World of Tanks – Bat Chat

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Source: Anfield

Alex Skrindo – Jumbo
Syn Cole – Feel Good


  1. Warcrimes incarnate

    Long time lurker, thanks for all the great content mang, hope this game
    doesn’t get too stale for you any time soon. Got a question I’ve never
    heard you answer though: Do you have any interest in tanks IRL, or is it
    just the gameplay that brought you to WoT?

  2. Indranil Muikherjee

    what are the name two sngs which you play on this replay.I liked the second

  3. Do your back and shoulders hurt? Because that looked like a hard carry…

  4. dat CDC


  6. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    How the fuck is this guy able to hit tanks at long ranges in a Batchat
    without fully aiming, mine can’t even hit shit at 100 meters.

  7. “go cap or something do something useful” what an ass…

  8. Love how the Jagtiger says to do something useful xD

  9. i like how it only is a first class

  10. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    i am bat chat

  11. When i saw the bounced shot off the t28 proto: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
    NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis

  12. No salty SOBs trying to get you kicked out of MO yet? Isn’t that a record
    or something?

  13. Frederick Schulze

    I like the ending. The T28 Prot shot was good too…but bad…ugh

  14. Bada Bing Bada Boom

    You are seal clubbing tier 10’s, there should be tier 15 for Anfield,
    clearly tier 10 is not a challenge any more. :P

  15. very nice replay – shame about the missed dive at the end! Horrible music
    spoiled it for me. Good gameplay is good to watch, but music is very
    subjective. I had to mute the sound, which was a shame. Maybe try having
    the music level lower than the in-game sound might help those of us who
    despise modern lift (elevator for you Yanks) music? ;)

  16. are you planning on 3marking the tvp50/51?? would be an interesting video

  17. Flyingspacepotato deadbambi

    could u next time also show the results?

  18. now i know how 2 BC :)

  19. Funny Ending nice game!

  20. A Filthy NPC Summon

    That was some really calm and flawless Batchat play. I probably wouldn’t
    have shot that IS-7 in the middle, but it paid off obviously. Luckily 9/11
    arty players are completely stupid.

  21. Is it just me or does the IS-7 repair it’s tracks suspiciously quick at 3:42

  22. This is like 1 in a lifetime …. watching those shots land directly where
    you aim them … SICKENING!

  23. Flyingspacepotato deadbambi

    if it had better accuracy stats itd be so much better, FeelsBatMan

  24. Congrats on 13k!

  25. Anfield, what do you think, which tier10 tanks are the hardest to 3-mark?

  26. OMG this vid’s quality hurts my eyes :(

  27. Such a great game. If you killed the e4 with that fall, that’s gonna be
    epic at its finest — light

  28. lol that bounce :P

  29. nuclearsharkattack

    You just hit 13,000 subs on the dot, grats Anfield. Great BatChat vid also,
    when ya gonna 3-mark it? ;-)

  30. Again nice video! Keep it goin dude! :)

  31. When the gun cooperates the Bat Chat such a nice tank:P

    Not my first choice of music but it’s non copyright ;/

    Also as of typing this I have 12,999 subs so thank you so much in advance
    for 13,000!

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