World of Tanks – Battle For Redshire

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  1. I thought this would be a fun way to showcase one my favourite looking HD maps, Redshire. Let me know what you think, don’t scrutinise the alternate history too much I just needed some context lol. Thanks to the dudes that helped me – cryspy, ace, legendary, and taroon

  2. First like

  3. Those Leos had stormtroopers as gunners

  4. Awesome! 😀 There is a way to make the free cam movements smoother though, but I don’t remember what key it is.

  5. pretty good

  6. Wow, impressive indeed. You spent more than a couple minutes on that lol, must have taken a lot of work.

  7. Nooo why did the germans loose lol

  8. Achtung, wir werden angegriffen! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  9. Anfield is a nerd.

  10. Good job mate.

  11. I just wanna ask why are u overhyping those hd maps ? #nh

  12. Well made. Would have been better with more tanks.

  13. Woow..HE always deals damage Kappa

  14. Nice touch how you used the soundtrack which isn’t in the game anymore 🙁 the last one is amazing.

  15. “german accuracy”

  16. Best documentary on the internet Anfield.

  17. have to say Redshire sensational, just need to add an English pub called the Kings Arms and its perfect. Of a small note, surely it would be E50ms not leopards?

  18. Hope the real thing looks this good. I just got my sandbox invite and can’t wait to have a go.

  19. If I could use copyrighted songs I would of published the one I made with Supermarine from the Dunkirk movie, was pretty sick not gonna lie

  20. 0sh00tme0 World of Tanks Gameplay

    Best YouTube video I have watched in awhile. Excellent work!

  21. nvm, nice cinematic, why only mediums?

  22. This isn’t Kamasylvia

  23. Great intro.

  24. There are WAY TOO MANY walls along side the roads on these new HD maps. And the bushes have a weird effect when you drive through them. Overall, the new maps do look nice.

  25. That was very cool. Beautiful map and a great story to highlight it. Bravo!

  26. You have a future as a director! That was super awesome to watch.

  27. Is captain price ok?

  28. Marshall Allshouse

    I picked up very quickly that this video was showing off the new graphics, and they do look very good
    Regardless of that, this entire video was fantastic, this was a ton of fun to watch!
    The alternate history was actually really cool too, I love seeing hypothetical WWII battles, as WWII is one of my favorite parts of history to study.

  29. Dude, well done. It’s like watching a Hollywood movie, enemies can’t aim and the good guys always win

    Also, it would be a crime if you didn’t cast Cry as one of the Leo drivers :^)

  30. Do you think that turtle strats in game modes like advances should be minimized by the removal/change of certain features on maps?

  31. Notsogoodguitarguy

    Damn son, Anfield’s roleplaying game’s on point

  32. fucking brits pls nerf

  33. @Anfield, that took a ton of work. Excellent way to showcase the new and graphically improved maps. I particularly liked the tanks in the streams. The graphics there really jumped out of the screen. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Well done.

  34. 10/10 would grind the Leopard 1 only to regret it

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