World of Tanks || Before it was Nerfed – KV

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today we’re going back in time to take a look at one of the most brutal T5 heavies of all time the KV.

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  1. Steelride Productions

    Sad but true story, I just unlocked my shiny new KV-1S and its boom stick
    right? Played 5 games with it, fell in love with it, the game updated, and
    there was this tank sitting where my KV-1S was, and it was named… The
    KV-85… And my precious 1S was sitting at tier 5, and my heart sank with
    it as I soon discovered the boomstick on a 85 sucks balls

  2. robertas matulevicius

    I never saw Stug 3 g Good replays…

  3. Do kV 1 s before it was nerved

  4. Used to always go to the valley of doom on Lakeville with my KV with the
    107mm. Crest the ridge pushing a dead tank to hide the hull and watch the
    enemy tanks scatter like Orcs before a Balrog. Still used the 107mm on the
    KV2 for a long time even after the 152mm was available. The pre nurf SU-26
    was the most OP tank in low tiers. It could one shot many tier 4 tanks,
    reloaded and aimed quickly with the turret. It went TD when called for and
    if you tried to hunt it down in a light tank you had to come mob handed. It
    never made it into the May Day Parade because it looked pitiful and sounded
    like a lawnmower but all the more reason to like it.

  5. i ve always played my kv with the derp gun

  6. Damn i want my good for everything td M18 Hellcat back before it was
    nerfed. it is still my Most Played Tank even though i Sold it 2 years ago
    because the nerf made it unplayable for me

  7. if you would make a video about PZ.KPFW. IV SCHMALTURM it would be great.I
    want to buy one and its been over a year since wg last sold it

  8. show us the Bison from all the way back c:

  9. Are there any AMAZINGLY nice people out there? who could lend me 50 euros
    for an E25?
    i would pay them back after christmas, but i can’t get out to buy a
    paysafecard today :/
    IF there is someone who is the coolest person on this planet, my ingame
    name on EU server is Morrrii 😀 thx for reading

  10. old heat54 when it was totaly OP

  11. T-50-2 would be interesting to see, and the Pz 4 also.

  12. Love this series! Please keep it going! Happy Christmas Quickybaby and
    everyone else! Happy New Years! Really looking forward to yet another
    awesome year of awesome content!!!! Cheers!

  13. old chaffe pls :D

  14. like to see the kv-1s and the panzer 4 and didn’t he get any battle heroes
    in this replay??

  15. KV1-S PLS :D

  16. Ripping apart

  17. tier 9 IS-4 :D

  18. if u guys love the op go to steam and download wot blitz in blitz it is
    still op

  19. Oh boy, I have played this game for over 5 years now and what a piece of
    nostalgy this was.

    I would love to see more videos like this, for example the old Pz IV. Keep
    up the good work QB.

  20. Needs one of these for the SU-26 before it was nerfed. 11+ kills a game
    used to be common back then and lots of fun to play..

  21. Zalectra The Fearless

    holy crap how much time have i wasted, the first patch i remember being
    part of was the changes to the american heavy tank line. back when there
    were only russian german and american tanks.

  22. I always played the KV back then ?? it was suuuuper overpowered

  23. with this kv, (kv-2 and reload time over 25secs) i made a perfect kill
    streak 9kills in a row, and we lost …… i hate wot…..

  24. that skybox tho…

  25. this game was fun on those days, with the KV BEAST working as a premium
    tank, the kv-1s being the boss of tier 6 alongside with hellcat,when
    playing fast tanks was fun because you had more control over the driving
    and few tanks could oneshot you.Those were good times,2 years or 3 ago.
    Maybe it was an even more camper game but it was better.

  26. where is World of Tanks ? this is World of Hackers , PvH player versus
    hackers and RHG random hackers generation is game mod from WG

  27. t50/2

  28. QB, I know you’re not an arty fan, but I’d like to see the old SU-26 in
    action. Maybe an SU-26 platoon, which was so ridiculous that enemies would
    often just quit the match to avoid facing them.

  29. show the old chaffee pls, one of my favorite tanks back then :)

  30. m18 hellcat before it mobility got nerft

  31. I was hoping to see the 152 mm M-10 at tier V ?

  32. Guys the advent calander redeem code for this year is: QDWE3L2M4SA2XBZ4

  33. I was still in a baby T1 cunningham when i see a T1 heavy in mines

  34. It would be awesome if WG let us play some of the oldest patch of the game,
    for a 1st of april joke for exemple.

  35. like increased uploads

  36. The KV tank as a single model made sense in terms of the KV development as
    there was effectively no difference between the KV1 and KV2. I’ve got a
    showcase explaining some of this on my channel but its enough to say that
    I’m glad that WG decided to split the tank research tree into multiple

  37. Question for you Mr. QB!

    Do you remember when WG used to give us 250 gold every day just for logging
    in? I remember saving up for a whole week to buy my Churchill 3 hahaha

  38. I’d like to see a game in the Aufkl. panther before it was removed.

  39. yeah old KV i hated that tonk so much it was one shoting same tiers

  40. lol @ when the Pz IV. S

    Was the non-premium tier 5 HAHAHAHA

  41. do an old pz4 l 70 video plz

  42. M36 in the game is the M36 Jackson now.

  43. i would say e100 or maus before highpen Guns on tier X tds were intriduced
    and every gun but german got pen buff as hell

  44. wow its cool to see some of these old replays way before I started playing
    you should definitely load more old replays like this!

  45. T 30 as a heavy tank

  46. i woukd love to see the the T-50-2 befor it was nerfed to the MT-25

    you could just race around the battelfield and dodge incoming shells 😛 It
    was such a fun time 😀
    I hope that they will bring it back when T10 lights are introduced

  47. t-50-2 i saw People luring their enemies to kill each other by driving
    between them with this great mobility that none could hit him

  48. The good old times 🙂 well good is certainly relative… how about an
    unnerved hellcat replay :)

  49. Panzer 4 Schulterm at tier 6 premium was the old Panzer 4 at tier5

  50. Ϩıⱡȝŋȶ ÐȝⱥȶH

    show the Pz V/IV owo

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