World of Tanks || Before it was Nerfed – T-50-2

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. In update 8.6 the -2 was removed for 5 years before it returned recently – here’s what it used to be like in 2013!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents a toolbox.


  1. Wittmann’s Medal was removed because he was a member of the Waffen SS. I believe that Otto Carius and Kurt Knispel are the only Germans who still have medals named after them in World of Tanks.

    As a side note, I want Knispel’s Tiger II (I believe it would be Tiger 334) to be implemented as a tier 7 premium, just so a historically correct Tiger II can be in WoT. We already have that for the Tiger I with Tiger 131 and Heavy Tank No. VI (and Tiger 217, Carius’s tank, if Wargaming ever releases it, probably as a gift vehicle due to its redundancy), and the Panther with the Pudel (and the VK 30.02 (M)
    is more or less a historical Panther).

  2. this is sooo nostalgic for me … I used to suck back then, whereas now i’m above average, yet i’d love to go back for a while to re-experience those golden days 🙂

  3. Quickybaby Pascucci’s medal back in the day was for killing 3enemy SPG’s not 2 like you sad , it was changed when mm got changed so “only” 3 SPG’s can be in one team . They remooved Burda’s medal and now there are just Dimitru’s medal and Pascucci’s medal in the game

  4. Ives Clark Landingin

    more nostalgia wot vids pls

  5. Dirty Ham Productions

    HOLY SHIT PEOPLE STILL PLAY THIS GAME??? *not that its bad*

  6. Miss how back in the day i could get my KV2 to tier 10 and still come in top. It made people so angry. First bunch of failplatoon messages from both teams and then finishing them off in the battle and making it to top 3 in xp and sometimes in dmg. My ultimate goal was to get maus kill for my kv2.. too bad i ran out of time

  7. I start playing wot in 2017 i think

  8. The ping spotting thing 6:20 i only enjoyed it when i was in my elc ?

  9. No woder the KV-1S was nimble, it means KV-1Sport! 🙂

  10. battle without premium tanks

  11. At the very start of the video why do you do that annoying thing with your head, it’s so cringy and weird for a man of your age to do

  12. Hello there QuickyBaby I’ve been a fan of your videos for quite some time. I subscribed to your channel back in 2013 and I’ve continued to watch your videos since then. I play console version for WoT and even though console and PC aren’t exactly the same I’ve put to use most of the tips and tricks that you’ve shown in your videos. Due to this I now have a 54% win ratio and almost a 2.0 KD. I’ve always wanted to start on PC to see how tanks is played there and to hopefully one day run into you and have an amazing battle! Unfortunately my laptop can’t handle the graphics for the game anymore and frankly starting all over again from square one is a daunting task. My all time favorite tank that I use more than any other is the M48 Patton! I absolutely love the accuracy and snap shot capabilities. Having the new armor upgrade on the turret also made this more fun for me. You’ve influenced much of my gameplay and throughout the years I’ve passed on what I’ve learned from you to others. Many of my friends ask me how I’ve become such a great player and I tell them it’s thanks to you and your videos. Thank you for all the videos and lessons! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas. ?

  13. Nice replay. Indeed going down memory lane. This is when I still liked to play the game. Unfortunately the game has only gone down the drain ever since. No more fun to play.

  14. If I got a thousand euros everytime he says ” back in the day” 8d be a millionaire

  15. It well be nice to have old KV1S as premium tier 6!!!! And name it KV1S-A!!???

  16. world of tanks blitz still don,t have the auto-aim sound

  17. I am feelin too old, i remembered this replay 😀 i loved my t-50-2.

  18. If only the enemy team was this stupid everytime 😀

  19. You 100% didn’t have 60fps in 0.8.6
    Because the game ran on one core. My FX-4170 was crying

  20. So what is the reason it was overpowered back in the day?

  21. I loved the t-50-2 it started my light tank love. And I hate how they ruined it now.

  22. hilarious when you could talk to your enemies 🙂
    btw can you make a Video about the t18 t2 TD before it was nerved?

  23. I remember when you used to have to use a text command to see the server crosshair and how it was literally possible to have your visual turret turn 180 degrees in the opposite direction of where the servers thought your turret was aiming. That’s probably why that T25/2 fired when he did.

  24. Modpack??

  25. Have a drink every time he says “back in the day”.

  26. Back in the day the Maus was as fast as my FPS were 😀

  27. Kv1s still is in wotb

  28. Damn… I really miss those days, playing with my ELC AMX (before the bis thing) with no need to dab the 2 key with the amazing gun it used to have back then…

  29. This game is a joke itself. You are baited with play-for-free just because the guys with premium accounts need something to shoot at. I once bought gold via telephone bill and i got more than a half year of trouble with Wargaming. The customer service is a nightmare,the account was shut down even if it was payed in time. Like i was saying,it is a joke – an expensive joke. Wargaming is not going to see even one more cent payed by me. Btw it is a russian game,what should i expect. Not even in 1000 years compareable to american companies like Blizzard.

  30. “Back in the day” aka when game play trumped graphics and enlarging the player base trumped milking and shrinking base for more cash. Things started to go down hill around 9.3

  31. This and the kv-1s is why we talk of russian bias

  32. This wasn’t particularly good play by t-50-2. Cannot believe how bad people played back in those days. Me too, I’m sure.

  33. I like old minimaps more 😀

  34. There is not a single premium Tank in this Match !!

  35. Bring back global chat. BOOM!

  36. fancy graphics don’t make the game better RIP WOT

  37. Despite all the graphical improvements and such, the game was way more fun back then.

  38. VK 28.01 with derp was OP too.

  39. i miss the old elc amx

  40. Good ol days mate, look at the team line ups on both side! no premium and no OP broken tanks! you could take a KV-5 with that giant R2D2 weakspot and still have a very healthy game. This is why i played world of tanks back in 2013.

  41. Why u not do memory laine videos ?????

  42. Back in the day?I’m still using 50% crews =))

  43. Have a great, fun and warm Christmas tankers! 🙂

  44. Remove artillery.

  45. This is how I remember WoT when it was good

  46. prkyyynko prknowsbetter

    the case was not that Wittmann was a member of “nazi” party cause that was far from ususual in Germany then, but Wittmann was a member of Waffen SS which can be quite controversial as Waffen SS was officialy marked as criminal organisation after WW2.. just sayin.. it does not hurt to actually know some history while playing a game based on historical vehicles (o;

  47. wow that was cool!well i like the game back in 2013,less premium tanks,gold shells was for gold etc,but it was funn to play…my wot connection is now only your channel,for the last 2 years 😀

  48. QB ppls put out your modpack

  49. 8.8 gun was something.

  50. lol mobile wot has original Kv1s at t6:P

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