World of Tanks || BATTLE ROYALE

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m looking at a mysterious game mode available on the sandbox server: BATTLE ROYALE!


World of is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 0% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.



  2. this looks realy realy good. i think WG should keep an eye on it and keep going to work on it.

  3. I feel like they should always be spotted (w out the overlays such as name or tank logo etc) and it’s up to the player to be able to actually see people for himself like in the other royals games. Also maybe change “staying alive” to “enemies remaining” or “enemy vehicles alive”

  4. Before I even watch the video; Seriously Wargaming? Seriously??

  5. fooled by randomness VON

    Wot +pubg

  6. That was one salty stream yesterday,…

  7. At least MM is fixed…..

  8. SomeRandomGuy SomeOtherRandomGuy

    I am confident that this is a 1 april event. Altough I hope that the spotting mechanic will be implemented later on.

  9. That could be great, but like he says it needs some modifications.

  10. “Hardcore Rammer” is a great porn name.
    Other than that, I don’t really care about the game mode but the spotting mechanic seems very interesting.

  11. i see quicky baby staying clear of the of the controversial extravaganza comp, stop sucking up to wot mate, 8 days and you give us content not in line with all the cheating going on now with that dumb comp

  12. My prediction, this game mode won’t last.

  13. ofc WOT had to do this to. Get on the BR hype wagon before it dies. Then again.. it’s WOT. 90% will camp and wait for damage to come to them anyway vs looking for shit. So idk why they think this will work. And never move until they 100% have to when the area shrinks.

  14. this is actually very cool

  15. So, basically a deathmatch mode as in pretty much every shooter in it’s “last man standing” / “king of the hill” variety when there are no respawns.

  16. They will all camp near the zone this will not be fun at all.

  17. You mean to say, if you had Today started playing World of Tanks, you’d have raged too? Enough to quit playing?

  18. Mods batlle new

  19. What about a World of Tanks RTS?
    I think that’d be way more interesting and different.
    And they could make that into a mobile game too and get some cash, everyone wins!

  20. finally some interesting gamemodes in WOT. Might play again for the first time in ages.

  21. this would be better if u start of in lower tier, tier 9 light tanks have to much health to justify fighting until the end

  22. that spotting mechanig would be perfect for normal gameplay

  23. Awful. Just awful.

  24. I hope that is not going to be a permanent gamemode beacause this gamemode doesn’t really fit in WoT

  25. Love the wording on this. -20% Bad Dispersion from Hardcore Optics xD

  26. Adamboulahia17 Adam2015

    u havr battle royal. here in mobile blitz. WE HAVE WORLD OF DUCKS. game mode

  27. I must admit, this is actually pretty cool. I couldn’t care less about the fancy graphics but this looks somewhat positive.

    Edit: THIS. THIS MODE RIGHT HERE. What has been ruining wot for the last couple of years is the fact that WG was trying to reduce the impact one single player can have. This mode is all about personal skill. No team to get frustrated on, just you and RNGesus.

  28. Not interested in this new game mode. I also like the strategy part of WoT, not just the arcade thing.
    Why not do random fights, 15 versus 15 on a large map, and make it half an hour long. One objective (building or cap circle) in the middle.

  29. Hidde Van Der Beek

    It has his problems but i absolutly love this game mode just won withe e50m rely hope this mode is here to stay!!!

  30. this is like war thunder.nice.2 games in 1

  31. i think it looks very cool

  32. Hidde Van Der Beek

    I would sugest to wargaming that you only hap to pay rapair cost for all rhe tanks you used in the batle caus i mean you find the amo so…

  33. I want new maps not terrible gamemodes

  34. One of the best and saltiest streams ever

  35. April 1st or Easteregg? 🙂

  36. Really? No different guns? Makes it feel so monotone…

  37. Good Video, i’d love to see a Tank/Ship Royale in future.

    Your Patch Notes

    1. Agree – But Technically you should start with nothing (an idea could be to increase track health)
    2. Agree – I noticed on Stream you were upset because Repairs was on 7 key
    3. Agree – That’s what happens on Fortnite/PUBG, Once a player dies, their loot drops
    4. Not sure what that means (Understanding Problems)
    5. Agree – However if you pick up a new gun, you get the new ammo but theirs the option to pick up the Old Weapon for everyone
    6. Disagree – I think rewards are okay as they are but people recover too much health in this mode, I know PUBG/Fortnite has Bandages however, it’s limited – Perhaps everyone starts off with 1 Bandage to recover 20% HP then you only get healed for Kills for 10% of your HP and then could have a Bandage Upgrade, Shouldn’t recover Health for Repair Kits (First Aid may be ok as First Aid is about Healing so that could be the Bandage)
    7. Agree – in Fortnite/PUBG, If you enter the Storm, you have a damage over time which will kill you
    8. Agree – I noticed Sniper Mode in your Stream
    9. Not Sure – Other games i’m not sure has Auto Aim as would be OP, could be wrong though

  38. I find this interesting

  39. Fuck this Battle Royal Shit

  40. Pahlavonjon Odilov

    Quickybaby what happen to your Dream Streams?

  41. I just tought to myse;f “They should add this shit to WoT”… Well I is going to be added afterall… for 1 day … 😀

  42. am i the only one who got the diggy diggy hole reference? simon would be disappointed if i am

  43. When you kill a tank, you de you destroy the moduls. When you upgrade your tank you cant keep old ammo, because new gun, and you need choose between better armor or more ammo, its good. I think is good logic.

  44. I hope its a troll. Certainly looks like it.

  45. Hidde Van Der Beek

    I love this map caus you can climb almost evry mountain and that als doesn’t make the heavy tanks overpowered

  46. Please no

  47. Circonflexes once said in a live stream that a free for all would be the most biased game mode

  48. Twisted Metal anyone?

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