World of Tanks || Before it was Nerfed – Foch 155

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today we open Haal’s capsule to look at how the AMX 50 Foch (155) used to play Before it was Nerfed.

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  1. After: Foch 750dpm

  2. Cover the is-7

  3. How about the T-50-2 before it was removed :V

  4. I think he was trying to protect the e75. They were closing on his rear and
    would surely kill him. Much easier to defend against so many with another
    buddy when you have an autoloader, 1rst reload he would be dead

  5. footing foch

  6. I think the Grille is pretty much just a better version of this tank
    without the armor. The foch used to be able to rush super aggressive
    positions and lay into an enemy tank before the team could react, but the
    Grille is highly mobile with good camo, a pinpoint accurate gun, decent
    reload, a turret, etc. The grille can just rush an abush spot, take a shot,
    and retreat quickly, along with being able to snipe if needed to, and
    really the only downside compared to foch is the frontal armor and
    potential burst. If you think about it though the grille can get off 2
    shells by the time the foch gets off 3, so even then the burst isn’t that
    good. It seems kinda redundant to nerf a tank like the foch and just add an
    even stronger version of it like the wt-e100, then remove that tank and add
    another amazing tier 10 td that defeats the purpose of most other tds.

  7. Definitely should look at the WT-E100. That thing makes the foch’s burst
    damage look puny.

  8. why that replay website does not work >o< ?

  9. please do a T30 replay when it was tier 10 heavy. she lost her crown when
    the T110E5 was introduced. btw, safe trip quicky <3

  10. Quickybab has 444666 subs

  11. TDs still have 850 damage on Xbox. Honestly it really is too much.

    A tank I do miss though is the old KV1S! I remember being a noob and just
    loving that tank.

    u would make my centery if u did that for meeee!!!

  13. think I may have seen this on DezGames or Epic games before, still a good
    video and good idea though

  14. Should do an old school type 59 replay, to show how broken it was and just
    how they kinda broke MM with how many people had them, lol!

  15. I miss the good ole days of this game. Make WoT great again!

  16. hmm wtf E100 before it was removed?

  17. foch needed a nerf but what wargamming did to it and continue to leave it
    as is a disgrace.

  18. T-50 in a tire 9 match before it was nerfed. my brother and me we LOVED
    tooning up and it was so fast and turned SO well we didn’t mind going into
    9’s you when people knew how to be an good active Scout. and take a few pot
    shots at ARTy ;-)

  19. Havent this specific replay been featured at dezgames a few months ago?

  20. Hey quickybaby since you read this question for you

    How much pussy do you slay on a daily basis, you devil you.

  21. I have a love hate relationship with my Foch 155. On one hand its a fun
    tank to play. On the other it does what you want few and fare between so
    most of the times it doesn’t do what you would like it to such as: low roll
    all the time, shoot strait, or penetrate what your aiming for. Then to top
    it all off everyone and their grandmother think they know how to play the
    tank better than you, when they don’t even have the tank. any other Foch
    155 players feel the pain?

  22. Dude, KV-1S :P

  23. the sniper medal is still avaliable. I got it in my elc yesterday

  24. why they do this to the tanks ?

  25. Il want the Chaffe before nerf??
    Good video like always

  26. The Kv1s would be something I dream about everytime playing WoT… :)

  27. T-50/T-50-2

  28. T34 at tier 9. if there is still any gameplay of it.

  29. How about good old PzKpfw IV at tier V when it got Schmalturm and 7,5 cm
    KwK 42 L/70

  30. Gusti Firza Afrizal

    War thunder hydraulic 10X better than WoT. LOOOOOOLLLLLLLL

  31. please update your modpack, 9.17 is out

  32. Hello Quickybaby, I enjoyed this video, besides I didn’t play at that time.
    I’m wondering if you can do a video about the Obj. 268. This TD just
    doesn’t feel right anymore (I sell it after bounce two shots on a LTTB in a
    rage [though i had > 300 battles in it]), and maybe how to play it today
    and if he has any advanges left today (armor doesn’t seem it more to be)

  33. a e100 waffentager replay(before it was nerfed and deleted fro the game)

  34. Let us see the best *HELLCAT* game before it was nerfed!!

  35. awesome

  36. Zixium 7 (Zalderax)

    I’d like to see a replay (if there was any) of the old Winter game mode WG
    put out with the Arctic Fox (LTTB), Mammoth (Conqueror) and Polar Bear
    (Foch 155). That game mode was fun, wish they’d bring it back…

  37. I don’t know if you have any film for this, but I think there could be
    great video on the OP tier 5 KV with the KV-2 Turret and 152mm, or the tier
    6 KV-3

  38. Could you do a tips and tricks video for lower teir tanks. If so it doesnt
    have to a be frequent or common thing just like a one off.

  39. Owen “NooBinatoR” Squires

    I think after all the nerfing of the armour and gun they should of left the
    engine the way it was, after all removing armour should make it faster and
    being quick with a autoloader is kind of the French niche.

  40. whole enemy team looks like tomatoes who just start playing, like it was
    tier 3 game

  41. Do a replay of one of the notorious 10 arty v 10 arty matches that we see
    so many screenshots of!

    Bonus points if it’s a T-50-2 replay.

  42. And people still claimed it wasn’t OP.

  43. You mean to say: Before it was *OVER*nerfed into the ground undeservedly?

    The Foch155 needed to have either 1 of these 3 facets nerfed to be
    balanced: Mobility, armour, gun.
    However, WG decided to nerf all three to completely useless stats and
    totally wrecked this vehicle.

    Sad, as it was a lovely TD.

  44. When we asked for a better intro, you gave us something better, and gave us
    no intro

  45. Nice idea, but would like to see old Chaffe rocking :D

  46. 2:55 why is 3:1? there is 4 tanks destroyed on enemy team….

  47. How about the American T34 & T30 when they were still IGC Heavy tanks? That
    should be a real eye opener for many newer players.

  48. Didn’t jingles do this exact replay on his channel about 3 months ago?

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