World of Tanks – Battle Royale Mode First Look

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Source: Anfield

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  1. Just when you thought it was over with the BR craze….
    Quick upload of my first game, I will make a more detailed look at it after if you’re interested. The mode was, weird, but was kinda fun, I still need to learn all the details of the mechanics.

    • Anfield good point, but still…tommorow is the 1st of april

    • i dont mind the br craze and i think this mode looks fun. if it releases tommorow ill be more than happy to play it. hopefully we can get some nice rewards playing it like exp boosters that would be nice

  2. This is true?

  3. *how to make trash even more shit*

    • It’s not even bad

      The BR is fun to play

      You just get a tier 10 and then brawl it out in the middle of the map

    • >it’s not even bad
      >World of Tanks

    • You are one of those players full of hate who doesn’t like the game anymore. Just leave the community then. I left the game for obvious reasons but seeing something new that might work isn’t negative. You don’t even know how it works, still call it shit.

    • Hating on WoT and WG is a popular thing. Seeing players whine even when WG does something is not really a surprise.

  4. Didn’t even win, what a pleb

    For real though, I actually had fun in this game mode which was surprising. Providing they give it a worthwhile reward so there’s a reason to play it (not a reward tank like Rampage had, but a significant credit reward for winning/the higher you place) then it might actually not be dead content upon release.

  5. This is sad. They killed off the game I loved so much back in the day, now its gold spam rush fest. And now this, battle shit royale. Im done with it.

  6. It’s actually really fun
    With a bit more work it could be really good

  7. I do enjoy this mode of WoT.

  8. A lot of people will argue that world of tanks doesnt need this, or that battle royale isnt really a gamemode which is compatible with tanks, i havent tried it out yet but, from what i’ve seen, looks fun and i’m definetly excited.

  9. Well at least you don’t need to play with monkeys

  10. Akuretaki Nikolay

    i want arty in this gamemode 😮

  11. No arty mode

  12. Hmm, seems like another attempt by WG to improve people’s game experience, but will end up as just a momentary distraction that will eventually become another failed game mode. Will still give it a shot if it goes live I suppose.

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