World of Tanks || BatChat vs AMX 13 105

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – BatChat AMX 13 105. Today two of the fastest T10 autoloaders faceoff! Which is the better vehicle?


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. add physics to the game -> light tanks effectively got nerfed…. remove foliage from maps -> light tanks effectively got nerfed… rework artillery -> light tanks effectively got nerfed… release t10 light tanks… naaaah let’s nerf em some more :)))

  2. when I’m in seridan or t100 in tir8 mm. I feel like any tir 8 HT can scare shit out of me. but when I’m in OBJ140 or patton I feel like that 252y or IS3 need to be lucky to pen me once. also hit point 1400 1500 and spot range 390 c’mon. my t44-100 is better scout then t100

  3. WG will watch this and nerf BC 25 t


  5. one clip of heats is the worst loadout you possible can have in BC25t

  6. They should just reduce view range of all the tanks except the lights by about 10-15%.

  7. I’m at the batchat 12t. What teir 9 should I get?

    • GeekGW depends on what type you play best. 13-90 is a really good light tank. Amx 30 is really good medium with a bit of armor. Bat chat is a little of both. 13-90 and bat chat are high skill tanks where 30 is easier to play

    • first of all, research all of them so you don’t have to go back and buy the b-c 12t again just to get the other tanks. 13 90 is actually a really good tank for its tier, but the 13 105 just struggles with the balance issues. Batchat is a good tank if you know when to make a move, as it’s not a very forgiving tank with lower HP than all mediums (same with the TVP) a long clip reload, and minimal armor. AMX 30 B is like a typical medium but has a lot of dpm but is not a brawling tank like the soviet or Chinese mediums.

  8. Light tanks are poop now, Medium tanks are better scouts now.

  9. i like the way you got above them on the second game i never knew you could get up there thanks

  10. Sounds like Q.B. wants to go back to monster arty damage, and make lightly armoured scout tanks have better damage than all meds ?…

  11. This was perfect timing since I am grinding the tier 8 bat chat and have three options. I have a 58% win rate in it. Would you suggest it plays more like the bat chat tier 10 or the light tank?

  12. Light tanks do need something extra like special radio skills or built in synergy to make artillery more effective.

  13. We need the old artillery back, back to how it was, they had more of a role and so did the light tanks, like so Quickybaby can see 🙂

  14. Maybe if WG stopped giving every medium tank insane turret armor, better gun depression, and DPM maybe light tanks wouldn’t be as bad. As it is the mediums keep getting buffed and it raises the power creep(hence the introductions they made to “Super heavies”) and it has just made the power creep go from tier 9 and 10 to be insane levels. No tier 7 or 8 can compete with tier 9 and above tanks. They just get stomped and can do nothing in return.

    They need to reduce power creep. British heavies, my favorite heavy line so far, should NOT have a sub 7.50s reload. That’s fucking insane. It’s better than a goddamn E50/M AND LEO 1.
    Reduce power creep by making medium tanks have worse turret armor and lower there DPM. Only few meds should have good turrets. AMX30B is a joke right now with it’s turret/DPM.
    Then reduce heavy armor. Reduce penetration on PREM rounds. Remove all DERP guns. Fucking stupid ass idea that doesn’t belong.
    Finally make a 1 tier spread match maker. Prevent the power creep from getting into tier 7/8 matches and then in turn also helps the mid tier tanks as well.

  15. Cappers and Arty ruin the game

  16. “Just in case this t-49 hits me with his 19 millimeter gun” New gun for t49? time to grind it

  17. soviet t10 light t100lt its a good spotter,all the rest are useless if you compare them to their mediums counterparts…also you forgot to mention that high explosive at the bat chat dont always work while on the amx its sweet….

  18. Well nice comparison QB, I agree with you, there’s no point on having a light tank if you can do 90% of the job using a Media…
    And to see that a bit more I ask you this: can you do the same for the Leo 1 vs rhm panzer?

  19. i have the repair kit set to e then i tap 5 or whatever I need. Pretty fast, often its so fast I repair my tracks on accident.

  20. “Now they’ve made it so the light tanks have the full damage of the medium tanks.”
    *Rheinmetall Panzerwagen cries in the corner with its shit tier gun*

  21. 3:06 I do the same but for my fire extinguisher ^^, so it’s as fast as a automatic one :P.

  22. HE HAS PING 13 – 20 ms WTF!!!?

  23. Why is his ammo selection different to what we get on the SEA server?. We get AP and APCR

  24. Where can i get that retro skin he is using? xD

  25. QB how did you turn off the shot effects? Ex. Shot smoke/fire

  26. I like those vs video, to see what u more like. Good job keep it up

  27. QB talking about the lack of precision on both autoloaders. Yet even the reddest tomato in WoT hits without even being fully aimed in the tracks 90% of the time. try this in a german tank. precision is just a number.

  28. dude u talking too much

  29. I have been set on fire without having any module damage at all. No fuel tank or engine damage.

  30. Old batchat

  31. Still makes no sense to play a light tank when medium tanks literally have better view range, more firepower, as well as armour and slightly less, but still good manoeuvrability.

  32. fuck you. so what you want is tiny medium tanks? they are fucking light tanks. light. not medium tanks. they are supposed to spot stuff not go out there and kill everything. nerf the view range of all medium tanks!

  33. Not even to mention that before the tier 10 light tanks, the BC 25t was the best tier 10 light in the game.
    And it still is.

  34. 7k spot damage in charioteer on swamp map it was hillarious

  35. BatChat is still the best light tank in the game.

  36. That tone of the French female voice for “c’est parti” though… Sounds like grandma talking to grandson instead of hyping the rest of the crew to fight valiantly… Maybe it’s just me…

  37. Speaking of view range, who convinced WG that all nations only drafted people with myopia to man their SPG’s…

  38. Hmm… I have the small extinguisher bound to a mouse button right nexxt to my thumb instead. It’s almost like having an automatic extinguisher.

  39. Excellent comparison work. Nice…

  40. Well scout would be ok if they stop making corridoor Maps and buff view range or camo

  41. why is he comparing a light tank and a medium ? it is a large difference tho

  42. Personally the Lights are supposed to be scouts who cannot out spot the equivalent tier mediums and even some heavies… they need to do a nerf on most tanks with regards heavies and mediums allow scouts to scout and mediums and heavies do their job… it’s getting ridiculous lets make Tier IX and X light tanks and then nerf them into the floor…

  43. word of the day, `abysmal` :))

  44. LT’s should be spotting but WG nerfed and they are now worse than medium tanks as a scout WTF??

  45. OP OP OP OP

  46. Bada Bing Bada Boom

    2:49 or you can just use a cheat mod to automatically repair you fuel tank without you doing anything, cause you know, WG doesn’t care about cheaters.

  47. Right now I’ve just stared playing the Bat chat tier 9 and I’m really not doing well at all. I’m really nervous I’m going to get off to a really bad start and hate the tank. Well we shall see. Regarding the lights….All the things you are saying are the reasons you don’t see many tier X lights. If you do its invariably the AMX13 105. Now I dint have any tier X lights yet but that’s because I have consciously decided not to grind my 9s very hard. I just play them for fun occasionally. I maybe will go hard for the WZ because that looks like a beast.

  48. my country mod amx to 150mm ?

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