World of Tanks Battle Pass is Pay to Win?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks just announced a new Pass which includes a special module that will make you fire 2.5% faster.


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, vents a toolbox.


  1. But the bounty rammer may make me hit the target 2.5% more often. So I am not sure I really see the distinction. At least conceptually

  2. Seems like it will make WoT a little more toxic, now some people take the game very serious this will just turn it up to 11+ some games are a disaster I can see this only bringing out the worst in people.

  3. they try to get the gold and credits out of the game which they sold on cristmas boxes 😉

  4. Battle passes do something more, they make you log in every day so it’s a double whammy for WG. Since you spent money, you’ll feel that you have to make sure you get what you paid for. I’m not interested in having the game decide when I play. If I don’t buy a battle pass, I get a “choose your free time pass” instead, and in my opinion, the latter is worth a lot more. So this is a no-brainer.

    About QB’s call for people to not buy this, I have little faith unfortunately. There’s a reason why all these games install battle passes and it’s because they work; people buy them. We come back to the same thing as always: If it’s there, mainstream consumers will buy it no matter how outrageous. The whales are the customers these companies want. It’s simply the model that makes them the most money, and the mobile market has shown them the way. Games that the mainstream plays are no longer designed for the rational.

    So what am I doing here? I am already suffering. I never fire gold and I never buy tanks. I play “non meta” vehicles and expect that smart plays and a monthly premium should be all that I need. It’s a fair alternative to a subscription model or a pay to play. This is as we know laughably naive at this point, and it will continue to become even more so. It’s been many years since I played last and I expect that once my current premium runs out, I’ll be gone forever.

  5. Stephane Texereau

    6500 is really far too expensive… they could sell 20 times more if it were a third of the price… I am ok to pay to support the game but that is really stealing….

  6. Naah, i spend many into this game, but the battle pass isnt worth it at all

  7. Im not complaining since im just a free player, plus you have the choice not to pay for it and its pretty much fine for me except for the bounty equipment pretty shit even for my standards. Its much better to have new camo that change the effects(not the stats of the tank) or appearance of the tank since most wont be bothered by it because there is an option to turn off non historical. All in all its between bullshit and Pile of shit for my opinion. Lol

    Edit: Still not enough to make me quit lol

  8. IWasBornAFreeGreek

    highway robbers

  9. Hey QB I just dont agree with You and here are some reasons:
    – My definition of pay to win is, when you pay you will win and nobody can guarantee that if you pay this 6500 gold you will reach level 45
    – You said that You pay 6500 gold just to fire faster for 12,5% , think that wasn’t correct. This includes 4M extra credits, 19 more premium days, more crew experience, 15 personal reserves for 50% more credits, 318 more universal fragments, 50 more national fragments
    This means You practically can unlock 2 tier X vehicles of each nation (England and Russia) and for some average players this means 200 – 300 battles with every tier IX
    – And last thing is that there is option, nobody forces you to pay this, if somebody want all these extra stuff that I described in first part of this comment it is his choice. 15 days of premium is 7€, 4M credits is 10 000 gold, personal reserves for credits you cant buy anywhere only receive it in some missions and last thing is time that somebody need to unlock tier X or even to skip some bad tanks in tech tree (like TVP VTU) with this universal and national fragments

    Dont get me wrong i really like Your work on Youtube and Twitch but with this I cant agree, only mine opinion…..

    Best regards
    nick in game : _shtekara_

  10. yea pay and you wil be beter then oder

  11. Pounds and dollars, are none of currency used in europe , just saying 🙂

  12. Geez…WG has added so much (IMHO) BS stuff since the last time I played it in August 2016. Can’t say that I like that. Too much additional complexity.

  13. pay 6.5k gold to play 6 matches every day for 3 months.. no thx wg

  14. i have a lot of gold from lootboxes in stock i think i purchase this improved rewards just for the training books and the rammer is nice bonus ! i prefer spend 3Mio credits to upgrade instead to give 5k bonds for an improved equipment ! but yes its pay to win…sad but true…if i didnt have the amount of gold in stock i will never purchase it extra for it !!
    keep going your job QB !!

