World of Tanks – BatChat 25T AP Gameplay – 9.15.1 Test Server

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Definitely will look for more gameplay throughout this weekend. Expect a video or 2 more of this tank simply because its actually pretty fun to play. The problem is fucking pubbies keep teamkilling me whenever i have a good :/


  1. Do you also comment on other people’s replays if they send it to you?

  2. Prefect timing for this tank to come out, only just got the 13 90 but it
    means i can get the batchat without playing the lorraine 40t. Result! :)

  3. wow came here to know about the tank not the game play … time wasted

  4. How did you get so good at WOT so quickly?

  5. You think that’s better than skoda or nah

  6. very nice video :)

  7. Probably going to replace the Lorr

  8. Butcher_ Bird_44

    Do you think it would be wise to go ahead and grind out most of the
    lorainne or wait until this drops? I mean I like this AP but I also like
    the L0orainne and have the majority of the grind after finally getting all
    the modules.

  9. when did that tank come out

  10. TheMightyPringles

    Don’t all things that make it on the test server make it on the live
    server? I know the ideas they have are now in the Sandbox ,but I figured if
    they made it past the entire idea stage and put into test server they would
    make it onto live server.

  11. ImNotMad_ImDisappoint

    T9 batchat… kewl.. maybe i’ll go back to believing that all tier 9s are
    better than their tier 10 counterparts cause right now the lorraine

  12. Looks like a bigger 13 90 but with the 5 round clip. Should be fun to play

  13. test servers up?

  14. Can you do a short review?

  15. nice game/video
    i just got my 50/100 and still haven’t unlock either tank from the 13/90
    but i do really like auto loaders its just that i got a t57 first and every
    other auto loader seems worse then it :P. i know most people didn’t like
    the lorr but ill never know if i would have. but this tank does look ok.
    ikr a lot of team kills on the test sever but i hear there’s a lot less on
    the sandbox idk why though.

  16. Whats your opinion on the crew setup for the tank and why do you think they
    added the extra person?

  17. So is this just a t9 batchat

  18. Vytenis Kajackas

    How do we get it? Its a replacement? Its a reward?

  19. Is this going to be a CW reward?

  20. waaaaaaaaaaaaaa its this thing

  21. I hate the test server soooooooo much. Its World of Teamkillers on that POS

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