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Source: The Jingles

So what do you think is likely to happen when you take some of the best players in WOT and give them a machine that can’t be stopped and doesn’t even obey the basic laws of physics?

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  1. Your point about the balance of these tanks is very valid, but still flawed. Yes they have an incredibly high skill ceiling, and you have to be very skilled to be able to push the tank to its limits. What you fail to mention however is that you don’t need to push these things to their limits in order to be better than normal light tank players. If you make a mistake in a light, you risk getting tracked and killed. Doing the exact same thing in one of these, you will never be tracked, and the tires have the chance of absorbing any incoming damage. Wheeled tanks and light tanks played the exact same way and by the exact same player will not have the same result, you will probably always be better off in the wheeled tank. It is just so much more forgiving.

    It is like putting a Ford Mondeo and a Lamborghini Aventador against each other on a track. A racing driver will put a blisteringly fast time in the Lamborghini, where as a normal person will be much slower. The Lamborghini will however always be faster than the Ford, even if it is being driven by a professional driver. The potential is just so much higher to begin with, you don’t need to be exceptionally good to outplay someone in a lesser vehicle.

    • @VaderRacing VR All I am saying is that there’s no need to be toxic. Having the mindset that “Oh, Jingles doesn’t upload his WOT games, so his statement is null and invalid” does not breed a healthy and considerate discussion or debate.

    • @Hiddinghost check out the video as linked by one of the other posters. I recall having seen it but not where and here it is…. specifically 3:59 and a bit earlier is important. Tyres disappear from the hit box except for HE shells where it acts almost as if you shot a fence or something like that in front of the vehicle. If the blast radius is not enough the wheelie bin is safe as the explosions are too far-away to damage the actual vehicle as it counts X mm of phantom spaced Armor followed by actual 30 mm of spaced armour so try and picture HE going through two sets of spaced Armor, one of which is variable based on the wheels model thickness. If I miss the wheel and hit between two wheels I tend to do full damage or near enough, if I hit the wheel depending on which one it is I do tiny damage or none at all.

    • I dont know I bet there are people out there who would still lose in the lamborghini on a small track

    • @Samuel Bonorden Yeeah, there will always be some of THOSE people lol

    • Indignant Beaver

      It may still fall victim to skill, but even an idiot driving at the enemy for 5 seconds is usually enough to absolutely screw an LT drivers game as well as get enough spots for people to blast away some HP of the enemy just before getting obliterated. Wheeled tanks ruin this game on so many levels.

  2. I love these tanks, the only tank line i got to T10 since its just so much fun. The best part is people complain about the tires, but its the same people who cry about it being op are the same people shooting heat into the tires and asking why its not doing any dmg. I’ve been one shot in these things more times than i can remember by BS guns at T10 that do over 1000 dmg. But people dont say that is op….

  3. Maybe I’m wrong, but after reading some of the comments below I think a few of the viewers missed your entire point. Jingles isn’t saying it’s “fair n balanced”. He’s statistically reminding us why WG (based upon “all level” players) feels it is Fair-n-Balanced……great job Jingles!!!!

  4. And there was me thinking the biggest hint was World Of TANKS.

  5. Stuff like this is why I stopped playing Tanks. I’m all in on Warships.

  6. Most times when I see a wheeled car in the game, I leave. AND ever since they removed the T-50-2 from the game, I became a toxic player. I was grinding a long time to get that tank and then they remove it! And no compensation for players in the same situation. Poor poor customer service!! Even if they gave me 10 Gold, it would have been something. So Fuck You Wargaming!!!!

  7. Some day I will play WoT again…. ØØØØ

  8. 9:46

    “what a carry” lol eat shit dude

  9. Jingles is anti-British, your US Navy SEAL example is suspect, after all, if it weren’t for the British SAS/SBS, there would be no SEALs. The SEALs learned a great deal from the SAS/SBS.

  10. I’m kinda glad I play on the PS4 at this point. We may be a bit behind but at least we don’t have these things in the game. Plus we still have the deathstar, the chieftain, and the WT e 100.

  11. I have no issue with these vehicles. I offed one not 10 minutes ago in my IS 3. At first I had a few problems but it’s all about being ready when these guys make a mistake, knowing how much to lead and protecting yourself. I’ve been killed by them and returned the favor without too much trouble.

  12. Renato Picinini

    Every time I start a battle and check theres an AMX I load HE and try to out spot them on my meds and fast heavies, once u hit then once with HE and fuck the hell of their mobility they start to hide at the back 😝

  13. All I’m gonna say is that no, there are two other “balanced” tanks that you should try and expose the side armor if you are expecting to get shot, the Obj 257 and the Obj 907.

  14. Your argument about the overall balance of some, and I use the word ‘some’ for a valid reason, of the line is correct. The tier 6, and 7 are for the most part balanced. The reason? The hull is more exposed, you are more likely to hit and penetrate the hull of an Hotckkiss EBR or a Panhard AMD 178B, or even a Lynx; hence making them balanced as there high risk, high reward style makes them such.