  15. But only if you have that tank so as normal …..unemployed ..children and youtubers can do this only ..

  16. We love your decision to be righteous, keep it that way and G will bless you, and reason for that new stuff in wot is because he is losing players because of cod warzone

  17. Well, all this is kinda fault of community, if you were not stupid and bought all the shit they feed you with…

  18. How do you use these fragments ..??? 28 hours of this or that is that you have to play for 28 hours with out a break ??

    Premium account ….i am at work for 12 hours.2 hours commuting 3 hours cleaning feeding kids
    And 8 hours sleeping so premium account is a waste of money

  19. It is tue Same with Frontlinie: in you did Not Bus a progetto or panhard ebr, you have a Hard Time to finish General

  20. That’s a lot of money for not a lot of product… and you have to grind to unlock it? Wow. No thanks WG.

  21. Илиан Авджийски

    2500 gold every month is not enough and now more money?no thank you.but I love the fact QB says the things direct in the face

  22. Hell has frozen over, I agree with QB… I will need a lot of handsanitizer to ever feel clean again.

    Alas, I stopped playing a while ago when it became clear the game was never going to get fair, but was moving in the opposite direction.

  23. I need attention, let’s create another drama video on youtube.

  24. The passive player base is a result of past ‘non-passive’ players voting with their feet/wallet and leaving the game. The remaining players are more likely to accept the situation. I almost gave up the game a few months ago because of the pay to win reality and the rammer pushes me in that direction again.

  25. Hahahaha more ways to take money from blind morons

  26. Matze Gehtdichnixan

    QB is upset, WoT is p2w in 2020. But this is old news.

  27. yes is pay to win and is more and more clear now . and i play only 7 years but im tired of this promises fix game and balance tank but they put more things to make us be whales for them . and in frontline you can see how game is so unbalance all is EBR and autoloaders and autoreloaders . and many tanks is so out dated in current met game .

  28. I_Love_Top_Gear 334

    When you pay for improved battle pass in PUBG you get cosmetic addons
    When you pay for improved battle pass in WoT,you get more effective in the battle.
    NICE WG!

  29. Boo hoo, 2.5% faster reload… Jesus christ, wot community is the whiniest community I’ve ever seen.

  30. Bloody outrageous. All i want is to play for free and here they advance with their PAY TO WIN notion. QuickyBaby at least you are a very important player in the community with a strong voice so please help us out.

  31. Wargamming stop this p2win battle pass !!!!!

  32. You should have premium battle pass given free if you have premium account

  33. Dear Wargaming, GET BENT!!!…………..

  34. Moan moan ….. Since I’ve stopped following QB and followed some other streamers I’m enjoying the game again . Your constant negativity is ruining the game as well imo

  35. Another problem with this battle pass compared to others in other games is that there is no gold for you to carry on to the next battle pass for free. Games that have a battle pass rewards the constantly active players with the in game premium currency to purchase the next BP where as this battle pass you must pay every time a new season comes out. As well as the battle pass being very expensive at 6,500gold. It is not worth it in my opinion.

  36. dislike WG , like QB

  37. came back few months ago, the emnled system killed my interest last time, maybe u boycut WG once more, sure im a paying player, but P2W sucks.
    and i think WG can just read comments in this video to get community opinion from 1213 players 🙂

  38. Question: Anybody knows if this Battle Pass is starting on Russian servers also?

  39. I really don’t know why the community is not more annoyed about this

  40. wow so much cry about 1 gun ramer :DDD go cry to corner QB !!!!

  41. More wg bullshit. No surprise here.

  42. Kristian Fagerström

    I used to plat WoT because I enjoyed it. I quit at Rubicon. Got back in when they made gold rounds available for credits. Took a three moth break over the summer after the complete silence on EU sandbox forums during ammo tests. Took a four month break after they introduced Scorpion G. Got back into it WG started to actually communicate with EU playerbase – via proxy, but still – going in the right direction – and now this.

