World of Tanks || Bat Chat 25 t AP (T9) – 7,000 DMG…

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. Update 9.15.1 only 24 hours old but VilianLivesMatter from the NA server already seems to have the brand new mastered.

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World of Tanks is a online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Fix your XVM
    its bugging alot !!

  2. 400k competiton?

  3. Twas great! Great replay indeed! Now, I myself have never played either the
    Lorraine nor the replacement Bat-Chat 25t Ap but I am looking forward to
    going down that line soon. Just need to gather myself some more skill first
    i reckon.

  4. timotei Petrusan

    plz give codes for 400.000subs

  5. Romaniaaaa!comenteaza daca esti ro si te uiti la qb

  6. where is kv 4 man this is borning

  7. Yay 400k subs again

  8. Felix Mustermann

    my Lorraine 155 51 cant hit that thing that good anymore T.T i want the
    Lorraine back it was way more bigger and had bad camo ratings, pls give it
    back WG

  9. Niffer Abderrahman

    400000 subscriber congrates

  10. Excited to play this little beast! I almost have enough exp for it 🙂 (and
    i have female crew on my 1390 for my future batchat so thats nice :)

  11. I’m SO glad i stopped playing this game…

  12. I haven’t played it but I’ve been seeing a lot of high damage and carrying
    games in it. It’s much more frightening to come up against one instead of
    the Lorraine because the Lorraine can’t just take the one hit then get
    behind you and unload if you are in a slow or even semi slow traversing

  13. WHERE IS THE INTRO??! :(

  14. Break my heart again wargaming, first you take away my awfulpanther and now
    you take my 40t :(

  15. Luka Žnidaršič

    In my 3rd ever game in Bat AP, I got 5.6k dmg, 1.3k xp and 5 kills(almost
    topgun). I love the better gun handling and lower profile and better
    camo…the worse gun depression is not so hard to deal with, but I do hate
    the low viewrange and ammo count :(

  16. stjepan bartulac

    WTF??? U didn’t put your intro!

  17. great finish

  18. hey QB i when i watching this vid there is an advertiser WOWS then i see
    they just opening youtube not playing that games for real can you tell to
    WG to upload new advertiser that is good like WoT not from youtube record?

  19. David Mason (Section)

    can you do a video of the arl 44 sometime in the future?

  20. hey qb. just a request, can you relocate you cam beside the vehicles
    parameter? so we can read their chats too…

  21. I’ve seen this guy. He’s good!!

  22. Hopefully they will not buff the B-C 25 t AP or there will be 14 Bat-Chats
    on Cliff at Grand Finals lol

  23. gg. So it doesn’t look any better than 1390, but its a teir higher ?


  25. what do i edit in the config files and where in order to also have the name
    of the tank the shoot at me near the type of shell used? thanks

  26. I like the Bat Chat AP. Had the chance to play the Lorraine for a short
    time, and couldn’t really handle it. This one, on the other hand, is more
    my play style.
    Only thing is, the AP will be not a keeper. Who wants to have a downgraded
    Bat Chat, if you can get the mighty one, ey?
    And the 30 shell limit is really bad.

  27. I think this Batchat is much much better than Lorrain, which was worst tank
    in WoT.

  28. It is bad, becouse with derp is easier to shoot lorr but batchat is more

  29. Guys, if u dont have a premium account, dont you feel the garage has a
    really depressive look? It makes me feel like it….

  30. phh…. again an unbalanced tank…

  31. what do you play on??

  32. That name is soooooooo ironic omg lmao

  33. That game has me dying

  34. I had a nightmare … They replaced my T49 :c

  35. quicky baby did you ever do a tank review on the M4a3e2 sherman?

  36. Fredrik Malmström

    I really miss my Lorr. 40t it was one of my absolute favorite tanks at tier
    9. The BC is a completly different tank and i have played it about 10 games
    now and feel like its is very sensitive to and gets tracked a lot in
    critical situations. Its not a bad tank but i rather play the AMX 13 90 as
    its faster and feels more accurate in the gunhandling.. i tend to miss alot
    with my Elite femalecrew in the BC.

  37. GOLD NOOB!

  38. I wish an can play on the NA server. Because on the EU server only polish
    and czech dumd kids they are to stupid for english.

  39. He used 3rd parson view do to aim-bot.

  40. auto aim?

  41. Wow surprised he was communicating with his team as he is from Villin

  42. TheMisteryNoob ʺ

    this tank has the same problem like the AMX 12t.. not many shells..

  43. Very nice Replay!!!
    And i love your comments Quicky, every time! Very good Job man!
    Greats from germany.

  44. i love how they make a tank that can do so much damage so easily and make
    it absolutely devastating with a downside of ammo because they dont want to
    let them carry too hard. Thats fuckin unfair that tanks are obviously way
    better than others and are balanced by the fact that they can not possibly
    have enough ammo.

  45. Jasonbiggsdark 490

    plz do a VK30.01 P replay/review plz i need to know what to put on it and
    how to play it

  46. i identify as a potato chip today

  47. yeah im one that likes the 3rd person because i can see everything and
    barely show any turret. its hard to get used to but once you do its great

  48. demilios fercudo

    He should’ve joined their platoon, Crucial Contribution medal

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