    The EBR 90, or the EBR 105? Not so much, their hull isn’t as exposed as the previous tanks, they are faster than the previous tanks, with better firepower; these are the vehicles that are simply toxic for the game. They have far too many advantages over lights at the higher tiers, and take far too little damage in return for their high risk play.

    The wider issue with the EBR 75 in particular is that, bar one other (the one being the LT432, which as you mentioned in a previous video is more of a medium than a light), it is just flat out better than any other tier 8 light tank. The fact that with 240k battles in this tank on the EU server, with players both good and bad using this machine, and still being well ahead other third place vehicle in both win rate and WN8 does not make this vehicle balanced in any way, shape, or form.

    And we haven’t even mentioned the ridiculous improved auto aim feature…

    So to say this tier 8 is balanced? It feels a bit misguided.

  15. So we’re saying that armoured cars are like aircraft carriers before the rework?

  16. When I drive a wheeled vehicle, I usually get my ass kicked. So yeah, skill is needed.

  17. Just going to remind you that the Defender is a thing.

  18. The Real Killer B

    A French vehicle that goes as fast in reverse as in forward? Is that an ethnic joke?

  19. BigFist OSmashem

    hate the bourrasque too

  20. Just like the Chrysler K remember when the IS-3A was introduced in loot boxes and the shit storm it created. People like 4 Tankers and a Dog had hissy fits and rage uninstalled the game. He even did a dramatic YouTube video showing him uninstalling World Of Tanks, well fast forward a few months and low and behold, 4 Tankers and a dog are playing the IS-3A farming lowers tiers with giggles and snorts. I love this game!

  21. These armored cars not only deny the laws of physics but also the laws of biology. The first solid shot that hit these paper thin tanks, tires or not, would annihilate the crew behind that shell. Between that, the power creep, imaginary vehicles being introduced to the game… I’ve decided World of Tanks isn’t for me. I keep coming back here for you Jingles, you’re awesome :3c

  22. I see a lot of people calling for these things to be nerfed into the ground or removed, but really, when it comes down to it, I would rather have problem vehicles changed but not buffed or nerfed. Perhaps Wheelies could be adjusted by implementing some of these ideas?
    1. Hits to wheels have a possibility of damaging engine , thus slowing down significantly.
    2. Give it variable camo, like a medium (Bourrasque maybe?) might have, but higher base. In full speed mode, it would stick out like a sore thumb.
    3. Change how the accuracy works at high speed. I mean, they can implement hydraulic suspensions, why can’t they implement Travel mode vs. Firing mode?
    4.Re-implement the accidental change recently where speed was bled off in tight turns (but do it properly rather than as a bug).

  23. Hadn’t watched a world of tanks video for about 6 months, decided to watch this and see how the game has came on. Wasn’t surprised to see it’s still absolutely cancer. So glad I got out of that game years ago.

  24. They are some interesting statistik out there and I personally like the winrate curve from .

    The winrate curve shows the winrate of a vehicle vs the winrate of the owner. The green graph shows the winrate for the last month and the black graph shows it for all time.
    When we look at the win rate curve of the EBR 105 ( ), we see its looks actually balanced if not a little bit underpowerd.

    When we look under Tank statistic, we also see the average winrate is falling (from 54.77% to 50.86%).

    The winrate curve looks good and the average winrate actually reached a more or less acceptable winrate, so why is it consider OP?

    The answer is actually quiet simple. Its competition is trash.

    Every single T10 LT is underperforming and not since the introduction of WVs. They are underperforming since they´re introduction in Update 9.18.

    As an example let´s take the T-100 LT. On average every skill groupe is underperforming in this tank. When we add an graph for the first year since its introduction, we see it was a little bit higher then the modern graph, but still under the referenz. When 9.18 came, the T-100 LT was consider the strongest T10 LT, but even then it was actually underperforming in every skillgroup.

    My honest conclusion is, that the EBR 105 isn´t OP, instead every other T10 LT is UP and in need of a buff. Honestly tanks like the Leopard 1 and Bat-Chat 25T are better LTs then the LTs.

    A question, that this curve can´t answer (in my opinion) is, are WVs broken?

    Because how subjective this question is, I do not even try to answer this question.

    How are the winrate curves for the EBR 75, is this WV OP?

    Sadly yes, it is overtuned. The EBR 75 surpasse the LT-432 ( ) , ELC EVEN 90 ( ) and of course its own Tech Tree counterpart ( ) but it still gets beaten by the Defender ( ) especially in the lower winrates.

    But don´t be fooled by the high winrate of premium tanks, because they do not have a module grind, they automatically start with a higher winrate and tech tree tanks with a lower winrate.

    For this reason, it is difficult to directly compare premium and tech tree tanks, but when the diffrence is big enough (like between Lynx and EBR 75) it is possible to make a judgment call.

    As for my last point I invite everyone to experiment with the statistiks on that site and to form their own conclusion.