    WoT was pay-to-win (gold ammo) from the start, but has shown an understanding for the necessity to be play-for-free – switching god to credits, and the original premium tanks (better than corresponding stock tech tree tanks – worse than elited techtree tanks, but great creditmakers and crewtrainers), but constantly strays back over the line – new prems (better in every way shape and form than techtree) lootboxes etc.

    I keep advocating for WG to go full pay for cosmetics – and keep all actual performance items open for free-to-play.

    The grindfest missions that WG runs is actually in line with that. I _could_ play every free hour of my life and pick up all the juicy stuff. It _is_ available for free – but the constant marathons makes it feel like going to work – I’m not playing because I enjoy it if I’m forcing myself to play x more games a day, so I don’t fall behind on the marathon ladder for rewards.

    Doing something unenjoyable in order to recieve something of value is work – and the hourly wage is pretty damned abysmal (for nonstreamers). And I find that I am much less inclined to play at all, or when I do, I choose vehicles and playstyle in order to minimise the reuired gametime in order to get the reward – so WG is conditioning me to avoid playing and only play as efficiently as possible.

    I understand that their business plan is to get as many players as possible to log in every day for as long as possible, but they are using enjoyment and longterm sustainabiliy as the currency that pay for short term player activity numbers.

    WG – You are creating an environment where more and more of your customers are beginning to dislike paying for the services you provide. Some time back, I never thought twice about bying some gold for retraining a good crew, I mean its free to play, and I just wanted to keep the xp, all well and good. These days I retrain for credits because I dislike encouraging the business model that WG is practicing.

    And now this battle pass grindfest. That has game stat items behind a paywall, that requires the average player to play 767 games (avg 3pts/game 2300 req) to get max. level.

    And lets remember that this is running parallell with Frontlines.

    WG I believethat your idea is to encourage me to play more so I can get the blingy stuff, but you are actually disincentivizing me from playing, because:

    when I think of WoT I no longer associate it with fun, relaxing free time enjoyment.

    I associate WoT with work – not fun, and efficiency calculations so I can work less and still get the payment – And with spending money in order to have to work less. Tedious grinding. Greed. Pay to win. Pay in order to get through the tedious grinds faster.

    I wonder – Is this _really_ the image that WG wants WoT to have?

    Does it seem reasonable that anyone would want to bring in friends to a tedious grind that is actually work that you have to pay to do?

    Battlepass – makes me consider taking a break from WoT for the entire duration – not because WG is giving me free stuff, but just thinking about it makes me want to do something else.

  43. So, the progetto 46/defender/ebr and bonds u (can) buy for cash, thats not pay to win. Lol.

  44. yeah im pretty sure the bounty rammer means nothing you people are crazy.

  45. You should see the RAID:SHADOW LEGENDS battlepass, it’s 25 bucks

  46. Perhaps WG needs to boost the profits to satisfy the investors to continue to survive but it is getting too obvious that current state of game is indeed Pay to Win. I am getting worried that financial situation for WG is not healthy so they are really in need to monetize everything they have ?? Very fun and good game but they are losing lots of respects from the community and following failure models of MMO in the past.

  47. And you wonder why I don’t care that much fot Frntline, well I’m sure as hell not going to give them money, gold, or credits! up yours WG, I pass on this type of monetary nonsense in the game!
    Sounds awful expediencies to obtain these special prizes, for 4 months,well screw that noise!

  48. In my opinion this is not pay to win. Why ? Because you are also able to get those modules as the improved Equipments. So what is the problem ? You can also easily play tier 10 and you will earn bonds to get the improved Equipments. I don´t get your point and hardly disagree with your opinion to be honest…. one of the first times this happens.

  49. If this game isn’t dead, it will now.

  50. QB the voice of conscience in these greedy days of WG. tbh i hope WG have to pay for their greed by blending players to rival games. Totally agree with everything QB says. I second you QB.

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