World of Tanks || Bat Chat Assassin

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Forsaken21 is going carry hard in the T10 French medium tank the Chat Assassin!

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  1. I hope you enjoy this BatChat replay as much as I did 🙂

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  2. Oh, a great time to decide to see if Quicky has any new videos up, I guess.

  3. Oh a nice abobox camping xD

  4. Fuck you Youtube. A 150Mbit Connection is unable to run 720p45?
    Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah right. 

  5. Devor110 aka. Bigcube

    45fps? that’s quite unique , haven’t seen it anywhere else

  6. +QuickyBabyTV when OBJ 263 review? or are u gonna do one? 

  7. Quickybaby could you show me how to use a T34 – 85 effectively please.
    because I have no clue how to, so show me how to use it please ( only if
    you want to)

  8. You should not put these videos up so close to your stream time. This vid
    usually just reminds me your stream is on and I go there and often i just
    forget to watch the vid. Prob because it to far down my subscriptionspage
    when stream is done.

  9. Can somone help me. I started to play WOT but i don’t understand what ammo
    should i use and when? I know there is normal, premium and high explosive
    but what is apcr? Thanks.
    Ps: Amazing video as always. Cheers.

  10. Someone_who_is_sad_and_will_die.

    Fucking autoloder! 

  11. na na na na na na na na batchat!!!!

  12. Hey. Quicky baby I have replay at batchat too. But I have a 9850 dmg and

  13. Do a video every day not in 3 days !

  14. Yeah… Autoloaders… not OP at all.
    Not at all, you hear me!?

  15. 45fps? 

  16. I think the best way to play the Bat Chat is:

    For the first half of the battle, you play the game as if you only have 1
    hit point, be very cautious and never trade health. Only fire at targets
    that are preoccupied or are reloading. During the second half of the battle
    when the enemy are spread out and their lines are thinning, you look for an
    opportunity to get around and flank. Finding targets exposed and on their
    own, with low enough health for you to be able to finish them in one clip.

    This tactic works pretty much every time. 

  17. Hey Quicky Baby could you give me a shout out in one of your videos that is
    my birthday on the 23rd of November. I love you videos! My name is Matthew
    and my World of Tanks is mdwtank11, thanks a lot!

  18. I really enjoyed especially when he sacrificed his teammate for a kill at
    04:00, really nice replay, indeed.

  19. I don’t like how the bat chat has some very broken camo. No really. It has
    more camo then any SCOUT in the game. Scouts are the ones that should have
    the most camo in the game not a medium.

  20. what a scrub move, waiting for the arty to aim in and kill his allies, he
    was reloaded he could have handled the arty but no. This player only gets
    good results because he sacrifices his team, 0 team play from him, mega

  21. I still don’t understand why are people taking heat in BC. I haven’t seen
    yet or had a situation where i would realy need that heat clip. It just
    makes it worse

  22. *Que le spectacle commence !!*

  23. Quickybaby you need to start playing world of tanks on xbox it’s so fun and
    maybe me and you could play together so plays do so.

  24. The most overpowered thing about the batchat is the accuracy on the move
    which is not really balanced nor realistic… Just saying

  25. APCHEATR shell? :)

  26. pls make some tutorial for teams tier 6 and how to counter the new strategy
    7 players with t49 or just some advice

  27. The miss on the T110E5 near the end illustrates my main problem with the
    Bat Chat. That would be an easy snap shot for the T-62a or Leopard. The aim
    time and accuracy on the BC is terrible for situations where you have to
    pop out, surprise your enemy, get off a quick shot, and return to cover.
    Also, one thing that rarely gets mentioned in relation to the BC is its
    slow shell velocity. The BC slings out slugs in a way that reminds me of
    the 76mm M1A2 gun on the Shermans. By far, it has the worst gun handling of
    any of the tier X mediums. This is why you always hear about how great it
    is in tank companies or clan wars and not for solo pubbing. It is very
    dependent on the team for good clipping situations that can reduce the
    issues with the gun. BTW, that reload time is agonizing in frontal/scouting

  28. I don’t like how he fired so many rounds on the move against other moving
    targets. He got very lucky those shots actually connected. Very good game
    though nice job.

  29. I’m new to your channel I’ve heard jingles mention you a few times just
    wanted to say hi and love the videos 

  30. jag-you-are.

  31. He talks about it right off the “BAT”. Clever quickybaby 

  32. great game but this game showed why I don’t have any HEAT in my BC

  33. Le assassin

  34. Procrastinator Desend

    No comments yet? Wow…. This is surprising…

  35. Minecraftster148790

    That first kill he got was not that risky using auto aim and if they r
    travelling sideways u should lead ur shot but if u use apcr then u don’t
    lead as much so auto aim should work with apcr

  36. BC24t or JGPZ-E100?

  37. Union Jack on a french tank? L’entente cordiale, bon dieu !

  38. Михайл Димитров

    Sometimes I really hate the autoloaders. When i play with IS-3 every time
    there will be one AMX 50 100 who sneaks behind me and one-clipin me with
    his 300 average

  39. Once I did this amount of damage with my ISU-152

  40. In a tank that’s not good at snap shots or shooting without being fully
    aimed he did 3 shots, 3 hits while traveling at 60kph on uneven terrain. He
    hits 28 of 29 shots fired in a tank with bad stats while shooting on the
    move. The 1 missed shot happened while he was not moving. Anytime the
    reticle bugs out on a replay is a clear sign that the person is using a
    illegal mod [AIMBOT] And you are supporting that by featuring that
    cheater’s replays. I had thought better of you. Anytime someone bring up
    cheating mods subject on WOT forum it get’s lock out by WARGAMING.

