World of Tanks Balancing is a JOKE

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Source: QuickyBaby

Balancing in World of will be a joke until Wargaming address the elephant in the room. Here’s FOLK_UA to show you the Object 279 (e)!



  1. bartlomiej Mazurek

    i have both tanks – chief and 279e and i will be happy to see them not nerfed but limited. i would lock them only to tier 10 mm, for example 279e is just sad playing against tier 8, they cant do much agaist it. next i would like to see each team getting same numbers and type of op tank for a battle, its a f***g joke if one team gets chef and 279e and the other none at all. i belive wg did this with ebrs, if one team have it the other have it also

  2. i won’t play again tier x until something is changed. my 32 tier x tanks were practically all nerfed after i got them. don’t feel like playing this game anymore under these circumstances.

  3. WG and WoT is in more sick state than QB voice

  4. Is not the better solution simply to buff the tech tree tanks to make them more competitive? That of course is clearly the opposite of WG’s approach, and also clearly at cross purposes with its drive for profit above all else. My reaction is not to play tier 10 due to the woeful imbalance of most games and OP reward tanks, and to spend no more cash on the game while WG fiddles and bungles.

  5. Don’t nerf premium or reward tanks then, just buff everything else until we have some genuine balance back in a badly broken game.

  6. Why do you look at it always from a randoms perspective? 279e, 907 and Chief are CW tanks used primarily in CW. If player are playing these in randoms well it says a lot about these players, in the last three years I would say I’ve used my Chief and 279e 10 times in randoms. The issue is is that top Clans want great stats, how do you get these great stats play Chiefs and 279e in randoms.

  7. Don’t get the point of this. An average player can’t perform so well in 279e like the good player in this video. This player would also perform well in an techtree tank like an VZ 55, 277 etc.
    how many 279e are in the game? Do you have every match one of those? Probably not. 279e should be strong because you earned it in such missions. And still, not every 279e player is above average and do a lot of damage. Everyone of us have seen so many trash 279e players with 2000 dmg in a game and has far less then 2500 dpg overall on it. So what’s the point? That strong players perform better in a stronger tank. Yes, approved. Logically. What else?

  8. WG only cares about their bank account. I’ve lost all hopes that they will make the game good again

  9. It’s a joke it’s such a problem. A mediocre game with a 200k player base made by a gold digger russian company. And they suck the last remaining cents of the last paying players. The end.
    PS: I took the refund on Superpershing, but I didn’t pay anything to them in the last years.

  10. dont worry sir, now your voice sounds so serius and epic

  11. Your voice sounds kinda cool like that lol, hope u will recover well bby love u

  12. christopher brown

    I hate the 279, if I see it in front of me I will not shoot it. None of my tanks can damage it from the front. I just wait to die.

  13. been playing WoT for about 8 years, when the EBR, chieftain and 279e came in, i lost the passion, the tanks were a joke it was like a cheaters dream came true, i just gave my account away, never touching the game again

  14. Take care, get healthy, I had an amazing stream yesterday with a big raid income after half of it. Over 300 is a lot for a little streamer. Keep up the good work.

  15. Leave the OP tier 10 tanks as they are… at tier 11 with super limited MM. Tier 11 could be the tier 10 reward tanks and, thus, be exclusive.
    Take every other 52+% Winrate tank and bump it up a tier, without any nerfs or buffs. Let those tanks dillute their performances for 5-6 months while buffing the sub 49% tanks and nerfing the 51% tanks slightly.

    Ofcourse, this should be done from tier 2 and up. Low tiers stat padders would get hit as well… win win for everyone that actually cares.

  16. Feel better soon QB. As a Chieftain player I don’t feel as confident in mine because of the way people play on the NA server. Your friend, KomodoDagger

  17. Alexandre Langlois

    Dude upper plate is weak asfu when you know how to shoot.. we get chewed threw on NA servers .. eu servers just gotta get good ffs .. every time I watch an eu player it’s incredible to see how bad the player community is on EU ..

  18. Hey QB,

    Sorry you’re under the weather. Thanks for making the video and calling this to our and Wargaming’s attention. It’s something that obviously needs attention and it is just as obvious that making the video cost you a lot in the way of physical discomfort.


    I seen players pay good players to get 279e. Everything is wrong about this tank. I can’t play tier 10 be cose of these tanks 279e and chieftain. Is so wrong. So if i play a Maus 1 guy with 4k personal score who payed for 279e is shreding me as the buther.

  20. I think tanks such as the 279e should be limited to tier X matchmaking, bc let’s be honest… no fk tier 8 tank can penetrate that thing reliably when it’s heading straight towards you.

  21. Obj 279 e is not op now. Ppl know where to shoot it now, and in this battle enemy Team is just stupid.
    Jgpz100 can pen 299 with standar round and with heat is 100% pen

  22. Sonico, Mark Reyden F.

    QB, i feel like something’s missing in your videos without your natural voice. getwell soon QB I’m a fan here in PHILIPPINES

  23. What would be a joke is you spend the time working to get the 279e/chietain and then it gets nerfed.

  24. Prob.. COVID. Get well soon 🙂

  25. Are you transforming into a Witcher? 😁
    Recover soon! <3

  26. venom_the_beast _

    Not only balance even wholl wg is on big joke…only profit not balance..

