World of Tanks || Bat Chat 25 t AP (T9) – Tank Preview

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– Bat Chat AP. Today I’m looking at the upcoming Lorraine replacement the the .

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  1. this tank is terrible armour is terrible ammo is terrible gun is terrible
    unless at point blank range view range is terrible the only good thing is
    the mobility it’s like a amx 13 90 bumbed up one tier

  2. What do we learn from this video? The skoda t50 is op and needs a nerf. The
    Lorraine replacement is not really competitive. They should give it more
    view range and more ammunition.

  3. even worse than the already terrible lorry

  4. So, basically, just get a Skoda T-50? lol

  5. Simone “Draco” Lodi

    Worst than Lorr40t but make a lot more sense in the line. So sad for the
    4th crew member. That’s a big downside.

  6. Replace a shit tank with a worse tank?

  7. After about 20 battles experience on the test server with the Bat Chat 25 t
    AP, I think that it makes more sense as the tier 9 medium than the Lorraine
    40t. It is pretty effective but you must play within the new constraints.
    6 degrees gun depression, very low ammo capacity and truly zero armor. You
    need to make each shot count, ridge lines are difficult to use. Also the
    acceleration is not good, so if you want to scout, do it more as a passive
    scout. Overall I am glad I already have the tier 10 Bat and have this
    grind done.

  8. #NewIntro

  9. Are you on the sandbox server Quicky? If yes, it would be awesome to hear
    your comments!

  10. That 4th crew slot :/

  11. Pretty sure those “radiation” sounds are supposed to be the sound of a
    radio crackling and dying as you lose communication with the dead tank.

  12. this video is show the power of great CZ tank Skoda T50!!
    Bat Chat 25 t AP, already died.

  13. AMILIEN Clément

    French lights 1375 & 1390 are already not competitive enough, now they
    replace a bad one by a new bad one.

    When will it stop WG ? It is quite sad this fantastic branch is just
    becoming shit with the game evolution, what’s the point ?


    Do you think this is good or the lorraine

  15. Testserver?

  16. Maciej Zwoliński

    Have been your fan for the longest time, but please, stop reading stats off
    the screen. We can see them, and it’s extremely annoying when you waste few
    minutes. Talk about what your feelings are about stat changes, if the
    matter much or not, just like in your older vids. Otherwise, perfect
    commentary, just like every time.

  17. Please just tell me WG will change the number of crew members…..

  18. With the current skoda t50’s stats, there is no point in playing this tank.
    Stronk game balance WG

  19. Alessandro Zambetti

    what is favourite batman’s Tank?

    the bat chat

  20. its really annoying that it has 4 crew members compared to the 13 90 and
    tier 10 batchat only having 3. i am currently grinding the lorraine with a
    female crew for the batchat and sos wont work with this new tank

  21. 2nd game shows how fucked up the WN ratings are

  22. ie a 1390 with a 50100 gun?

  23. How do you get such a good tank graphics? Up close tanks images were very

  24. that new “radiation” sound sounds more like your team-mates radio got
    destroyed, along with the tank. :|

  25. I tried the bc 25 AP and i quite liked it, did 3k dmg each game, but came
    very close to being out of ammo a couple times.

  26. Great, another annoying french tank.

  27. Did WG introduce this 4 crew tank in the middle of a 3 crew tech tree just
    to fuck with everyone?

  28. i don’t know why it has 4 crew instead of 3 like other tanks in line. b-c
    has 3 and b-c ap 4. gj wg

  29. The Lorraine was a real tank that was actually built, so they decided to
    remove it and replace it with a tank that was only in blue prints and is
    even worse than the Lorraine in game?

  30. I’m glad I went for the amx 30

  31. ArachnoTheSpider

    I’d prefer the Lorraine, I’m pretty sure that a lot of Lorraine past and
    current users enjoyed the tank (I said a lot) but for some reason they
    remove it? Honestly WG, why not add the bat chat as an optional choice…

  32. So, there are complaints that the Lorraine is one of the worst tier 9s…
    so they replace it with a tank that is worse than that? fml

  33. aahaha wg really really hates french and British drivers dont they

  34. Fuck thr lorraind

  35. Benjamín Hudák

    Škoda T50

  36. Very good replacement, the small size of the thing as well as the much
    better camo already makes it the superior vehicle. Might actually buy it
    back if this hits the regular client.

  37. Well, I guess once again, they’re removing an existing tank and replacing
    it with something worse. RIP Aufklärungspanzer panther

  38. t9 amx elc?

  39. makiz the Macedonian

    if i noticed correctly, you have 4 crew members in the new B.C.
    So 3 in the 13 90 and 3 in the B.C tier 10. that’s some shit way to spend
    some gold.

  40. It pretty much looks like an AMX 1390 with a big head.

  41. 7:44 – 7:47

    f*ckin savage.

  42. Magnus Schwerdtfeger

    That is a hell of a lot of spotting

  43. I couldnt get bad chat 25t because of lorrein sucks now they give us that
    380 m view range omggg:(

  44. lorraine 40T, a tank that i was researching…. DAMN YOU WARGAMING I WAS SO

  45. Im glad that its not “Bat Chat 25t OP”

  46. Narimantas Sakalys

    Where do you play? ru has batchat for more then year, now i play on eu they
    have for some quite time, where do you play?

  47. I can’t hear the “team death noise”

  48. The Lorraine 40 t had a large body and a small turret, but the Bat Chat 25
    t AP has a large body AND a large turret haha!

  49. Hello QuickyBaby, I agree with the scout function (it’s not the first
    hybrid in the game) but since many maps are city maps that will not realy
    help. And you forgot to mention the additional crew member needed that will
    become needless on the tier 10 BC Using female crew members on my Lorraine
    I can’t even mix with male crews without loosing the benefit of bia. I have
    the luck to train 1 of my 2 spare female members in the CDC, but does it
    make sense? Why does WG remove a 3 crew tank to put a 4 crew tank in a 3
    crew line? It would be polite if you could tell us your opinion about this.

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