    Sidenote: AIMBOT allows autoaiming and aims in front of a moving tank to
    allow you to hit the tank while it is moving, Problem is replays show up
    with the reticle acting funny like in this video

  41. Well, this is totally diffrent game when you play on high graphic settings

  42. Exactly the thing that the GW Tiger did. I do this all the time with my
    SU-14-2 XD Because I am an artillery hater. And when clicking starts boring
    me, I load AP and go hunting :D

  43. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    i think that WOT should change some things about the auto loaders in this
    game(just my opinion). I think you the player should be able to load 2
    different types of shells at the same time, let say your tank has 4 shell
    auto loader, player should be able to configure their positions in the load
    out. 3 regular shells and 1 (gold or premium) shell or any variation that
    he player chooses; and be able to pick in battle what order you want, like
    in real life. Also when as seen in this video, when the player runs out of
    or has uneven number of shells that are availabe to him the tank should
    automatically load the remaining shells so that the rate of fire stays as
    stated for that tank, instead of loading 3 shells for 5 shell gun and
    waiting another 35sec? to reload again for the remaining 2 shells. just my
    opinion guys, let me know what you think, curious.
    Thanks for reading

  44. please put the quality of the videos back to 720p instead of 720p45. thank

  45. 3:34 E-100 shoots the ground, he “dodged” the shell lol

  46. @xray923 Care to explain how you cheat/hack WoT?

  47. 00.42 reticle go home youre drunk

  48. If you need heat in a batchat you suck at medium tanks imho
    “Ye but in the video you see otherwise” This guy had so many luck, not only
    with the clips, but full speed driving and penetrating, e100 missing, e5
    showing its side, no.. nvm

  49. this thing is the 50 100 of tier 10, no armour, high clip potential, low
    health pool

  50. T-62A, Obj 140 and Batchat, the holy trinity of tier 10 Mediums. Imagine a
    platoon of these 3. Absolutely positively balanced in Random matches,
    providing the drivers r any good.
    I’ve only played Batchat on the test server. Carry 2 clips of HEAT always.
    Not that many spaced armors for u to shoot at if u know where to aim or get
    into better positions where u don’t have to shoot at spaced armors.

  51. Batchat= Bat mobile on steroids, Maus= Block of german steel, IS-7 = 298
    eq. Frontal armor with a Lower plate bigger than your mom, E-100 =Burn baby
    burn! , AMX 40 = the armored duck, Luchs= *Meow* too cute! MBP= “Almost” as
    cute as the luchs,

    😛 i was bored.

  52. Man, them decals. =) 

  53. Geez, what’s with all these autoaim features?…..

    C’mon QB!

  54. can you do a gameplay review on the AMX 12 t I have been struggling allot
    with that tank

  55. Hey quicky!

    Are you going to be uploading any videos from the new clan wars campaign
    that you are taking part in? If not would you consider doing so?

  56. Got my 155-58 ammo racked once, reload was over 2 minutes. o.O

  57. i have such passionate hate for autoloaders they are waaaay to strong imo

  58. He didn’t show us optimal gameplay. he showed us how it’s like getting
    lucky. He made bad decisions and almost lost the game because he failed to
    just go and kill the E5 close range.

    It’s amazing that you would show us games where ok players get lucky
    instead of average games by elite players. or at least some of their 10k
    damage heists.

  59. Quickybaby, would you be interested in a tier X batchat carry? I managed to
    pull a bad looking game threw with the help of some amazing td support. In
    the final results I manage 9,000 spotting and 4,000 damage of my own,
    gaining about 1500 base xp.

  60. QB’s fav phrase: “but I digress”

  61. its an OP clean up tank 

  62. The BatChat: a faster version of the Waffle Dragon

  63. Sure he had a nice game but I can’t consider anybody who carries HEAT in
    the BC a good BC player.

  64. This was my first tier10 tank. And I Hated It !!!!
    I had HAD visions of 105mm rapid fire chain gun fury, flying low over the
    land and finally some real Armor (true only French armor but that allowed
    the hover properties) I’d fly from flank to flank and fire my canon as if
    it where a mini gun.
    I died as I rolled out of spawn circle to a speculative arty shot, and it
    went down hill from there. Recently, now that I have 10k+ battles and rely
    on my skills and the tank to be the tool that augments them with its own
    style. The BatChat is now one of my favorites and is my only t10 med.

  65. Was the video a bit jumpy?

  66. nice replay

  67. Grinding this line now, can’t wait.

  68. That e-100 was pissed i bet. fucking lucky bitch i would have gotten hit
    and those arty shots yea they would connected and killed me 

  69. Another bat mobile slaughter

  70. QB i have question… This replay was going so smooth, usually your videos
    hacking in wot sometimes u have 120hz screen now or what? :)

  71. Awsome gameplay!

  72. Is there any way how to turn off the “more fps”?? Because its killing my
    computer and I dont have a bad computer specs.

  73. Batchat,brutal medium..for me like one of op tanks if u know to play him

  74. It seems like French Ass in mobile LOL

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