  27. Ad things to a premium tanks instead of took anything away. Dont lower DPM of a Chieftain. Put a big Cuppola on top of the tank and everybody must be satisfied. You have a Chieftain PLUS a big Cuppola. The package has more stuff on it than before so no problem here. You dont remove anything. 🙂

  28. My team won against a platoon of 279e yesterday – we broke through the other flank and capped (lol).
    The flank on the side with the 279e platoon completely collapsed, surprising no one… and the enemy team had a case of ‘no cap kill all’ or something, that lost them the win.

  29. get well soon brother

  30. Hey QB, you should take care of your voice. Overstraining your vocal cords is quite possible, and you use them A LOT. Seriously, consider talking to a specialist doctor, and maybe even a vocal coach once you recover.

  31. @QuickyBaby you should check WoTBlitz then because they nerf premium tanks like nothing even though it’s in their policy to not ‘nerf’ premium tanks except buffing them.

  32. use repair kit for voice or next shoot….:) basicly y need to go straight and y win….y need a great skill for do that 🙂 .

  33. Michał Leszczyński

    tbh people who shoot this 279e are just bad, they just shoot random places on it, but it is WG fault not teaching people how to deal with these tanks

  34. QB – quiet quiting cause of WG 😉 Nerf them asap!

  35. I have unlocked the 279e, but I didn’t enjoy it … yeah, it can bounce a lot with the front, but if the enemies load Heat, it’s no longer a problem to pen it. Even with a turbo, it turns very slow and the side is weak. And on top of that, you have 5° of gun depression. I thing the Chief is way more better than the 279e …

    But at the end of the day, I would recommend or like the idea, nerfing Premium/Reward tanks, because the gap between them an techtree tanks gets big and bigger …

  36. The voice is nice it reminds me of peter being sick but then later got a nice voice lmao. Anyways hope you are feeling better asap.

  37. I do own the Chieftain, and the same opinion goes for me. I would also have loved to have the the chieftain or similar OP tanks excluded from the random queue. I only play this tank when I feel like only “going seal clubbing” can rise my mood after a 33% Winrate for the day. It’s a shame that you can play an idiot-proof tank as a good player, because that makes you being able to play carelessly UNPUNISHED. This way of playing is boring for the driver, the opponent and is simply put a waste of time.

  38. I think the chieftain/279e both just need to have their alpha dropped by about 10%. They have way, way too many strengths to be doing as much damage as they do.

  39. The voice sounds so dire, makes you feel sorry for him. Anyways: Should the 279e and the Chieftain be nerfed? Absolutely. Are they going to do it? I think not.

  40. Hey QB. Thanks for the content, as always, but it’s worth taking a break & letting your body recover. The audience will still be here [despite the YT algorithm and the relentless pressure to post, post post].

  41. I complain about this everytime I play tier 8 to 10.

  42. I think reward tanks should be able to be nerfed, premium tanks maybe not since people pay for their premium, but premium tanks should get the same game mechanic nerfs as the rest of them… *Cough* Prog 46, ebr 75 and FCM Pak40….

    People with the reward tanks that are OP are getting sick of having to play them in CW, but not bringing them just puts you at a disadvantage. People who play CW and advances will be happy if the Chief and 279e got nerfed, only people who wouldn’t would be the people who specifically want an OP tank…. Unfortunately WG will never nerf a reward tank, so even a tank like the Cobra will always be a tieir9 MT with Tier 10 TD burst damage. Concept will also stay being OP and will Kpz 50T, and weak tanks like the Lorraine 50T will never be buffed since WG can’t nerf it.

    Bad part is WG nerfs any OP tech tree tank which will just make OP reward tanks even more needed. Im dreading the day the CS gets nerfed

  43. WG well aware these are OP tanks and they banned thse from ranked battles; but somehow they don’t ban them from randoms or nerf them. But WG doesn’t give a s*** about OP tanks or matchmaking

  44. Thank you 🙏🏼 ! I be With you totally !

  45. They went too far nerfing the French heavy line so now the M4 is WORSE than it was last year before the buffs and they nerfed the already useless 65t. The staff of WG truly are clueless. It’s no wonder people are leaving the game in droves.

  46. Sickbaby <3 ^^

  47. I hope you feel better and can get back to the things you love to do.

  48. i have been playing this game for 10 yrs and quit during the Xmas event. For me BZ176 was the nail in the coffin.

  49. lol my idol got covid?

  50. I’ve seen either of the two turning tides,
    I’ve been a victim
    I’ve also been a suspect

    To me it’s like a trophy tank, like a ferrari or any other luxury supercars, it gets boring after a while in randoms so you just end up playing it as a sort of symbol and backup prowess in clan wars or when you feel down and you wanted to feel good.

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