  25. Knight of YouTube

    Now were just waiting for the Wheeled TOG III to come out and dominate.

  26. The wheels almost never absorb the shots people say they do; the hitbox of the tank doesn’t match the visual model. A lot of times people give too much lead aiming for the wheel, but the actual damage area of the tank doesn’t start until just between the first and second wheels (just look at for the different models). An analogy is hitting the T95 in the front drive wheel. It’s so far out ahead of the tank you’ll never damage it there. You really need to aim center mass and then lead rather than lead from the front of the visual model.

    I’m not saying the model is correct or balanced, but that’s the explanation of why the wheels “absorb” high caliber rounds.

  27. 13 min explanation of one of the main reasons is why I flushed this game…

  28. As I said before, tank producers should stop making expensive reactive armor and active protection and just cover a tank with old tyres.

  29. I was always confused as to why terrorist use trucks with MG’s until I played against the wheeled tanks. I can just picture it. An Abrams fires at a 1990’s Toyota pickup and the shell hits the tire and nothing. Like when my mate didn’t damage an EBR 90 in his FV215b 183 because he hit the wheel.

    They should just nerf the wheeled ones by making it that you damage the tank still when you hit a wheel

  30. Add this vehicle to the laundry list of reasons i do not play this game anymore. Very sad. RIP ELC AMX that used to be a fair version of this before it got nerfed to death.

    Used to love light tanks, many patches ago before tier 10 lights, T71 with 175mm pen autoloader, my WZ 132 which at the time was highest tier light at tier 8, oh it was great, i got over the OP premiums due to not having armour so sod your super high pen HEAT, but then they ruined that too… such a shame.

  31. Jingles has never driven one of these things, EBRs flip CONSTANTLY, not from turning but it’s hitting bumps

  32. It’s world of tanks and other vehicles now. Further pushing the game into the pit of irrelevancy.

  33. There is indeed a conundrum with this tank: I HATE playing against them! Deplore it. But, there is NOT a more fun vehicle to drive in this game. In a very small portion, this line has restored the fun (for me) in this game for me. When I DRIVE them!

  34. Not to mention the wot approved aim bot

  35. Unlike light tanks these things PEN everything.

  36. I…as an arty player…hate ebr 105’s ppl think artillery is disgusting but i have seen one of these things meet me in spawn 20 seconds into the game wile im moving

  37. Hi Jingles from the mysterious NA server 😛

  38. RedandRocker Gaming

    As a LT driver with my beloved Sheridan, let me just say I hate those things. I see at least 2 EBR 105s in every single game I play and they completely ruin the LT role. They zip around, too fast to hit and even if you do you won’t do any damage (a rubber inner tube is apparently better than 300mm of steel), then they auto-aim you and pump you full of HE from 300 meters away. I can’t stand those things. I guess they take some skill to drive, but that’s not enough to call them balanced

  39. The speed of this machines makes it very hard for potato-PC players to use it effectively. I barely get 25 fps in the game and this thing goes too fast. Imagine, between two frames, the vehicle nearly has advanced by 1m.

  40. Try to use your wheels as armor in War thunder, won’t work . Why, because the wheels will literally be blown off.

  41. Balanced my ass

  42. That guy is being overcharged for his premium account

  43. Amélie Nieuwenhuijs

    Did you mention the “aim-assist” (read: aimbot) this thing gets aswell? It really IS unbalanced. What role do other light tanks still have with these aberrations opposing them?

  44. I don’t think claiming these frog scooters have a higher skill cap than other tank types is at all valid until there is a level playing field. Applying the same physics to them as other tanks may not make good videos though id like to see it.

  45. The wheeled “tanks”are by far the most annoying vehicle for me. In addition, they nerfed the murder kitten and changed around the tech tree so I’ll have to grind a different line to get a tank that isn’t as horrible as the Rhm. Panzerwagen.

  46. The Tank Commander

    Sorry, but because it’s armored cars – which should NOT be in the game, I cannot like this video.

  47. theres not even a hint of balance with these tanks, light tanks have effectively become shitty low DMP meds without armour because they cant scout anymore, its sad. i mained lights but since these things ive just stopped playing altogether, feels like all the grinding ive done has been for nothing now that my tanks are obsolete

  48. OldSchool Gaming

    The thing about the Navy Seals Jingles talks about in the end is Smolensk in WoW in a nutshell. Broken A-F in the hand of a semi-competent player but spreadsheats say 80 % of the playerbase are glue eating tards that die in Smolensk within 5 min ……… Soooo perfectly balanced comrad!!

  49. I stopped playing WoT years ago because of life and my computer was a potato. Over time I’ve considered getting back into it cause I was so close to tier X on several tech trees. However it’s stuff like this that make me stop and consider “Do I really want to go back to that?”. All I can say is thanks wargaming.

  50. The Tank Commander

    Jingles? Can I just ask, in YOUR opinion, how much does Wargaming actually listen to you?

    Because I gotta say THEY SHOULD LISTEN TO YOU MORE!!!

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