World of Tanks || Before it was Nerfed – ELC AMX

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks ELC AMX – let’s check out the French tank, before it was nerfed!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. I wish they’d left the ELC as it was and put it at tier 6, and dropped the AMX 12t back down to tier 5 (where it was before the tier 10 mediums were added).

  2. i love this tank love to kill it that it

  3. Lol the map was better to play as well

  4. I used to love the ELC. It was my all-time favourite tank. I always did well in it, although I never had a good crew. It was my first tank that I 3-marked. I never played since the patch again. 🙁

  5. We tend to truly appreciate the things we own the moment they’re taken away from us.

  6. Before it was nerfed – E25 please!

    Oh, wait… -.-

  7. Many of the light tanks would have been comparable to the other tanks at their tier before the many nerfs.

    The elc got r@pped too hard, whilst I admit it’s old state would have been too Good, all they needed to do was slightly reduce the pen (150 or 140 maybe) and a small reduction to mobility yet they went to town.

    A premium bulldog with the old 75mm autoloader needs to be introduced as it was a very unique tank that wasn’t overpowered as it did have some weaknesses such as armour and the reload meant it could be taken down.

    The amx12t was crap Before, now it’s worse.

    The sp1c was crap Before, now it’s worse (again).

    The chaffee used to be a traditional light tank that could bomb around the battlefield and just chip away at enemy heavies when the opportunity arose. However now it’s slower, less mobile and it’s gun is atrocious.

    The t37 also isn’t it’s its former self either, come on.

    And then there’s the tier 8 French replacement, the bc12t. A tank that has worse dpm than the tier 7 and just can’t do its job of having small bursts often enough to make a difference without being punished for it.

    Overall wargaming cannot balance their own game. Arty are now more effective at shotgunning light tanks than punishing camping tds or heavies, the alleyway maps and camping in the game due to smallish maps (And no we can have bigger maps, just look at 30v30 maps size). The super heavy meta and high tier derp guns just ruin most strategy, lightly armoured tanks and the removal of a lot of bushes means that you can very rarely use camo, or when you can it’s useless as it’s at the back of the map where you won’t shoot at anything and you won’t get shot.

    Sorry for the ranty nature of this post but this game used to be brilliant, now it’s just an arty vs heavies game in most situations.

  8. Why didnt wargaming put the light tanks one tier higher and gave them normal matchmaking? They wouldnt even need to change the tanks (ruin the game for light tanks)

  9. Loved the ELC it was awesome af.. Now its just a useless piece of metal in my garage

  10. Before it was removed

  11. I threemarked it right before it was nerfed :/ 🙁

  12. No Names On My Mind

    Feels like it doesn’t even aim tho

  13. They raped Hellcat, ELC, and probably few more epic machines… Sod bloody WoT! Play War Thunder, that is only way to restore balance, and prevent Wargaming from forcing “pay to win” policy. Got enough of this only from watching QBaby, Jingles and Circon, prefer to drop them a quid or two than…

  14. WG, Fk you, thts all

  15. Was my favorite tank… :/

  16. No Names On My Mind

    I remember the only reason why i picked french light tanks is because of this little monster.

  17. Oh how I miss my ELC……. But the AMX 12t is freaking amazing now, so I guess that kinda makes up for it…..

  18. Would be nice to see the old T30 when it was a heavy

  19. Taatelipuu mainittu torilla tavataan!

  20. they really screwed up by not just moving up the light tanks one tier up…

  21. rip the french go-kart

  22. Owh.. I miss those times #BuffELC

  23. A little bit Intellectual

    And now the amx 12t before it was nerfed…. My favorite tank, nerfed into even bigger unusefullness….

  24. Good old days!

  25. I still love this tank i 3 marked it after it was nerfed but on my main acc i had it for a long time it was so fun to play Wargaming nefred the heck out of it!

  26. Before it was nerfed KV-1S please

  27. They messed it up :((( … I was about to get my 3rd mark and now i just dont want to think about playing it

  28. I mean
    A bit better deispersion
    Reload increased by 2 sec
    AP from 170mm pen to 120mm pen
    APCR from 248mm pen to 150mm pen
    Reduced top speed by 5km/h
    Reduced reverse speed by 3km/h
    HP reduced by 80

    That isnt a nerf, that is a delete…

  29. Thanks, again for listening to your fans!!

  30. I had done 4853 spotting dmg with this thing before it was nerfed
    It was nerfed so hard that i earned my 3rd mark of excellence after i played one game with it being nerfed
    I dont play WoT anymore but here is the link in case u want to watch it: (before the nerf)

  31. they finally realized i am me and now are trying to fix it. told them they owe me a type 59 for the head ache they gave me and trust me the where being dicks. i won’t hold my breath on the type 59 though.

  32. @quickybaby taatellipu?

  33. Do T-34 ( tier 5 ) before it was nerfed

  34. Slash gnasher

  35. that T-150 was almost replay worthy as well, 1k on a loss

  36. I want to give you a good replay. How can i give you?

  37. How about a Hellcat next? 😀

  38. its nerfed on the console aswell and its horrible

  39. I got 3rd mark and 5th crew skill on my ELC that made me become the strongest LT in the game. When they nerf it … everything ruined. :v

  40. `rebalanced` the tech trees

  41. I had got 4,6k dmg, 10kills and Kolobanov Medal in this Tank, in a Tier 8 battle ^~^

  42. WG killed most of the light tanks in the LT-rebalance bullshit.
    The only worthwhile LTs nowdays are T71. AMX 13 57 GF, Type 62, Type 64, Blackdog and AMX 13 90, rest are just between terrible and bad.

  43. You should have featured sunduvudike (or whoever he was) replay haha

  44. The salt in the comments is so real.

  45. Quickybaby i have been ur subscriber for a while now,plz make a video abt E100 nd how its effective in current meta with respect to other super heavies

  46. Before FV304 was nerfed

  47. I’m a dreamer still hoping for the revival of the Elc and the autoloading SPIC. But then again, seeing how the VK28 has been crippled and forgotten, the chances are slim. At this point WG might as well remove the LT class entirely if it’s to only have clones of the same formula.

  48. The T7 was a medium tank that played pretty much as a light, WG made it a light tank a while back and i dunno if they changed any stats on it too.

    So might not be a b4 it was nerfed but a little vid on it would be nice. =)

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