on the Challenger?
    Or the FV4005, the worst Tier 10 TD with not armopr, the Size of a Maus and
    it’s limited Turret rotation, it’s abysmal depression/ Elevation, it’s
    mobility which is not really considered mobile. And the Gun which is just a
    riny bit better than the FV215b 183 with the same RoF, that tank is just so
    bad and the only thing worth going for is the Charioteer, which might as
    well be the tier 10 since it is so much better.

  216. i dont really get the reason for the TD hitpoints-buffs but whatever ^^

  217. lel japanese tanks got vry buffed -.-

  218. why do they refuse to buff the ammo count on the 13 75? the amount of times
    ive run out of ammo is insane it is so easily done and considering its an
    ambush tank thats a massive downfall for that tank

  219. Wargaming in a nutshell “we may need to nerf the pen on mediums…they are
    mono-dominant” ….*next few patches* “BUFF ALL THE PEN! hurr we did goo
    yeah boss?” Joking aside it is really good to see the US medium line
    gasping for air again, been so long I thought i’d have to dig a patton
    sized grave and retire the old girl forever.

  220. the t92 needs an accuracy buff to 5 seconds aim time and 0.3 accuracy
    ….rate of fire 2 rounds a minute!










    communist agressing gives me stalinwoody’s my 122 mm guns there no longer

    rivets weak tracks spaghetti

    the commander looks strong and steady but inside hes just limp spaghetti


    ps-i eat people

    and if you couldnt tell this was sarcastic summer

  222. none of the tanks love to play got buffed D:

  223. Venkata Sai Kiran Gurram

    is 7 needs a buff to stay competitive.

  224. QB : do u like 9.13????

  225. hello all

  226. the su101 couldnt really use the 100mm very well due to the awkward gun
    depression and considering how tds generally cant just sit and fire way i
    reckon the 122 will become the gun of choice on that tank

  227. Marvin Cuadra (Pliskin)

    WZ-111 or IS-3A?

  228. Cool !!!

  229. Kirito Kun [Kazuto Kirigaya]

    BUFF AMMORACK FOR THE T-44!!11 i have “wet ammorack” or so.
    always ammorack

  230. Quickybaby can you make a review of the Tiger p?

  231. Vlad Andrei IONESCU


  232. 5th :(

  233. lol nice quicky baby i’ve got joke for ya,



    hope u like it 😀 it’s about lemming trains ;)

  234. First! (I sent you the intro in your GMAIL for art ;3)

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