World of Tanks | Beginner Guide | How To Re-Train Crews & Change Skills , Perks Without Using Gold

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Source: Sir Havoc

World of | Beginner Guide | How To Crews & Change Skills , Perks Without Using Gold
How many of you out there have spent a fortune in re-training crews and changing skills and perks by using in game Gold? Well, dont spend another penny with this great tutorial.
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  1. can you mabye explain how you can go hull down in tanks with bad
    gundepression (chinese)

  2. Finally I understand something in trading perks/skills!! Thanks Sir :)

  3. Is this a new thing? I remember that grinding through the lines I always
    saved the crew and put it in the next tank, going for the cash retraining,
    and getting them at 80 or 90% of their skills. I leveled them up anyway
    back to 100% while grinding components and such.
    But I never remember this system of redistributing the penalty retraining
    so you can have 1 skill (or more) up to 100% right up. If they changed it,
    it’s a good change. At least for that 6’th sense, or the full camo crews,
    or BIA ..
    I wonder how bad the penalty is for a tier X crew with 4 skills per

  4. Somehow I still don’t get it. Maybe because I don’t have any crews trained
    to their second perk/skill. My question here is what should you start with
    ? I always start my commanders on sixth sense first because I always want
    to know I’ve been spotted. But I’m beginning to see and read more and more
    videos and posts that veterans of WoT don’t do that they start with other
    skills first. What am I missing here or am I missing anything ?

  5. I liked the video but what was with the random images at the bottom 😛 A
    little distracting but still a great vid Pete ;)

  6. very informative i myself only have about 2500 battles, this is news to me

  7. I know a lot of you guys will know this but it is always a good message to
    pass onto those that dont, have a great day guys and please remember to
    like and share it really helps me out ! :)

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