World of Tanks – Bat Chat Vetro

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Camo Mod –


  1. juicy memes

  2. I was lead to belive that the BC had a shit gun, but this replay clearly
    says otherwise. Noob Anfield l2pay

  3. Let me come up with new WG reroll name,,,,, Vefield_ Prime.
    This is game is quite educational, thx Anfield

  4. great commentary and game play Anfield. great to see vetro out and about.
    find these vids of yours helpful and interesting. keep it up

  5. No calculated Fadin’s. Unimpressed.

  6. Great replay.I.m a bit confused though. It shows vetro in Bulba in the
    replay, yet you said that he plays for Eclipse.
    what’s with that?

  7. Vetro Kreygasm

  8. Yep really smart play good video!

  9. how do u install the mod?

  10. can someone tell me what i need to do to install the WGL camo mod, anfield
    i think a video showing us would be much appreciated im sure i cant be the
    only one

  11. How do you get the HUD (Shell type/Names) so small? Mod or in-game setting?

  12. Akula?? lel no, that guy playing with Vetro is Zepherex

  13. heard discord sounds at 8:00
    smh I thought you were professional

  14. download from the WGL Skins link and inside the PLAYER folder and again
    inside the folder you will find a folder called scripts. Copy
    this inside your res_mods directory INSIDE the current version of the game.
    Then when in the garage you will see a menu in the bottom right corner.

  15. i dont carry any heat at all on my bat chat. I used to carry a clip but i
    lost too many games where i run out of ammo and had to fire heat. The heat
    crap characteristics plus the fact the shell is much slower in contrast of
    the standart APCR makes me feel that it simple does not worth it. In CWs i
    would carry a clip of heat in the hopes that i would absolutely have to
    fire into a hulldown e5 (never had to).

  16. Playing in probowl with vetro I realized that he is actually Jesus.

  17. He should’ve missed his 2nd to last shell and hit his last apcr round for a
    Fadin’s :^)

  18. cool game my best in bat chat 9,9k FeelsGoodMan

  19. hey Anfield , im grinding TVP and BC , but in ur opinion which is more
    worth getting first ?

  20. the bat arta got disconnected anfield

  21. anfield can you make a guide to making money? I’m always broke in this game

  22. Bruh that could have been such an EZ Fadins metal if he had just shot the
    second to last shell in the ground…

  23. Anfield: if a replay seems bugged, like not showing damage, just quit it,
    log in to your client like you were to play a battle, then log out and
    start the replay again and it will work and cleared from bugs.

  24. Anfield if the replay doesnt show the damage log, you can delete the game
    cache and preference file to fix it

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