World of Tanks || Before it was Nerfed – FV215b (183)

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today we’re going back in time to take a look at one of the most devastating tanks of all time – the FV215b (183).


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    • It’s kind of funny because on the Xbox version the hesh on the 183 and the 4005 are still 275mm pen, the WafE100 is still also in the game with the 5 round drum, and the Tier X td(s) still do 850 alpha dmg. Though even with all this, the artillery is still the most annoying thing of every game. Also great video!!!!!!

    • The Fv 215 b 183 will be removed very soon right? like the next patch if i remember right, during this very month. I barely managed to get the Foch 155 in time, through non stop grinding when i could during college. And i was at tier 8. I am at the At 8 for the heavy british td line… i guess i will have to settle for the Fv 4005, a tank with turret armor that a tier 1 would laugh at. Oh well, once i get it, 15 rounds of ap, 3 rounds of normal HE, and 2 rounds of gold hesh rounds. The only reason why i would never get either of the tier 10 british tds was the ammo count. I just cannot stand the idea of being able to only do so much because of a limited ammo count. But i digress, can someone tell me when the next patch will be? perhaps i might be able to get the FV 215 b 183 if i have a few weeks to grind.

    • Don’t be modest.

    • Berk Osman ŞATIROĞLU

      Sure we cant do to pass 15.TD 8000 dmg mission with 6 kill and win. Thx wargaming.

  2. Hello my name is ________

    Do more of these old replays

  3. Ohhh I miss this map! To this day, I do not understand why it was taken out!?! That map was really nice to play. How many times have I heard from people that would like this map back. And now we have such a stupid Paris map that no one can suffer.
    I could understand that they took out the map dragon ridge (which was something completely different and funny to play !!!)but please give us back this map!

  4. that stug inside in garage also found on world of tank blitz

  5. I miss these maps

  6. Then WG staff sober up and said “Holy crap we made a British Tank that is actually good!!! Nerf it!!! Nerf it now!!!

  7. that map needs to come back into the game, holy crap I miss that map a lot

  8. I liked that map, especially once they changed it

  9. I love the old gun sounds

  10. Well look at that. Never knew that sturmtiger was in there and this was at a time when I played this game exclusively to the exclusion of all else.

  11. Meerkat WithNinjaSkills

    I miss this map i made my one and only 9kill game with hetzer… :X ;( brings back memories

  12. I miss that map…

  13. That last shot. If I were that guy, I would’ve hit the rock instead of the tank because RNG loves me

  14. War gaming is OP!!! NERF EM!!!

  15. they need to bring back the older maps I am sick of all the reskin maps

  16. The turret was flatter too

  17. and now a days we got “great” Paris which U could only rly play with heavies GG

  18. Here is a video with Karstas talking about this game

  19. Did you just reupload this QB? I watch this already few years ago…. I still remember this one.

  20. Yeah… Gold good old times in world of tanks… Why wargaming destroyed all game now?

  21. VuclanHotteHue 0815

    Am I crazy or did QB uploaded the same replay/video just a few years ago? Or am I thinking false and I saw it on an other channel or something like that?…

  22. If only QB had more of a spine.

  23. Sebastian Kajander

    The FV215b (183) is still OP on Xbox. It still has 275 Pen and 1750 Alpha

  24. SIlentXHunter gaming

    hey QB is it possible to find the original op t6 russain heavy the kv1s before the nerf?

  25. Rip world of tanks…

    back in the day it was the most exciting game… even better then gta v

    now its boring as fuck

  26. Let me guess: the Severogorsk 15k gameEdit: Yup

  27. Ah yes the good ole death star

  28. The object 268 before it was nerfed ? When it’s average was 850 and not 750

  29. Please give us a Sturmtiger in World of tanks. PLEASE in all that is holly to the game.

  30. loved this map

  31. Try not speaking for 2 seconds….bet you can’t

  32. This is real dmg to tank when arty shell hits ya

  33. i hate this map so much lol even if you are in HT win one flank, allylose other flank, enemy MT gonnt rip me apart

  34. I miss the old game…WG is killing it and they dont realise

  35. The secret bunker tank is in the mobile version

  36. Imagine how many rage quits this caused.

  37. Why was this map removed .. because of corridors? How does it differs from maps we have now? …Give us old/new maps WG! (please :))

  38. QB have you featured this replay before? Or maybe it was Jingles, but I remember seeing it somewhere…

  39. Waldiss Productions

    Good old WOT, now its a whole new game.

  40. Good old days

  41. i miss the old sounds ._. the new sounds are so weird #BRINGBACKOLDSOUNDS

  42. If QB would be in the develepor team of WoT, this gane would be soooo much better now.

  43. Run out of good things to say about the current iteration of WoT QB…? Time to convince the senior leadership to Bring back some old maps…what a great Christmas pressie that would be ?

  44. No advent calendar code this year?

  45. The game was so much better 4 years ago..

  46. ACE_stealth251 [ACE]

    I think mingles unloaded this replay many years ago. Anyone else remember ?

  47. Naurava_Pottu Peruna

    We need this map back! and also old arty (before 9.17) back and old sounds!

  48. Just imagine if Hesh had mechanics like in WT…..

  49. Hey QB! Since you can upload videos from older versions of the game, can you please check this one out?

    Thank you!

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