World of Tanks – Bat Chat Cloaking Device

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  1. heyyyy

  2. This was amazing

  3. Reverse XVM-Focus Mod

    Purchase at ‘subscribe’ only $5 a month ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  4. lol what the fuck? can i have enemies like that?

  5. wtf that kranvagn ???? passing 2 times

  6. Gotta love Caravan Palace!

  7. Caravan palace music :D

  8. [-SBN-] OfficialTanker

    I’m surprised you haven’t 3 marked the Batchat, I thought it would be a
    main priority to get considering it’s so popular. Plus you like French
    autoloaders right?

  9. jimbeam the redneck

    Very nice hadnt seen that one this x5 weekend. Thanks for the experience

  10. i kill 140.. ?

  11. Beep boop beep, BOT_Kranvagn.exe has stopped responding

  12. How much gold does this camo cloak underpant cost ?

  13. Think you can do a video of you reverse sidescraping with the IS-4, IS-7
    and IS-3

  14. spotting has been broken lately, there was a game posted on reddit where an
    AMX (i think it was an AMX) drove right behind a type 59 and the type 59
    disappeared and stayed invisible till it died.

  15. Haha nice.. he just drive 2 times around You but how the hell he didnt
    notice that he miss you there xD There was few red and just You WTF xD Prob
    some old granpa ;)

  16. I can’t even

  17. U r one lucky man anfield. I wish I had nearly as much luck as u in wot.

  18. Hey Anfield, how can I send you a replay?

  19. wow so blind LOL

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