World of Tanks || Be My Valentine

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Valentine II. Today I’m playing in the T4 Soviet premium the Valentine II and making an unexpected friend at the end of the game.

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  1. You gotta Czech your facts, bruh

  2. abdulkara means in arabic slave of shit..litterly

  3. IMO That is one of the worst tier 4 tanks. Just OP. as is the Pz B2

  4. “Butt hatch”. Hehehe

  5. Fav low tier light tank? oh, they should be the T2light and Locust. haha. they’re just so fun to play with.

  6. 13:50 You were going to say “Make him wet,” weren’t you QB? ;3

  7. Jesus Christ talk about seal clubbing!

  8. since when the STvz. 39 is a Swedish tank QB? :v

  9. Quickybaby!!! You don’t have a review of the tiger 2 on your channel!!!

  10. Love the T-127 tier 3 premium tank. Nice armor. Decent gun. Decent speed. Like a mini-t-34.

  11. wait, but my closed beta or closed alpha account or whatever it was got banned and deleted 1 week after, same happened to my fathers account. why did yours not get deleted? -.-
    i had 800 games v
    back then, should have gotten a cool premium tank :/

  12. ya big bully 😛

  13. I just love the T-45

  14. The Valentine is Good and all until a Hetzer comes along

  15. that end game tho… hahahaha

  16. Александар Кнежевић

    Hope the su 5 saw this 🙂 also can you make videos of bad replays saying what people did wrong?

  17. Valentine II was my first prem ever too and now I have 7.7k games of WoT and still enjoy it

  18. Guys for all the content he puts out for us, lay off his back with that one little mistake

  19. That was a beautiful ending. never see teammates play together like that anymore

  20. The tier 4 tank in the end was not a swedish tank

  21. it was so unsatisfying that u didnt take that shot at the end 😀

  22. The capture stopped at 69….

  23. Fun replay. Thanks QB.

  24. awsome- poor SU5
    -and nice nationality identification QB

  25. whose face has qb used to make that cupid in the thumbnail please let me know!! I ve been seeing that face everywhere

  26. I lover to play the cruises MK. IV. Sneek to a tank and shoot four rounds in it. Lovely.

  27. I played the beta… I didnt get shit.. not even the 5 year badge.. coz I was late at finding out when it launched. ;(

  28. My favo low tier prenium is the T-127 it has good armour and is fun

  29. Please do another type 59 gameplay

  30. GG ABDUL

  31. Please subtitled. Your videos to pt-br. I like your videos, but I do not understand anything you say.

  32. t127 is better

  33. that’s not how u pronounce Abdul qb.its a Muslim name ur supposed to be pronouncing it like abdool and not like abdal

  34. Everyone makes mistakes guys ??

    We’re all human… at least… I hope so

  35. Hey quickybaby
    Nice video???
    Just next time the St vs. 39 is a Czechoslovakian tank!

  36. M4A2E4 Sherman is the beta tank had to have over 1000 battles.

  37. A lot like the Pz B2 740??????? the PZ B2 740 is so good at its tier its just another PZ 2 J but cheaper and higher tier.. QB get your facts right.

  38. is it possible to find how many battles I played during closed beta?

  39. I watched ur stream when u did this 😀

  40. Man I can’t wait for the French Heavies in Blitz

  41. Well, you should play more lower tiers QB, that would allow you to not confusing Czech tanks with Swedish ones 😛

  42. lol… 2nd best end of a battle I have seen!

  43. My best tank is Matilda. Not too fast but has an incredible gun 1:50 second with filling and enough ammunition that can fight even against VI.

  44. i have played 2k battles in the beta but i dont know what was the reward 😀

  45. lolololololol ><

  46. I never laugh that much in a QB replay. 😀
    Srly! 😀

  47. I have an AMX 40 and I deflect tier 7

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