World of Tanks – Bashed

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Bashed: INFORMAL verb, past tense: bashed. Struck hard and violently, often by IS-7 drivers.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. HE doesnt overmatch Jingles

  2. i mean he did farm the guy in the cap lmao

  3. A QSF player calling other players noobs??? I also heard that the earth is flat, and Hell is frozen

  4. Type 61 wasn’t lucky, this guy takes So Many trash shots in this game

    11:20 See, this guy thinks he can spot a stationary 103B at 400 meters

  5. watercannons collaboration

    Snatching defeat from the Jaws of victory, except this time, it’s a comedy

  6. Ardjan van Binsbergen

    What a mighty good replay! I can see why mine are not featured, they’re simply boring and shit in comparison to the replays you get Jingles 🙂 . Love watching your videos, keep it up!

  7. Bashed: INFORMAL verb, past tense: bashed. What World of Tanks players do to a new coming War Thunder noob like me

  8. Jingles, HE does not overmatch armor

  9. Damn Jingles, I was just about to go to sleep. Oh well, guess I have no choice.

  10. The low ground has an advantage?
    (visible confusion)

  11. Here is some salt. *spray *spray
    8:22 Should have reset camo before moving.
    8:55 9:07 9:36 These need to be 1 shot. Not 3.
    10:50 Wouldn’t it be nice to have 400 more hp just in case of HE spam? (The 704 has zero chance with AP due to sloped cover.)
    11:33 Under ordinary circumstances, this shot seals the course of the game for a loss. Btw, against a full health S tank, wouldn’t it be nice to have 400 more hp that will tank one extra hit?
    12:29 While climbing prevents an IS-7 facehug from happening, if it doesn’t work, there is no reason to stay in siege mode and not DPM down the one shot IS-7.
    I guess bad plays make good replay? Personally, I prefer silly moves that are outright funny or smoothly executed moves under pressure; less so something in between.

  12. You don’t see that in WoWs

  13. Jingles you silly… HE can’t overmatch…

  14. Well I’m certainly disappointed that Jingles has made a video with the thumbnail clearly showing tanks, but it’s not about kittens!!
    Crikey who would have thought hey?

  15. 3:15 That Batchat was reloading but the T110E5 and the IS-4 were both so scared of taking a hit (in a heavy tank f fs) that they didn’t immediately go after him

  16. “Crying shame if he lost” i mean not really. He made plenty of tomato mistakes to warrant him losing. Gave his side to the STRV after killing the M103, instead of staying behind the wreck for a few seconds and backing up straight. He fired while going nearly 60kph over rough terrain at a STRV which he didnt even have the full sillhouette of, a STRV 103B on full HP while he had 4 shells remaining. He then fires his HE shell at the front of the STRV where it has that convenient HE/HEAT magnet, instead of sitting in the cap, stalling it, and forcing the STRV with more health to come into melee. Which if he backed up properly after the 103, he’d have been able to take 3 shots, and actually outplay the STRV by getting the flanks with HE hits, instead of relying on dumb luck.

    It is not a crying shame when dumb luck does not bless you to make up for foolishness. It’s just the world doing as intended with mistakes.

    • I agree. He also wasted his ammo knowing full well that his shots won’t pen or he didn’t aim properly. He’s good but just firing his gun in the hopes that he might hit something makes him look like a noob.

  17. Yaw. WoT’s in a shitty game now. Does Jingles even play it?


  19. Blue eyes white power

    ………im sorry is that an anti aircraft gun on top of an is7????

  20. Dammit Sergeant! If only he just bumped the ‘S-Tank’ a few times untill he was a one shot, poor bugger missed out on a medal!

  21. Valentin Kovachev

    Why in the name of all that is holy would you fire a IS7 gun at a hidden behind tank wrecks Strv WHILE going full speed? And WHY would you do it when you see that you will actually NEED that 1 extra round in order to have a chance of winning?
    I know it easy doing the arm-general thing from behind my keyboard. I have to admit though, this was a very interesting replay to watch!

  22. Well played.

  23. Biggest “jingles derp” of this video: High explosive rounds CANNOT overmatch armor! But hey still a great watch!

  24. this guys ammo choice and aiming literally gives me pain

  25. what is that is7 skin

  26. Wait since when did is7 get a aa gun on top of the turret?

  27. Russian tanks are so overpowered it’s pointless to play any other nations.

  28. Thankfully, he didn’t show us the painful credit loss at the end.

  29. Was expecting a bloody ammo rack detonation with Bash’s last shell against the S tank. Would have been an epic win with a Fadins’ medal into the bargain. The real ending was far more funnier though.

  30. I like how Wargaming decided to randomly stick an entire ZU-23-2 AAA mount on top of the turret.

    Because reasons.


  31. I see that Bash wear his plot armor in this battle^^ And ends battle with a low ground plot twist^^ Good one Bash 🙂

  32. Navy = Never actually volunteer yourself.

  33. its nice to sit hare and watch you after this have happend in my school you get to borrow a letop and when i got my there was drop dmage in all 4 coners they told me that it was ok and that it said that there was dmg to the leptop we going to return it in 4 weeks so i had them expct it and they found that in the contract it says that its a only dmg on the top left coner so i might haft to pay 8000 to 12000 swedish kronor for drop dmg that he or she who had it last year did

  34. Don’t know why he didn’t do some ramming damage to him before finishing the guy off with the high explosive

  35. Please Sir May we have another Why you Heff to be mad video.

  36. Honestly shout out to this guy for not shooting gold at all until he has to

  37. UncleFestersWorld

    7021 views and ONLY 989 likes??? I’ll make it an even 990. 14 cat lovers gave it a thumbs down. Sheesh, you would think a video from Jingles with a tank in the thumbnail would be a dead give-away.  Silly cat people.

  38. That S-tank driver has to be kicking himself over that.

  39. A thought that the t10 S-tank had 50 mm of armor and that HE didnt overmatch

  40. Oh mighty Over Lord what about the Tog. Tog is good ,Tog is King.

  41. I expected him to try and ram that S-tank, then shoot him for Fadin’s medal 😀

  42. This IS7 has not been penetrating enough tanks. #buffIS7

  43. To be fair, it is unlikely that most people (myself included) would think about this in the circumstances. However, it might have been worth it to risk that 38 health to get one ram on the S tank and then get a Faden’s medal.

  44. Just found your channel yesterday, Jingles. I’ve pretty much been binge watching your videos since. Awesome stuff! I’ll have to try the game once I’m back from vacation. But more importantly…….LONG LIVE THE TOG!!!!

  45. Jingles why no German tanks in video’s ?

  46. Woah what the IS-7 and IS-4 are the same tier?

  47. Weaponized Autist

    Tough kitty, cold kitty.
    Big machine of doom.
    Deadly kitty, panzer kitty
    Boom boom boom.

  48. I am terrible at WoT but even I wouldn’t have done something as stupid as that cliff dive =/
    Its kinda ironic too because up until that point he was playing his position perfectly on that hill.

  49. Sgt Bash, as in Robot Wars?

  50. is it just me or are jingles WoT intros always 10x louder than the actual video is? i’m getting used to just skipping until he starts to talk but it blows my ears out everytime the first 1-2 sec xD

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